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YouTube Gallery is great for both YouTube and Hosted videos and works seamlessly across all devices. It's easy to sort videos. Title, number of comments and views are available at glance.

YouTube integration automatically updates and adds new videos as they’re made available on YouTube. In this particular demo, we’re showing latest videos that match the keywords “DNN CMS”. It’s a simple setup that allows you to automatically build a library of relevant videos. You can also synchronize a DNN Channel; a demo of which can be seen in our Support Videos
A separate widget module allows you to place selective widgets on any page. For example, show the most popular or featured videos on the homepage.

Recent Comments

Albert Frausto 4 months ago

Hello Chris, Thanks for the DNN 8 installation video. I noticed in a previous DNN installation video, for the SQL configuration setup, you used the Windows authentication option with a login name of iis apppool\<a href="" class="ot-anchor"></a>. In this video, you used the SQL Server authentication option for the new login. Which do you recommend?

Wael Ibrahim 4 months ago

Hi Chris, thanks for the information in video ,but I have had a problem with the installation, I followed all steps but when I browse for the <a href="" class="ot-anchor"></a> I didn&#39;t get the wizard page, only blank on.<br />thanks

‫تعلم الالمانيه مجانا‬‎ 5 months ago

I am installing Dot Net Nuke now with version 8 . I fellow all the instructions and used <a href="" class="ot-anchor"></a> but i hit with this error:<br /><br />This site can’t be reached<br /><br /><a href="" class="ot-anchor"></a> refused to connect. Try: Reloading the page Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED<br /><br />I need help because i am beginner at DNN

Miguel López 6 months ago

Hi Chris! thanks so much for this tutorial. <br />I have a problem with the installation. In the Database installation step, I get an Error: &quot;There is already an object named &#39;GetUrl Log&#39; in the database&quot;. It&#39;s a stored procedure and even when I remove the SP and I try again the installation, the error persists. Can you help me ???

Les Lieurance 7 months ago

Chris, I decided to install the full iis instead of using iis express. I followed your install instructions, now i get a HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid. Any ideas?