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SQL Query

In the following demo, we’re pulling the latest company news from our Live Blog module be executing a SQL Query and creating a tab for each news article.

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Release Notes

  • Credit Card Field
  • Currency Field
  • Calculate Field or Token using the new "Bind or Update field using JavaScript" action
  • Display calculated token anywhere on the page. For example: Your cart total is: $250.00
  • Optionally specify different values from text for Radiobutton, Checkbox, and Dropdown fields
  • tokens for Radiobutton, Checkbox, and Dropdown fields
  • User interface for detailed action results of each submission including remote response, information, warnings, and errors
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Release Log:

  • Automation Campaigns should be portal specific
On Feb 17th, 2017, DNN released the 9.0.2 version of both DNN Platform and Evoq. A security path is also provided to help fix this problem in older versions of DNN and Evoq. 

Learn more about the security issue and its ramifications at:


No. Live Forms is not affected by this security issue and no further action is needed by our clients if they're using Live Forms for DNN Registration. However, we strongly recommend installing the security patch or upgrading your DNN Platform or Evoq to the latest version to mitigate a future possibility of exposing your site in case you switch back to the built in DNN Registration.  
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