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Live Helpdesk

Live Helpdesk deliver awesome support to your customers. Manage all conversations in one place.

System Requirements

DNN Compatibility
Live Helpdesk is compatible with all versions above and including 7.3.0+

Live Helpdesk is fully compatible with Medium Trust.

Installation & Activation

1) Install Common Library package (Mandeeps Common
2) Install Live Helpdesk package (

Common Library and Live Helpdesk Installation is same as any other standard DNN module Install.

Refer to release notes for any specific instructions if you're upgrading from a previous version. 

You must be logged in as host/Superuser to install new extensions. Navigate to Host > Extensions and select "Install Extension Wizard" from action menu. 

Watch the videos below to quickly install the module on your DNN Site. 

How do I Activate Module?

Activation is a quick and easy process. Refer to

Quick Start

Let's add an instance of Live Helpdesk module to the page. You must be logged in as an Admin/SuperUser or have permissions to add modules to the page.

Be sure to specify the DNN Security Role for agents so they can start responding to issues.

Form Channel is enabled by default and users can create tickets using the "New Issue" button

Quick Start

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