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Live Blog Release Log
Last Post 02 Dec 2011 05:13 AM by Mandeeps.com. 0 Replies.
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Veteran Member

02 Dec 2011 05:13 AM
v1.8.1 - 4/9/2013

- Fixed: Not able to edit Live Blog widgets

v1.8.0 - 3/25/2013

- New: Added read more token to all widgets
- New: Guid tag in syndication RSS feed

- Improved: [Module:url] token now available in header and footer template

- Fixed: LiveBlog Widget showing wrong TabId
- Fixed: Calendar links were not navigating
- Fixed: Ignoring indexing of HTTP handlers to search crawlers
- Fixed: Admin tabs load whole page
- Fixed: Metaweblog recent post case sensitivity issue

v1.7.8 - 12/6/2012

- New: Import from DNN Blog version 5

- Improved: Tags rendering without [RssFeeds]-placeholder
- Improved: Validated syndication parameters

- Fixed: Category, Tag Paging issue
- Fixed: Ordering of post on update
- Fixed: In LiveBlog Widget posts/categories/tags were not rendering according to count
- Fixed: Loading issue of search widget
- Fixed: Compatibility with multiple search modules

v1.7.3 - 8/31/2012

- New: Datepicker language packs

- Improved: Live writer integration with Metaweblog
- Improved: Logged in user based data in Live Writer
- Improved: Security issues with Live Writer
- Improved: Improved searching to use fewer SQL queries

- Fixed: 414 error in Live Blog Widget
- Fixed: Comment policy error in Metaweblog

v1.7.0 - 8/6/2012

- New: Sun Blog Module Import

- Fixed: Meta Web Blog with IOS
- Fixed: Unable to change publish status from later to draft or now
- Fixed: Post is schedule for release at a later date, Post Shows under the Categories and Author Count

v1.6.0 - 6/5/2012

- New: Integration with DNN Journal API

- Improved: SEO URLs for Unicode Characters
- Improved: RSS Syndication Handler
- Improved: Tags are now automatically handled for comma delimited for Live Writer
- Improved: SEO Urls for Calendar date links
- Improved: Tags max characters limited to 50 characters

v1.5.1 - 5/21/2012

- Improved: URL formatting in Tags and Categories

v1.5.0 - 5/14/2012

- New: Ability to import from Wordpress blog
- New: Live Blog Widgets module now use DNN 6 PopUps
- New: [Post:parent_categories] token added to show only parent categories

- Improved: SEO for links with non-standard characters
- Improved: Pager links are now dnn friendly
- Improved: Recent comments widget now show the post title followed by the comment and improved html formatting.
- Improved: RSS Feeds show only the latest 10 items. ItemCount query paramter has been added to override number of items returned
- Improved: Slug's maximum length has been increased to 255 to match the post's title's length
- Improved: Post categories are now ordered by categoryname
- Improved: Localization of static words such as "posted" in templates

- Fixed: Changing Live Blog Widget theme removes any saved widgets
- Fixed: LiveBlogTheme query parameter caching bug
- Fixed: Recent comments filered by CategoryId or AuthorId
- Fixed: On checking the parent category when adding/editing article, all child categories were auto selected
- Fixed: DNN search url to use absolute post url
- Fixed: Syntax Highlighter checkbox enables only when "Complete HTML Post" is selected in the Post Summary
- Fixed: Pingback and track back comments were not handled by settings

v1.4.0 - 3/16/2012

- New: Automatically tweet new post and/or updates with seamless Twitter integration. Post URL is automatically appended to all tweets.
- New: Twitter widget. Show your recent twitter updates, live search results, favorite tweets or list of tweets.
- New: Recent comments widget. Show recent comments and filter based on author, category, and limit words on individual comments
- New: Popular posts widget. Show popular posts (by number of views) and filter based on author, category, and limit words on individual posts. Option to show description or limited plain text content.
- New: Shows number of times a post has been viewed
- New: Export WXR XML file which can be used to import existing comments to Disqus

- Improved: Codebase completely refactored for optimal performance: reduced number of trips to SQL Server, implemented additional caching, implemented paged data access, and optimized all SQL queries.
- Improved: User Interface when adding/updating a post for improved user experience.
- Improved: Ability to use the description or limited plain text content in Recent Posts & Featured Posts widgets
- Improved: Categories are now rendered using semantically correct HTML markup rather than a table
- Improved: “Show Blog Name in Page Title” option has been replaced with a template driven page title
- Improved: Help labels and text has been updated for improved user experience
- Improved: All authors can now update their posts without searching for it in dashboard

- Fixed: Error when using AddThis for Social Networking Code
- Fixed: Comment author information was not being saved correctly in certain environments
- Fixed: Recently added comments now appear first
- Fixed: Deleting a parent comment now deletes its nested comments
- Fixed: Ability to add images to about author editor without being floated to right

v1.3.0 - 3/1/2012

- New: Search widget - works asynchronously (AJAX)
- New: Recent Posts Widget can now filter posts based on author & category
- New: Featured posts widget can now filter posts based on author & category

- Improved: Calendard Widget is now fully localized
- Improved: Static text localization
- Improved: Import routine to support "Featured Posts" when importing from 3rd party modules

- Fixed: Posts published for future date appear under category or tag view
- Fixed: Deleted post is still accessible via URL. It now does 301 redirect to blog page
- Fixed: Token [Post:read_more] was not rendering in widgets
- Fixed: Incorrect publish date when locale uses date format other than english
- Fixed: Showing 0 comments when there are no comments
- Fixed: Ability to select publish date in past

v1.2.0 - 1/31/2012

- New: Recent posts widget available in Live Blog Widget module
- New: Featured posts widget available in Live Blog Widget module. Individual posts can be marked as featured
- New: Read More link appears underneath each post summary
- New: Automatically captures post views which can be rendered via [Post:views] token in themes
- New: Dynamic RSS description output based on query parameter
- New: Import from DNN SpeedBlog Module

- Improved: Localized paging next and previous links
- Improved: Calendar widget clientside performance

- Fixed: "LiveBlogController must be called within valid HttpContext" when DNN Search is enabled
- Fixed: Validation for existing category when updating category name

v1.1.6 - 12/13/2011

- Fixed: Disqus url parameters
- Fixed: Rss feeds
- Fixed: Disqus Comments Url
- Implement: Widgets Localization

v1.1.0 - 12/2/2011

- New: Live Blog Widget Module. Allows you to show one or many widgets in any view order seperately from the Live Blog module.
- New: Google Sitemap. Generates blog posts URL Sitemap for submission to search engines.
- New: Live Writer Excerpt/Description Support. Ability to provide post description (SEO) when authoring a post from Live Writer
- New: Import from 3rd Party DNN Blog Modules

--- DNN Core Blog
--- Nukepress Blog
--- Ventrian News Articles

- Improved: SEO - Unique page titles with paging support
- Improved: RSS Feeds now show complete HTML post and a brief description as summary

- Fixed: Settings Tab permission issues

Initial Release - 11/17/2011
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