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Knowledgebase v 2.1 search box with only on space crashes the web site.

Enter only one space in the Knowledgebase search box, hit the enter key and the web site crashes. Is there a workaround?

Sherman Gray Sherman Gray
asked 05/14/2023 20:44

An error Repeatedly Occurred in Mandeeps Common Library

Hi, Mandeeps Common Library version 4.1.1 is repeatedly adding following log to DNN log files: 2023-03-14 07:32:09.877+03:30 [Portal][D:2][T:10][ERROR] Mandeeps.DNN.Libraries.Common.Engines.UIEngine.AngularBootstrap.Controllers.CommonRazorController - Mandeeps Common Pre Compile Razor Templates Started at 2023/03/14 04:02:09 ?.? . 2023-03-14 07:32:09.971+03:30 [Portal][D:2][T:10][ERROR] Mandeeps.DNN.Libraries.Common.Engines.UIEngine.AngularBootstrap.Controllers.CommonRazorController - Mandeeps Common Pre Compile Razor Templates Completed In 0 Seconds at 2023/03/14 04:02:09 ?.? . Do you know how I can fix this issue?  

Morteza Kermani Morteza Kermani
asked 03/14/2023 06:16

Build an app with Live Visualizer

Build a complete "Yelp" like application in under an hour by following steps: Import Visualizer (All by navigating Manage > Import Navigate to Manage > Edit the visualizer > Editors > Scripts: --> Change lvAjax381 to lvAjax [ModuleID] (Where [ModuleID] is your Live Visualizer's Module Id) --> Change Ajax URL with Filter Link URL. Refer to get filter link URL: Make sure that Bootstrap must be coming on the page Add data in the visualizer by clicking add button

Gagandeep Singh Gagandeep Singh
asked 10/05/2021 06:40

Registration Form - Timezone Dropdown

My client wanted ALL user interaction with their profile info to be via a Live Forms app and not use the DNN tools. Since the website is for an international organization, TIMEZONE was an important data point to set.  I hoped to populate the "Timezone" field in my LiveForms' form using an SQL action to pull in the data from the DNN database. Years ago DNN apparently handled Time Zone differently, so I was immediately thwarted in creating that element because I was (and still am) unable to discover how DNN populates its field in the profile ...

David Loofbourrow David Loofbourrow
asked 12/22/2020 19:18

New theme contribution to Live Tabs

A client of mine did not like any of the out-of-the-box Themes provided with Live Tabs. To satisfy the design requirement I modified the DarkHive theme to produce a new theme called DarkHiveIMBW where IMBW identifies the project. Perhaps someone in the community can suggest of a more creative name. Also, another set of eyes to check the CSS for correctness would be good. In any case it seems to work fine on the website for which is was created. See The theme is attached to this message. Enjoy. Daniel Bigelow 

Daniel Bigelow Daniel Bigelow
asked 10/28/2020 23:17
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