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A/B Testing on DNN Platform & Evoq Sites

A quick search on Google for A/B Testing results in plethora of information. So I'll keep this post brief by not reiterating what A/B Testing is, why should you use it, or how does it actually work. 

Live HTML makes it extremely easy to run experiments with A/B Testing. In a nutshell, A/B Testing comprises of: 

Creating Variation
Also known as Test content that is measured against a Default or Control content. It's extremely easy to provide an alternative or Test content in Live HTML. 

Track Conversions & Collect Data
Live HTML makes it super easy to mark your links as conversions. It automatically calculates the number of impressions vs. clicks and its smart enough to figure out if the user actually viewed the content (or if the user merely visited above the folder and your content was buried at the bottom of  the page)

Analysis & Results
Live HTML will automatically perform statistical hypothesis on collected data and show concise results such as whether your new variation is performing better, worst, or if there is not enough data for a conclusion. 

Take a look at the video below to see how to perform A/B Testing on DNN Platform or Evoq Sites.

ab testing

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