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DotNetNuke World 2011 by far has been the most successful conference in terms of attendance which surpassed over 400 attendees this year.

DotNetNuke continues to reshape the CMS industry by redefining it as Cloud, Mobile, and Social (C.M.S). DotNetNuke platform has been in the Cloud with Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, and other private clouds but with release of DotNetNuke 6.0, it’s now officially supported on Windows Azure as well.  The platform made a leap into mobile world with release of DotNetNuke 6.1 last week which now allows the platform to seamlessly handle mobile devices such as phones and tablets; which brings me to the first highlight of DotNetNuke World 2011

DRUID Project by Nik Kalyani

If you’re serious about supporting mobile platform within a DotNetNuke ecosystem then you must look at a very promising upcoming project by Nik Kalyani named DRUID. It’s an open source project and available at

Here are some of the features of DRUID:

  • Rule Based Engine & Actions
    • This could be as simple as redirecting iPhone users to a specific URL or switching to specific DNN Skin or as flexible and powerful as rendering a new completely new page bypassing DotNetNuke framework altogether using Razor Engine
  • DotNetNuke Module Integration through Interfaces
    • Allows module developers to implement an optional interface to quickly support rendering an alternative view of their modules for mobile platform.

DRUID is fairly new but looks promising so keep a tab on CodePlex for updates.

Service Layer API Framework

Another interesting upcoming feature in DotNetNuke core is support for REST based web service layer API which would open many opportunities such as Desktop Software, Mobile Apps, and other solutions seamlessly integrating with a DotNetNuke site. At this time, there is no timeframe for when this would be available but we do know that there will be two major DotNetNuke releases in 2012 Q2 & Q4 which would be primarily focused on Social aspect of C.M.S and we may see this new service layer API surface then.

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