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This past week we had couple clients interested in migrating from WordPress to DotNetNuke. Every client had its own reasons for the switch and it varied from hacked WordPress sites' to lack of powerful DotNetNuke features. Whatever the reason might be, we have a solution with our Live Blog DotNetNuke Module. 

Live Blog now supports importing from WordPress. It's a simple few clicks process in which you can export your WordPress blog into a WXR (XML) file which can then be imported into DotNetNuke Live Blog seamlessly. 

All your blog posts, categories, tags, author information, and comments are imported. Live Blog also supports exporting your existing comments to Disqus if you're interested in using their comments platform. 

Note: Live Blog WordPress Import Features is part of upcoming v1.5.0 of Live Blog; however, this build is available now for those that require it and it can be requested by opening a support ticket. 

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