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It's been a while since our last newsletter but I'm excited to share what we've accomplished and what's coming up. 

Live Forms 5 was recently released with amazing new user interface. One of the leading form builders of DNN Platform just got better with multiple column layouts, workflow & moderation, and new HTML Editor and Assets field. It's paving the way for our upcoming Live Visualizer: Structured Content and App Builder for DNN Platform that is powered by Live Forms and its numerous extensions and robust functionality. We have several clients BETA testing Live Visualizer and we're anticipating a release next month. 

Our Live StoreFront release candidate was also released 2 weeks ago and we're now getting ready for the official release. It's been a long development journey but we're excited to present to you a fully featured eCommerce solution that's build from grounds up, specifically for DNN & Evoq platforms. 

As always, we've had numerous minor releases with enhancements and bug fixes. Live Helpdeskhas a new email channel log feature along with ability to pass in custom fields from Live Forms extension. Our HTML Editor continues to evolve and an adminstrator can now modify the default profiles that are applied to new modules. 

I'm also looking forward to see many of you at DNN Summit this week. Be sure to tag me down for a conversation if you're attending the annual DNN conference in Denver, Colorado. 




Ever wondered what's it like to be a vendor in DNN ecosystem? If so, be sure to check out the session at DNN Summit this week. I'm looking forward to meet everyone in Denver, Colorado. Be sure to tag me down for a converstation. I would love to talk to you. 



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