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Update - September 27th 2011
All of our modules have been updated to support DotNetNuke 6.0.1. A workaround has been coded for all modules and will remain in place until DotNetNuke officially fixes the bug which as of now is stated for DotNetNuke 6.1.0 release.

It's been awhile since DotNetNuke 6 has been out and we've even had a stabilization release with DotNetNuke 6.0.1. DotNetNuke 6.x offers many improvements and new features and hence it's an obvious decision to upgrade. We anticipated that many of our customers will be taking the leap and upgrading to DNN 6.x and ensured that all of our modules were DotNetNuke 6.0.0 compatible at time of DotNetNuke 6.0.0 release.

Although DotNetNuke 6.0.0 has been the most tested DNN release ever, it had its share of bugs and issues which are addressed with DotNetNuke 6.0.1. Unfortunately, DotNetNuke 6.0.1 introduced other breaking issues that specifically affect almost all of our modules. In particular, the text editor (Rad Editor) no longer works in our modules. You may see a JavaScript error "onClientCommandExecuting is not defined" when trying to use the editor in one of our modules in DotNetNuke 6.0.1 or upcoming 6.0.2 (The issue was not present in DotNetNuke 6.0.0) This bug has been confirmed by DotNetNuke and is scheduled to be fixed in DotNetNuke 6.1.0 release.

What do we recommend?
If you're running DotNetNuke 6.0.0 then DO NOT UPGRADE to DNN 6.0.1 or upcoming DNN 6.0.2; instead wait for DotNetNuke 6.1.0

What if I'm running DNN 6.0.1 or must upgrade to DNN 6.0.1?
Open a support ticket at so one of our support engineers can help you with a workaround until the bug is resolved by DotNetNuke.

More on the "onClientCommandExecuting is not defined" bug:

The bug has been logged in Gemini at

To summarize, the text editor (RadEditor) does not work in Rich Text Mode if the module control is set to "Support Partial Rendering" & "Support Popups" is unchecked. The bug does not affect core HTML module since it "Supports Popups"

We will update this blog post when the bug has been officially fixed.

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