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It's always great to hear that we're adding value to the DNN ecosystem with our products and services. What's even better is when community members add-on to our products and share their work with others.

Last week I recieived an email from Luis Cabrera with a link to download a responsive DNN Blog Template matching with out DIXIT Skin. Following is the email in its entirety.

Hello Mandeep,

A few months ago I purchased your Dixit skin from the Dnn Store and I am not only very happy with your product but also extremely satisfied with the customer service your company provides. I posted a few issues on your ticketing system and I always received a prompt reply and the best service.

The reason for this email is to share with you why I created the Dixit Dnn Blog Template, which is a custom template for the official Dnn Blog module.

When I decided to create my site I had a small budget and I knew I wanted to purchase your Dixit skin for sure. I also needed a good blog module and I considered several including the Ventrian News Articles module and your Live Blog. But due to budget reasons I decided to use the official Dnn Blog Module, despite of its shortcomings.

The official Dnn blog includes a template that is outdated not responsive. So I decided to create my own template based on your Dixit skin and share it as open source. By promoting the Dixit Dnn Blog Template I am also promoting your site and especially your Dixit skin and I think there will be many people like me who may benefit from it.

You can read more about it here

I hope you find this as positive as I did and I hope to hear from you.

Thank you,
Luis Cabrera

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