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Edition : Enterprise
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DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $749.00
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DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $749.00
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DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $749.00
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Live StoreFront

Live StoreFront

Edition : Server
Support : 1 Year
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The easiest, quickest and most intuitive form builder for DNN Platform.

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Release Notes - Live Forms 5


  • Modern Web Patterns, Unified UI, and DNN Future Ready
  • Integration w/Mandeeps HTML Editor
  • Multi Column forms with drag and drop support to resize, move, and rearrange fields.
  • Auto save feature to automatically save any changes to the form
  • Workflow & Moderation. Create custom statuses with ability to specify a default one. Moderators are notified to review and update statuses.
  • Supports custom token name for each field
  • Supports custom CSS class for each field
  • Assets field to allow selection of an existing file; option for quick upload
  • HTML Editor field powered by Mandeeps Common Library
  • Page Break navigation to show progress with options to include page titles, bullets, percentage completed, and x of y
  • Invisible Google Re-Captcha
  • Password strength meter for password field
  • Additional minutes selection in time field
  • Mask input value of a textbox field
  • RegEx validation with email field
  • Custom validation with textarea field
  • Update DNN Profile action
  • Execute actions when a submission status is changed. Ability to send an email or notify a moderator.
  • From Name and Reply To option in notifications and email action
  • Ability to execute stored procedure in Execute SQL action
  • Email and Phone number fields are now included in JavaScript action
  • Hidden fields are now included in all actions
  • Common fields are now available in SQL action
  • Filter and export submissions by date range


  • Max size of file upload is in KB rather than MB
  • Removed br tag from end of the path of attached file (File Upload)
  • Removed date from time field
  • Update countries list with (Text|Value) for DNN Profile Integration
  • DNN role action expiry date issue
  • Export issue with large dataset

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