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Edition : Enterprise
Price: $499.00
Quantity: 5

DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $749.00
Quantity: 27

DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $749.00
Quantity: 62

DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $749.00
Quantity: 41

Live StoreFront

Live StoreFront

Edition : Server
Support : 1 Year
Price: $2,999.00
Quantity: 5

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One versatile module that does it all. Picture & Video Galleries, DNN Modules, Audio Library, HTML Content, Maps, PDF, Flash, and even External Content (iFrame)

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Release Notes - Live Content - Version 7.0.7


  • Allow anonymous user to give rating
  • Like issue
  • Live Social integration issue
  • Image starch issue
  • Request Services Framework
  • Ratting issue
  • View count disappear in edit mode
  • TLS and thumbnail category and file type issues
  • File type extension issue

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