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Edition : Enterprise
Price: $2,495.00
Quantity: 5

DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $20,223.00
Quantity: 27

DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $46,438.00
Quantity: 62

DNN Essentials Basic

Price: $30,709.00
Quantity: 41

Live StoreFront

Live StoreFront

Edition : Server
Support : 1 Year
Price: $14,995.00
Quantity: 5

Subtotal: $2,469,882.00


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Live froms

The easiest, quickest and most intuitive form builder for DNN Platform.

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Release Notes - Live Forms 5.4.1


  • Unable to export submission on IE
  • Show filename instead of file path while uploading to a secure folder
  • Secure folder file link issue
  • HTML decode issue in show message action
  • Compatible with IE
  • Remove 'Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data.dll'
  • Datetime issue in submission
  • Data wise filter in submission issue
  • Custom validation on email field
  • Make work currency field in mobile devices

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