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Porto v 5.1.7 Released

Fixed: Modal popup not visible,Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener


Fixed: Hide portals when adding an existing module, Add administration tab permission to non-admin users, Migrate to HTML Feature issue, Version manaagement visibility issue

Live Utilities

Fixed; Chache issue, Automatically generate display name' function issue.

Common LIbrary

Fixed: Mail issue

New: Make Feedback Survey optional,Sorting order of tickets

Live Campaign

Fixed: Enable SSL not bind in server tab,Add email addresses to a subscriber list through Integration UR,Add new tokens [CampaignID],[CampaignName],[Subject] and [CampaignSentOn]

Fixed: Required field issue in ckEditor,Fields maping issue in register and update profile action


Live StoreFront is a complete eCommerce solution specifically designed for DNN Platform and Evoq Sites.


New: Introduce Header Panes

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