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Announcing Live Visualizer 2

New: Single or Multiple Reference Fields, Automatic Relationships & Joins, Clientside filtering in visualizers via query parameters, User or Site level visualizer caching, Content filtering by status, Content filtering by multiple groups of conditions, Ability to use @row["dropdownText"] for Text or @row["dropdown"] for Value | Improved: Improved: Cascade delete visualizer data when the module is deleted, Certain actions did not work within structures, Responsiveness of auto generated templates, Address field formatting, Asset field and uploads with label positioning, Dropdown field can now have query parameter for Selected Value

Live Content V7.4.7 Released

Fixed Unable to add element if tags not added, Automatic video thumbnail issue, Unable to use lightbox

URL Library v1.4.2 Released

Fixed: Error with Structure detail page paging issue

Live Forms v6.1.3 Released

New: IsTagIn & IsTagNotIn conditions, IsInLast, IsInNext, IsToday conditions, Filtering by multiple groups of conditions | Authorize .NET hosted payment issue, Save and resume issue with large form, Datetime conditions

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