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Live Helpdesk

New: Ability to turn off email notifications for each ticket update. Useful when you flag an email as junk or spam and don't necessary need to send out an email indicating that the ticket has been resolved.

Live Helpdesk

New: Mail Channel logs each email that is intentionally discard with a disposition such as Auto Reply, Bounce, and Blocked email address. Supervisor may view, delete, even process individual mail messages. | Fixed: User is presented with a blank page when attempting to access a ticket that is not authorized


Fixed: Phone not updating after sms send by twilio, Sms reply not saving when sms notification disabled and sms channel is enabled in case of form ticket with mobile no and agent reply by sms.


New: Dashboard with reporting and charting for supervisors and administrators, SMS Channel integration with Twilio, SMS Notifications for customers, agents, and supervisors, Customer satisfaction survey with rating and feedback

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Release Notes - Live Helpdesk - Version 1.2.0

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Introducing Live Helpdesk

We're happy to announce the release of Live Helpdesk. Deliver awesome support to your customers. Manage all conversations in one place.

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