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Live Slider v8.1.4 Released

Fixed: Unable to save date and time with specific timezones

Live Slider v8.0.7 Released

New: Ability to specify date and time range to visible the slide

Live Forms v6.0.8 Released

New: Option to restrict Notification Email to User, Add custom redirect option after registration

Live StoreFront v2.5.4 Released

Fixed: Navigation widget throwing error if you disable Include Children option, Best Sellers products showing in every instance of Live StoreFront

Live Content V7.4.0 Released

Fixed: Custom sorting issue while filtering from Category, Unable to specify capital latter in Category

Live Articles V3.3.8 Released

Fixed: Object Qualifier issue

Live Visualizer v1.3.2 Released

Fixed: Object qualifier issue

Live Forms v6.0.5 Released

Fixed: Query string token removed from Default value of field if update action, Default value of checkbox retains it value while save and resume

Live Blog v4.3.0 Released

Fixed: Handle exceptions in handlers

Live Forums v4.0.2 Released

Fixed: Issue with dark Porto theme

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