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In the following demo, we’re pulling the latest company news from our Live Blog module be executing a SQL Query and creating a tab for each news article.



This one will be a long read but's important to communicate with our most important stakeholders: our customers. We've been working diligently for more than a year or so to modernize our products and prepare for the future of DNN. I'm excited to announce that we're ready to roll out some of our modules that are future ready.

Let's start with some background on technology; I promise to keep this brief. If you recall, DNN was contemplating migration to MVC couple years ago. At present, DNN's Technology Advisory Group is considering future course with many options including .Net Core. In a nutshell, there will be many breaking changes across DNN ecosystem regardless of the direction DNN takes in future. DNN has also been cleaning its codebase and dependencies on 3rd party components. An example would be the recent removal of Telerik Libraries from its Evoq products. Telerik removal is also scheduled for an upcoming DNN Platform version.

So, what are we doing (or rather done) at We prepared for the future and moved all our products to run on pure HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript with the backend powered by Web API & Razor. We're ready for the future, regardless of the direction DNN grows in. All our products feature consistent UI for a seamless customer experience and focus on performance. To meet our goal, we're introducing our own HTML Editor (powered by the trusted CK Editor). It also allows us to introduce new features such as A/B Testing.

I'm happy to announce new major releases of Live HTML, Live Tabs, Live Accordion, Live Utilities, Live Tooltip, Live Images, and Page Protection that leverage our new HTML Editor and modern web patterns.

Other minor releases include Live Helpdesk, Live Exchange, Live Forums, Live Knowledgebase, Live Social, Live Forms, and Live Slider.

We'll continue our efforts to update the entire line of our products. See upcoming releases for what's next in the pipeline.

Finally, did I mention that we're almost ready with our latest & greatest eCommerce Solution? More on that in our next update. Stay tuned.



We're introducing our own HTML Editor that is fast, customizable, and extensible to provide a seamless experience across our products. It's powered by the CK Editor you're familiar with. It's easy to customize and even easier to extend by adding new plugins. This is our first iteration of the editor so there's much more to expect in future; however, we've got the basics covered such as ability to browse files or upload new ones via link or image plugin. Security is of utmost importance and therefore an admin can restrict uploads altogether or limit the file types and max size. DNN File Manager's BROWSE, READ, and WRITE permissions are enforced as well.


Our new Live HTML module features A/B Testing using our new HTML Editor. Watch the video below.

ab testing


The following major releases now feature our new HTML Editor, modern web patterns and unified UI for a seamless user experience.


The following modules have been updated to include our new HTML Editor, modern web patterns and unified UI for a seamless user experience.


Live Forms v4.5.2 released with bug fixes and other enhancements. Live Forms 5 is coming soon with modern web patterns, unified UI, and many new features.


In addition, following modules are next in the pipeline:


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HTML module with advanced features including Content Approval Workflow, Version Management w/Rollback, Version Comparison, and Multilingual Content Localization.

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Release Notes - Live HTML 3


  • Modern Web Patterns, Unified UI, and DNN Future Ready
  • Integration w/Mandeeps HTML Editor
  • A/B Testing
  • Migrate DNN Core HTML Module to Live HTML


  • Do not render module wrap tags in search
  • Page doesn't copy using Live HTML module
  • Live HTML content disappears after importing to a new site

Create panes from HTML Content, DNN modules, RSS Feeds, or SQL Queries. Supports Multilingual Content, Pane Permissions, Google Analytics Integration, Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Themes, Nested Panes, and more...

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Release Notes - Live Accordion 6.0.0


  • Modern Web Patterns, Unified UI, and DNN Future Ready
  • Integration w/Mandeeps HTML Editor


  • Pane is visible to the user when granted role has expired
  • Could not load container error when adding modules to a Pane
  • DNN Search Indexing compatibility
  • Review Work is visible in case of direct publish
  • Links within DNN Search Results do not automatically open the relevant pane


  • Animation options

The easiest, quickest and most intuitive form builder for DNN Platform.

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Release Notes - Live Forms 4.5.2


  • reCaptcha issue

An integrated user interface to publish or schedule updates across multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and DNN Journal Activity.

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Release Notes - Live Social - Version 1.1.0


  • Manage profile not working on IE
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