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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a DotNetNuke Folder Provider which seamlessly integrates Amazon S3, Windows Azure, and Windows UNC storage capabilities with DotNetNuke Core & 3rd Party Modules.

System Requirements

DotNetNuke Compatibility
Cloud Storage is compatible with all versions above and including 6.2.0+

Installation & Activation

Cloud Storage Provider Installation is same as any other standard Dotnetnuke module Install.

Refer to release notes for any specific instructions if you're upgrading from a previous version. 

You must be logged in as host/Superuser to install new extensions. Navigate to Host > Extensions and select "Install Extension Wizard" from action menu. 

Watch the videos below to quickly install the provider on your DotNetNuke Site. 

Module Installation - DNN 7 Module Installation - DNN 6

How do I Activate Module?

Activation is a quick and easy process.


  • Go to Admin->File Manager->Manage Folder Types
  • Now, Add New Type
  • In General Settings:Choose your Cloud Folder Provider from DropDownList e.g. "Cloud Storage-Amazon S3"
  • Confirm Edition
  • Folder Provider will prompt you to confirm the edition you would like to activate. Simply select the edition and click Activate Folder Provider



Active manager

Step 1: Purchase License

  • If you have not already purchased a license, you can purchase a license for the Cloud Storage Provider from our store or from any of our resellers such as

Step 2: Request Activation Key

  • Click on Request Activation Key and enter your email address that was used to purchase the Cloud Storage Provider.

    If you purchased the Cloud Storage Provider from our store then this will be your PayPal email address.

    If you purchased the Cloud Storage Provider from then this will be your registered email at

Request email


Step 3: Apply Activation Key

  • Click on Apply Activation Key and enter your activation key that you received in your email. 

    That's it! You're Done!
Activation key


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