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Vertical Menu

Only available in Porto 3 or above.


1. You must add an instance of DDR Menu module on the page if you don't already have one.
2. Navigate to Module Settings > Menu settings
3. Add Resources/VerticalMenu in Menu Style
4. Optionally, you can define Node Selection Expression - determines which part of the page hierarchy to show in the menu. Use:




  • NodeSelector="RootOnly" to show only the root level menu items (alias for *,0,0)
  • NodeSelector="RootChildren" to show all the children of the root menu item that is the parent of the current page (alias for+0
  • NodeSelector="CurrentChildren" to show the children of the current page (alias for .)
  • NodeSelector="pageID" to show the children of a specific page

For Advance user refer to DDR Menu Reference Guide









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