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Import a page template in DNN 8.x

Learn how to create a new page by importing content from an existing page template DNN 8.X

Applies to DNN Platform 7.3+ DNN Evoq Content 7.3.4 DNN Evoq Engage 7.3.4 DNN Evoq Intranet 7.3.4

Upload Assets

Note: You can skip this if you’ve previously imported the Portal Template on this site.

Step 1:

Rename ThemeName.template.resources (/Templates/Portal/) to

Step 2:

From Admin > File Management > Select Root Folder > Click Upload

Step 3:

Select Decompress Zip Files and upload

Upload Templates

Step 1:

From Admin > File Manager > Select Templates Folder

Step 2:

Upload the necessary page template file(s) from /Templates/Pages/ folder

File Manager


Import New Page

Step 1:

Pages > Add New Page

Step 2:

Select the appropriate page template and then click Add Page


Import Existing Page

Step 1:

Navigate to the page you would like to replace

Step 2:

From Pages > Import Page

Step 3:

Select the appropriate page template

Step 4:

Select the page name you would like to replace. Be sure to select Replace the current Page

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Updated on Wed, 29 Nov 2017 by Khushi Singh