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Import a portal template in DNN 9.x

Learn how to create a sample site in minutes by importing a portal template for DNN Themes in DNN 9.x

Applies to DNN Platform 7.3+ DNN Evoq Content 7.3.4 DNN Evoq Engage 7.3.4 DNN Evoq Intranet 7.3.4

Step 1:

Theme is bundled with our Live Slider module so it’s easy to create slides and manage animations. If you’ve not already done so, Install Live Slider

Step 2:

Copy ThemeName.template and ThemeName.template.resources file from Templates > Portal folder. Note:For DNN8 copy ThemeName.template file from DNN8 folder.

Step 3:

Paste portal template files to Root/Portals/_default/.

Step 4:

Add a new page name as Site Wizard and add Site Wizard module on the page.

We recommend selecting the Replace option if you’re starting with a clean or new DNN Install. This option will DELETE ALL EXISTING PAGES & CONTENT.

If you already have an existing site with content then we strongly recommend importing page templates. If you must import the entire portal, you can select the Merge option.

Click Next.

Step 5:

Select "Inner" theme and "NoTitle" container for your template.



Step 6:

You are now finished with the portal template.

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Updated on Mon, 04 Dec 2017 by Ashish Pachori