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Accept credit cards and automatically capture payments using Square. Optionally, it can be configured to authorize only and manually capture funds at a later time. It's easy to test your account in sandbox mode before going live

Add Location
Before you can configure Square, you must add at least one location to your Square account using the dashboard. Learn more at:

To configure Square:

  1. Install, Activate, & Enable Square Extension
  2. From Manage, go to Store > Extensions 
  3. Select Payments from Category in Store Extensions section. 
  4. Find Square and Click Settings Cog Icon
  5. Click Test if you're working in a sandbox mode; otherwise, Click Live if you're ready to go live. 
  6. Select Automatically Capture Payments to authorize and immediately capture payment for each processed transaction. Select Manually Capture Payments (Authorize Only) if you only want to authorize payment and would rather manually capture funds at a later time. 
  7. Provide your test or live credentials: Application ID and Access Token. Select a Location.
  8. Click Update

How do I find my Application ID and Access Token

Use Personal access token for live and Sandbox token for test. 

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