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Under Review

Live Article helper to bring in Ventrian news articles

An extension that takes Ventrian news article items that are unsupported and pass them into Live Articles?? Eh?!

FCCC MarComm FCCC MarComm
published 09/19/2018 01:47
Under Review

Live Forms Extension for integrating with Xero

There are no solutions in the DNN ecosystem yet for integrating with Xero, the cloud accounting service. The only solution I can find is some middleware that works with Revindex Storefront. DNN with Live Forms is ideal for creating bespoke web apps for SMEs. Most of these SMEs also use Xero so I am seeing lots of demand for integrating the solutions with their accounting systems. Eg. we have created a project management app to record visits and work done by contractors on various projects. The ability to push the visits and create an invoice on Xero would ...

Andy Davey Andy Davey
published 09/13/2018 22:40

Reply to option in Live Forms Email alerts

Just having From: set in emails isn't always enough, I need to be able to specify a Reply-to address as well.  We are using a generic smtp account to send emails from our DNN sites, and when using just From: it appends the name of the hosting account in the From field of emails that are sent out. eg We have an auto-responder Email Alert that has the from address as  When the email arrives it is marked as Sender: Webdevs From: Where Webdevs is the name of our ...

markcy markcy
published 09/10/2018 00:28
Not Accepted

Support MetaWeblog API again

The MetaWeblog API used to be a supported feature, but it has recently become unsupported for some reason.  This support allowed us to create and manage blog posts outside of the website, giving us the choice of blog editors and the powerful features they all have (including Open Live Writer).  Please support this again.

Will Strohl Will Strohl
published 09/11/2018 18:48

Email Field With RegEx

I need to accept in the form only emails from certain domains. Support custom RegEx in email field. 

Accord Support Accord Support
published 09/11/2018 06:26

Allow Different Minutes Selection in Live Forms Time Fields

Currently, the values for the minutes drop down are (0, 10, 20, 30, 40 ,50).  First, please make the 0 value 00 instead.  We would like to be able to change the drop down to be quarter hours (00, 15, 30, 45) instead. Ideally, there would be three choices.  10 minutes increments, 15 minutes increments, and custom with a field allowing the user to enter the minute increments of their choice.

nbast nbast
published 07/20/2018 13:54

Social Group Capability for Live Blog and Articles

It would be wonderful to be able to have live blog and articles integrated with social groups so individual groups could have blogs and articles. In module settings there could be 2 options normal mode and group mode. In group mode, when the module is placed on a page under Group Activity the module would only show content for the groupid. In the future, any widgets for latest, featured etc would need to respect the groupid in the url if the module instance is in group mode.  

carl carl
published 11/22/2017 16:09
Under Review

Create a Primary and Child Tag structure to help organize Forum posts

Since you have stated you do not want to introduce categories how about layers of tags  - a primary tag and a child tag to help organize the posts. The primary tag would help group the discussions and the child tag would organize the threads under that primary tag. There are some forums that have such broad discussions the listing of all discussions and tags is overwhelming to look at. For example: Science Activities, Class405, HomeworkClass405, News, New Member Form, Arts and Language, Resources, New Member List, Kids Activities, Teen Get togethers, Meetups, French Homework, Math Activities etc If there are a lot ...

Sarai Zyzniewski Sarai Zyzniewski
published 08/30/2018 22:02
Community Review

Reply by Email for Live Forums

The basic idea is the ability to reply to a thread via email as you can with a listserv. Many of our customers are moving their online, private communities from listservs to forums.  With a listserv, you can reply to a thread via email, which makes it simple to participate in a conversation. 

Don Worthley Don Worthley
published 08/28/2018 14:40

Gamification in Live Exchange and Live Forums

In Premier Support, Mandeep and I were discussing gamification in Live Exchange and Live Forums. I would really like to see that badges can also be put on a user that is a certain role like Moderator, Admin or Subscriber of some service.

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
published 11/02/2017 07:55
Not Accepted

Dont allow users to see this except administrators

Get Started with Live Content Quickly add elements using "Add element" . Configure the module using "Manage" to enable slideshow and many more features.   If a module is being prepared or is getting youtube search info this message is displayed to everyone.  Can you set this so only administrators or users with module edit permissions can read any of these types of messages on all your modules. Thank you.

Cody Cody
published 08/22/2018 18:33
Under Review

Live StoreFront Checkout US Zipcode Autocomplete

A nice feature in modern carts is ability to autocomplete City, State and possibly even country by entering in zipcode Also being able to set the default country at the top of the list so users for a given area do not have to scroll so far to locate country.  Especially if you only do business in one country and do not ship outside the country your business is located. I know this is beta not sure where to post my ideas if this is ok place as there is no tag for this product yet ...

Cody Cody
published 08/17/2018 15:26
Community Review

Feature Suggestion: Upload file in Live Forum and Live Exchange

  It appears that Live Forum and Live Exchange do not allow upload of files.  I'm looking to use one of these in a medical research area and Researchers need the ability to upload data files.  I believe it would really round out your product if a file could be uploaded in Live Forum and Live Exchange.  It can be in the Live Knowledgebase module and Live Articles.  I would love to see Community support for such a process.

Bill Bill
published 08/21/2018 00:34
Under Review

Live Campaign - Export Subscriber List function

Please consider adding a function to Live Campaign that allows for exporting subscriber lists. .csv format should work for most everyone. Thank you

AB@Wildlife AB@Wildlife
published 08/08/2018 16:45
Under Review

Comments - Fix Links and Provide Confirmation

1 - The Comments link on both the Blog List page and the Blog Post page are malformed (bug) and only open the Blog Post page (UX problem).  They should open the page AND jump to the Comments section.  (include a #comments name tag in the template by the comments AND utilize in the comments links) 2 - There is no confirmation that a comment is actually posted.  This is confusing when there are many comments and will lead to duplicate postings as visitors will try posting again to see their result.  Ideally, posting a comment should ...

Accord Support Accord Support
published 08/14/2018 12:52

Feature Suggestion: Google Invisible reCAPTCHA for Live Forms

I see that Google has released another version of reCAPTCHA and wanted to check to see if the Live Forms module has any plans on implementing this new feature. We've had at least one customer ask about this, so wanted to pass this along for your development consideration. Thank you for your consideration, Eric Cook, WSI

Eric Cook Eric Cook
published 09/20/2017 22:56
Under Review

Facebook Comment Support in Social Modules

In light of the support for facebook comments in platforms like Wordpress ( Like in this example ), I would love to see support for this in the modules here that employ social engagement. Not only would it produce a nice touch, but would be a convenience for users as well; think of how many users already have Facebook? And if they are logged into the portal via their Facebook credentials, then, no need for yet another login. Also, the reduction of spam is another thing I can think of as well. Tell us what you all think. ...

Katherine Moss Katherine Moss
published 08/09/2018 12:05
Under Review

Live Slider module - exclude file version query strings on image selections

Can you please remove the inclusion of file version query extensions in the next release of the Live Slider module?  For example when adding images to (at least) layers, the Content column in the LiveSlider_SlideLayer table includes the ver= query string information.  For example /Portals/0/Images/example.png?ver=2018-08-10-081604-207 It would be great to exclude this information to make for easy updates to image files (via direct file copy). Thanks!    

Todd Boufford Todd Boufford
published 08/10/2018 13:09
Under Review

Live Slider module - relative URLs for layer links

Can you please add support for relative URLs on layers in the next release of the Live Slider module? I.E. when creating a layer and working with the Links section, you currently cannot use a relative URL of say /example vs. having to use a full URL including the protocol, say  Relative URLs will help our customer as they have multiple dev, test, and production EVOQ environments.  Thanks!

Todd Boufford Todd Boufford
published 08/10/2018 12:52
Under Review

Vote Answers for Questions in Live Exchange

Sure seems like there should be a way for a community to vote on best answer as a setting in admin panel if you like or dont need. Microsoft site has an interesting concept to support answers which looks more similar to this one without: the ability to allow users to say it was helpful how many others had the same issue. However Yahoo answer site is more what I am looking for and I believe is more common for general communities instead of business Q&A. ...

Cody Cody
published 05/11/2018 16:25
Under Review

Tooltip or note that displays recommended image properties along with a way to upload in all places you can select images in all of your modules

I would love to not have to guess or pull up pages to research image properties such as sizes, types and such. I believe it would be extremely helpful to add a "recommended size" or a tooltip popup note that tells us what size to make our images to make them fit.  And if they are not that size possibly a way to see what will be cropped and adjust it for best results so it looks presentable as intended. For Example with Porto Theme: I had to look at your logo image on your ...

Cody Cody
published 08/08/2018 14:54
Under Review

YouTube Gallery ability to switch to next or go back videos while watching < Video >

Feature request to allow videos to be navigated while watching them. I wish the slider feature put videos sliding across the top that are listed above the list Also while watching a video it would be great to be able to click a next or back button to watch the next video immediately. Another idea would be to have videos along the top or bottom that are upcoming so you can skip ahead if you like.  When you hover over the video these other videos and controls to go to the next video become visible. ...

Cody Cody
published 08/08/2018 12:37
Under Review

YouTube Library API

On your advertising page for Live Content it states the ability to create libraries of videos automatically by keywords.  I put a few ideas down to go along with a trouble ticket hoping to get this feature back into Live Content 7.0 as I didn't see a way to do this. It would be great to use the "Categories" you create to be used for organizing different libraries based on different topic keyword searches. I suppose this was my idea they asked me to post here as the idea for the youtube video library is ...

Cody Cody
published 08/02/2018 17:19
Under Review

Alt-image for videos

How about a way to show an alternate image to mobile viewers instead of the video in a video parallax or Live Slider?

Graham Masters Graham Masters
published 08/01/2018 13:49
Under Review

Inegrate the Q&A Module Integrate with the MIcrosoft Bot Framework Q&A Pairs

A CMS is not longer limited to social networks and web pages. Please consider more modern content management such as the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework and it's Question and Answer (Q&A) capability with natural language, AR content, VR content, etc.. Supporting the Microsoft Bot Framework is a great way to immediately move into the year 2018 with regard to voice interactions with a CMS. DNN as an organization has lost their vision. It will be up to companies like yours to keep DNN relevant with these new technologies.

Bernard Villers Jr Bernard Villers Jr
published 05/29/2018 04:07
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