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Live Forms: creating configurable lists

Hi all, It would be nice to be able to create a configurable list. After creating a set of fields the admin is able to mark these fields as a configurable list.  The end user is then able to fill in these fields and, clicking on a plus icon or something, these fields get recreated underneath the existing one. For example for an order form where the end user must be able to order multiple ( n ) amounts of products in a ( selectable ) format. Example:

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 01/23/2023 10:46
Under Review

Make default color switchable in style switcher so short code font colors can be accessible without going into each module and knowing how to style codes s...

Be aware that everything that is advertised within the Porto theme website pages is not easily customizable to WCAG standards without knowing CSS and having your editors going into the code and knowing what they are doing or, I think, going into the theme, copying the theme (which may bring up issues with upgrades) and changing it there. According to Mandeeps: Shortcodes are not tested for accessibility on the Note: Only the core theme and its components are accessible. The included templates and shortcodes are not tested for accessibility. Ultimately, the content ...

Katherine Prouty Katherine Prouty
published 10/04/2022 14:26
Not Accepted

Add the ability for users to edit their cookie consent options

Once a user has made a choice for their cookie settings, there is currently no way for the user to go back and edit their preferences.

Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
published 12/12/2022 13:54
Under Review


Hi Mandeep It would be great to have a Wikipedia Module for DNN Please see MediaWiki; from what I understand Wikipedia uses this. Regards

Unitek Unitek
published 12/07/2022 17:43

PDF Generator

it will be great to have option to rename the PDF file with a combination of static text + DNN tokens.  Provide a option to select where PDF can be saved in the file manager will be useful.

CareSearch CareSearch
published 12/07/2022 03:36

Allow multiple select on dropdown

Hi,  You have the option to allow extended view of dropdown with the size Tab. Good idea would be to add to it an option to allow selection of multiple list entities if you select the size tab. Also you can specify the maximum amount of list entities that can be selected (maybe use 10,4; 10 to specify the size of the dropdown and 4 as maximum number of list items). We think this would be a good feature specially for large lists. Thank you.  

published 12/02/2022 09:53
Under Review

Live Articles page preview

I can only preview the top-level of a draft article created by another author. If I click on the link to a page within the article, I’m just taken back to the main module view. It seems that only the user who initially creates the article can preview its pages. Would it be possible to allow all authors to preview draft pages?

AB@Wildlife [email protected]
published 09/07/2022 16:33
Under Review

Live forums group mode

It's great that Live forums has group capability but an important feature has been omitted and that is creating a journal entry for forum activity. In other words when a new discussion is created or an update is made an entry is made in the group journal/feed. Are there any plans to add this. Thank you!

carl carl
published 07/19/2022 21:51
Under Review

Live Forms set submission moderation a group or role

We have a form where the submission needs to moderate by a group of people. Right now Live Form allow to set the submission moderation to a specific user, it will useful if we can also the the moderation to role of user and notify the user of the group of the new submission.

Arsenio Guzman Arsenio Guzman
published 07/10/2022 00:50
Not Accepted

Live Forms Opens in another page

Hi, will be great if you can add the target=_blank in forms redirect option.  Thank you

Pedro Mosqueda Pedro Mosqueda
published 05/18/2022 13:09
Under Review

Live Forms: Save and Resume email text

There should be customisation functionality or templating for the text that is sent to someone through the Save & Resume functionality in Live Forms. Currently the text that is sent is: Click on the below link  Save and Resume Which can easily get trapped by spam filters or be perceived as phishing from end users as it lacks suitable branding and text.  

Alex Makin Alex Makin
published 05/04/2022 06:32
Under Review

Live Forms PDF Stamper get filed text with mask

In the PDF Stamper it's possible to get field value with the mask set in form so numbers and text have a more readable format. Regards, Arsenio Guzman

Arsenio Guzman Arsenio Guzman
published 04/26/2022 13:11
Under Review

Live Tokens - Add to all pages/ Check Root Page

Please add an easier way to add tokens to all pages on a site. This could be done by a single checkbox that allows the tokens to be displayed on all pages on the site or by checking off the root/parent level page and the tokens would be visible to each child page. Thanks

published 04/25/2022 12:42
Under Review

Schedule Module Content Updates

Would love to see functionality added to Live HTML and maybe Live Accordion to allow a user to make an update to existing module/content and have that update be applied/published at a specific date and time. I know DNN allows you to Publish and Expire an entire module, but often times we may want an existing piece of content to get updated at specific time. The current work around for this is duplicating a module, setting the old one to expire and new updated one to publish at the specified time accordingly. This is a hassle and a ...

Eric Cook Eric Cook
published 04/04/2022 13:39
Under Review

Porto Custom Mega Menu - Embed Module

Friends, please consider adding the ability to insert modules into custom mega menus.  In our case, we use a 3rd-party menu module that respects DNN authorization roles and the page menu structure. It would be great to insert that into a mega menu. I'm sure other modules could be useful as well.  Thanks.  JOhn 

John Wolf John Wolf
published 04/01/2022 14:01
Under Review

Notification Enhancements / Dashboard for exchange / forums

1. It would be great to have a notifications preference module which could be put on a page to allow users to select which notifications that want for each forum, exchange, ideas..etc across a site. When the forum / exchange module is used across many groups, it because a burden to the users to manage and a single dashboard or view would allow the user to quickly set preferences.  2. A setting in the forum / exchange module for default notification preference would be nice. In other words, allow the admin select if they want users to see all activity, ...

armysafety armysafety
published 03/25/2022 12:27
Under Review

Allow dates to be Formatted and Calculating based on dates in Live Forms

I am trying to calculate the age on a form based on the user entering Date of Birth. It seems that calculating cannot be accomplished on dates as well as formatting.   This feature would be helpful.    

Louise Dixon Louise Dixon
published 03/23/2022 11:55
Under Review

[Live Compliance] Respect user consent choices with Google Tag Manager

Add support for Google Tag Manager user choices to Live Compliance See:

gl it gmbh gl it gmbh
published 03/23/2022 09:45
Under Review

Live Forms PDF Stamper link to generated pdf url in a field form

Hello, it's possible to have a token or save directly the url of generated stamped pdf in a Form Field ? After the form is submitted and the stamped pdf it's generated and send through email, there is not a easy to find the pdf generated for that form submission. If we can save the url of the generated pdf in an forma field would be very usefull for management. Regards, Arsenio Guzman

Arsenio Guzman Arsenio Guzman
published 02/28/2022 15:33
Under Review

Live Visualizer - Integrate Monaco editor

Are there any plans to integrate the Monaco (VS Code) editor in Live Visualizer and Live Tokens and the other modules that support Razor or writing SQL? 

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
published 02/10/2022 17:18
Under Review

Social Groups, Forums and Gaming Mechanics

Was super excited to see that the forum module supports social groups and that it integrated with gaming mechanics. Was super disappointed that gaming mechanics doesn't work when forums are in group mode.  Can this be put on the roadmap along with groups integration for exchange? Thanks 

carl carl
published 01/24/2022 23:14
Under Review

Live Articles RSS Date Range

Please consider creating a way to modify a URL to limit a Live Article's RSS feed to specific years/months (like &year=2020 or &month=202006). 

AB@Wildlife [email protected]
published 01/24/2022 16:44
Community Review

Live Forms: Character / Word Counter for text area field

You can set a character or word count limit for “text area” fields in live forms.  If you set a limit, the text area should automatically have a character or word counter underneath the box so that a user can see how many characters or words they have entered as they are typing.  One of our number one complaints from users.

mj mj
published 04/23/2018 15:54
Under Review

Live Utilities - importing non-authorized users

When importing users, it would be useful to have the option of setting their Authorized status.

d d
published 01/12/2022 10:56
Under Review

Live Utilities - export authorized/Not-authorized user

It would be useful to be able to choose to export non-authorized users when exporting and also include a column with the Authorized status.

d d
published 01/12/2022 10:55
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