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Live Forms: Character / Word Counter for text area field

You can set a character or word count limit for “text area” fields in live forms.  If you set a limit, the text area should automatically have a character or word counter underneath the box so that a user can see how many characters or words they have entered as they are typing.  One of our number one complaints from users.

mj mj
published 04/23/2018 15:54
Under Review

Live Utilities - importing non-authorized users

When importing users, it would be useful to have the option of setting their Authorized status.

d d
published 01/12/2022 10:56
Under Review

Live Utilities - export authorized/Not-authorized user

It would be useful to be able to choose to export non-authorized users when exporting and also include a column with the Authorized status.

d d
published 01/12/2022 10:55

Disable Gravatar in Live Exchange and Live Forums

I would like to disable Gravatar and only use profile pictures from DNN. How do we do that? Pls, add this as soon as possible to next release

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
published 04/09/2018 10:28
Community Review

Live Storefront Widget for Product Views

Live Storefront Widget for Product Views   Add Live Storefront Widget to page Select Product Views Add specific products or categories of products to be displayed only Some pages relate content to a product, it would be nice to be able to display the products that relate in a slider format or infinite scroll / pagination tile view options.

Cody Cody
published 02/16/2020 17:05
Under Review

Give the ability to print module option on the template so any designated security group can print it.

Right now the only group that can print the module are those who can edit the module. There are multiple use cases where more people might need to print the module, especially since this is now a "database" of potential resources. For example, who are a nonprofit that are building a list of food resources for local residents. Many of our ultimate users are elderly and our social workers would like to be able to send them a pdf listing. I don't want to give the social workers the ability to edit the module.  

Katherine Prouty Katherine Prouty
published 12/27/2021 14:44
Under Review

Live Campaign Export Subscriber List to CSV

We would love to have the ability to export lists of subscribers to a csv. When a customer asks for a list of all currently subscribed users, we have no way to quickly and without SQL return this information, especially when lists are thousands of users long. I think adding a quick export button would be greatly beneficial.

smb creative group smb creative group
published 01/22/2021 18:10
Under Review

Create a PDF and send to recipient "Live signature" via API

I use other tools/modules on my DNN site but would like to be able to create a PDF and then programatically send for signature via an API using "Live Signature" module. An example, create a subcontract document using Crystal Reports, save as PDF, send to "Live Signature" via API ("Live Signature would add a Signature Block (I could add a tag in the PDF for a signature block) and then send that document for signature without having to generate the document manually, add signature blocks, and then send for signature.    

Wes Adams Wes Adams
published 12/14/2021 19:50

Upload to subfolder based on submission id

It would be great if in Live Forms we can upload files to a sub folder based on submissionId. Right now we are only able to upload to a specific directory. but if we want to save assets per submission there isn't a way to do that from what i can tell. This can be problematic if you upload a file with the same name but its contents are not the same. One will get over written. If there is something that I am missing please let me know.

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
published 07/11/2019 20:44
Under Review

Allow Custom Default Date Range When Viewing LiveForm Submission

By default, the date range is set to the current day only. Add the option to set the default date range to show previous 30 days/month or week.

Eric Cook Eric Cook
published 12/02/2021 18:57
Under Review

Make Live Slider Support WEBP format images with a fallback feature to JPG images

It would be great if the Live Slider module can support WEBP images along with the ability to fall back to JPG images if the web browser doesn't support WEBP. Google Lighthouse will give a bad score for mobile if it can't detect WEBP format images. It would also be great if the Live Slider can support Responsive Images whereby it generates different sizes of the same image. Currently we have two Live Slider modules on our website - One is for Desktop and one is for Mobile.  Currently I have to hide or show ...

Zayne Repsold Zayne Repsold
published 11/30/2021 09:53
Under Review

Integrate DNN search across the live forum, live exchange modules.

Integrate the DNN search capability within these modules so users can use a single search in the DNN theme to access all parts of the website which uses the mandeeps products, specifically forums and exchange. 

armysafety armysafety
published 08/26/2021 14:04
Under Review

Acceptance / Settings panel once cookies are accepted

Consider having the cookie box take a more minimal shape to the left or right so that there is a visual cue after giving the cookie OK. The way it is, it looks like a bug because choosing OK doesn't respond with any visual cue.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 11/10/2021 11:43
Under Review

Products Query Widget - Products By Category

With the Live Storefront widget, I'm not seeing a way off-the-shelf to display store products filtered by category - Products By Category. That would be really useful. Consider a conventional page built for SEO purposes, with a display of Products By Category..

eswanzey eswanzey
published 11/09/2021 18:08
Under Review

Live Visualizer Import Function

For those wishing to use Live Visualizer with existing content, it's essential to be able to import data. 

Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson
published 10/19/2021 11:05
Under Review

ability to enable/disable individual actions

maybe that's getting too wish-listy but it would come in handy every once in a while

eswanzey eswanzey
published 10/30/2021 20:36
Under Review

Back/Next Button intelligence

In a multipage form whereby three choices on page 1 redirect to page 2, 3, or 4 as appropriate, the Back button can't be controlled as to "back to where" - in every case, my answer would be "page 1" if I was on page 2, 3, or 4. But as it works now it just goes to current page -1. So the idea or hope is to have the ability to include something like "Page 2 Back" or "Page 2 Next" actions to enable logic tree-style forms.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 10/30/2021 20:20
Under Review

logic indicators

Certain Live Forms action rules rely on pre-existing values that can be easily and unknowing broken by changing dropdown/checkbox/radio item names. Unless you are aware of the dependent rules, you have no way of knowing. My suggestion is to do one or both of the following. In the form editor, provide a visual indicator that a rule is in force on a control, and a link to the rule (rules?) that they are used in (see attachment  - indicators.png). The indicator could also change color to alert of a broken logic state. In the rule editor, ...

eswanzey eswanzey
published 10/30/2021 11:53
Under Review

need more specificity with product categories during product import

There are cases where a subcategory gets repeated multiple times, such as "Parts & Accessories" or "Other" being present within various top-level categories. The problem is that when importing products, only the individual category name is referenced, with no way to indicate who it's parent is. What I would suggest is to enable a subcategory to be referenced by one or more parents such as "Couches, Couches:Love Seat, Couches:Full Length" In this way, the store would properly categorize the imported products.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 10/26/2021 20:37
Under Review

User creation monitoring

There are mechanisms to gate-check individual user registrations, but there is a gap in monitoring/controlling registrations on a generic scale - e.g. limit the frequency of registrations from the same IP address. Related to that, automatic service blocks by IP address or the ability to block by country comes to mind too.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 10/25/2021 11:11
Under Review

Live Signature checkbox and Button fields

A good functions to add a check box field in Live Signature as you can see even in your Live Signature product page, the Web form W-9 contains lot of Check that cannot be added for the recipient to check..  if possible to add also a field for an option buttons then it will be great …

Henri Bouzaglo Henri Bouzaglo
published 10/22/2021 07:58
Under Review

Automatic Assign Ticket to Operator Dosent Work ,LiveHelpDesk

Hello ... Tickets are not automatically assigned to the operator when we select a category where is the problem from !!! ?

saman kavian saman kavian
published 10/20/2021 07:28
Under Review

Randomize display of items

Whether items are filtered or not, it would be useful to have the ability to randomize the result set. "Quote of the day" is a common example of how it would be used.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 10/14/2021 13:57
Under Review

LiveForms ability to save submission data to regular SQL table

Submissions of Live Forms is saved in a single table with several reference tables.  Can LiveForms save its form submissions in a regular SQL table that will allow easier integration with our other tools.  

David Wellman David Wellman
published 09/21/2021 18:02
Under Review

Remove or fix top right "new discussion" button in the live forum

Currently the top right action button when creating a new post to the live forum does not function as a submit button like the one at the bottom. Both, by default, are titled in an awkward way that has caused user confusion and since the top right button action causes a new discussion versus the bottom to submit, users have been filling out the entire discussion thread, reviewing it and click the top right button to lose all the information they added previously.  Recommend removal of this to force the user to the bottom of the page ...

armysafety armysafety
published 08/26/2021 14:02
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