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Customise automated emails for LiveHelpdesk

another great module! the two emails that go out automatically, when a user a) submits a ticket or b) the ticket is closed don't match up with what we would like them to say at all and we would really like to be able to customise these emails. Also would be good if we could use tokens in these emails and also in the canned responses. eg Hi {%customer.firstName%} Thank you for making contact with the Xyz Support Team! This is an automated message to let you know that we have received your email ...

Bryan Bryan
published 06/19/2018 04:28
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Exclude specific IP addresses from Live Blog statistics

It would be nice to be able to exclude IP addresses from the blog views. We routinely have employees internally view our blogs, but would like to limit the statistics to external users to get a better idea of how many views we are getting from customers vs employees.

LifePro LifePro
published 06/27/2018 15:17
Under Review

Add Shortcodes for Event Calendars and Event Listing

I'm glad I copied that title before clicking to add the idea...  I didn't have to type it all over again.  :( It's very common for businesses to host events.  Those events could be meetups, seminars, classes, etc.  When this is the case, they need to list it out in some way.  The most common ways include a calendar or list view.   Please consider adding shortcodes for this use case.

Will Strohl Will Strohl
published 06/07/2018 17:49
Under Review

Portfolio/IMage Gallery meets LiveArticle widget suggestion

I have removed the HTML and brackets, so you may have to use a bit of imagination. The  Portfolio/Image Gallery navigation  uses a classification in the List tag to allow for management of the portfolio items, following the isotope-item: li class="col-md-4 col-sm-6 col-xs-12 isotope-item websites" The LiveArticle widget module has some thematic elements that will list the categories of a post, however they are rendered wrapped in anchor tags. \DesktopModules\LiveArticles\Themes\Porto_DC_Lightweight\Template\Widgets\RecentArticles\ The tag used in LiveArticle widgets is (encapsulated in brackets: Article:categories This however, when rendered by ...

Brian Brian
published 05/31/2018 21:24
Under Review

Porto Skin Suggestion for Link Color

At the moment, if you try to customize the CSS for a, a:hover, a:active and a:visited in our custom css file it does not overwrite the default CSS. If we add "!important" to the CSS styles then it overwrites the text color for button styles. There are times when the primary color does not work well as a link color or is not ADA compliant. I would like to suggest in a future version of Porto that the main link color be customizable. Either through the style switcher or another method (custom CSS file).

published 05/31/2018 20:05
Not Accepted

Add Category to Community Modules

it has been great if you add category to live Exchange and Live forum, this feature can help to categorize questions and make this modules more usable

azarbara azarbara
published 11/02/2017 12:35
Under Review

Inegrate the Q&A Module Integrate with the MIcrosoft Bot Framework Q&A Pairs

A CMS is not longer limited to social networks and web pages. Please consider more modern content management such as the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework and it's Question and Answer (Q&A) capability with natural language, AR content, VR content, etc.. Supporting the Microsoft Bot Framework is a great way to immediately move into the year 2018 with regard to voice interactions with a CMS. DNN as an organization has lost their vision. It will be up to companies like yours to keep DNN relevant with these new technologies.

Bernard Villers Jr Bernard Villers Jr
published 05/29/2018 04:07
Under Review

Order description with Authorize.Net order

Ability to set the Order Description text for Authorize.Net orders. Either free text field or option to map to form field

d d
published 05/25/2018 11:50

Live Forums with category

Add the feature  to Create a Forum with Category and display forums as Category wise.

madhav p madhav p
published 05/23/2018 11:00

Live Slider - Show/Hide Date

Allow each slide to have a show and hide date/time.

AB@Wildlife AB@Wildlife
published 05/18/2018 19:28
Not Accepted

Import/Export tags and categories

It would be nice to be able to setup a default set a tags for different website uses that can help autopopulate the modules with tags each time it gets used for a common type of website that a person may be creating more than one or similar to another. What I would really like to do is setup one module and create tags then export those same tags to another module(s). Lets say if you create 20 tags that all go on all modules related to the website it would be nice to be able ...

Cody Cody
published 05/15/2018 02:51
Under Review

Vote Answers for Questions in Live Exchange

Sure seems like there should be a way for a community to vote on best answer as a setting in admin panel if you like or dont need. Microsoft site has an interesting concept to support answers which looks more similar to this one without: the ability to allow users to say it was helpful how many others had the same issue. However Yahoo answer site is more what I am looking for and I believe is more common for general communities instead of business Q&A. ...

Cody Cody
published 05/11/2018 16:25
Under Review

CKEditor - Show outline for tables when border set to 0

Show the greyed dotted outline for tables table cells when table border set to 0. 

Peter Jackman Peter Jackman
published 05/10/2018 08:06
Not Accepted

Live Campaign - Dynamic SQL Lists

Have a feature where an SQL query creates a dynamic list that is new everytime it is run. We have SQL lists where in a certain situation, a user maybe included in, but then on other occassions, they're not. So we have to recreate the list every time we want to send an email to that query.

Michael Betts Michael Betts
published 05/03/2018 11:55
Community Review

Add more language option features

You can edit the form to have specific language, based on the default language. But, you can't have a "thank you" message in different languages (maybe with complex JavaScript or other things, but the basic users can't have it natively in the module).

Jean-Francois Fortier Jean-Francois Fortier
published 05/03/2018 15:17

Token ID

To be able to set manually a token ID for a field.   When no text is enter for the row, and we use watermark for a field, the token is numerical [ 1] ... and give no clue what field is it on a multiple form using watermark.

Jean-Francois Fortier Jean-Francois Fortier
published 05/05/2018 17:10

Mask + Validation

Add the feature to have the possibility to have a predefine mask for a field PLUS a validation that will confirm that the field was enter properly

Jean-Francois Fortier Jean-Francois Fortier
published 05/03/2018 21:47

Bootstrap 4

Upgrade Porto to use the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. 

Mandeep Singh Mandeep Singh
published 05/07/2018 04:06
Community Review

Deselect radio button

Please, add the option to, in edit mode, be able to deselect the radio button. Once it was selected in the top menu, you can't deselect it. You have to clear and restart that row (and lose whatever what was associated with it).

Jean-Francois Fortier Jean-Francois Fortier
published 05/03/2018 15:03

Live Helpdesk - Ability for agents (or admins) to remove a ticket

Even though helpdesk was designed to be used only by authenticated users, we get lot of spam requests or marketing requests in support center which we want to avoid. Currently, the only option to avoid those tickets is to change the status to resolved (without taking any action).  If there is a way for non-admins to remove such tickets from help desk, it would be useful to keep the ticketing system clean with only support questions.

Saran Ramu Saran Ramu
published 04/25/2018 10:28

Live Tabs editor does not support Portal page link

When creating a link in the Live Html editor you can choose between different types of links from a dropdown menu. One of these link types is Portal page from which you can pick a page from your DNN portal. This option is missing in Live Tabs 6.0.2 - I believe it was available in Live Tabs 5.  Thanks

mio mio
published 04/19/2018 05:16

Live Helpdesk: Ability to search tickets by ticket#, title

It would be great if you can provide a search bar on all tabs (Resolved, unassigned, assigned to me etc.,.) and ability to search tickets by text or ticket# would be super helpful since it's so cumbersome to search every ticket individually

Saran Ramu Saran Ramu
published 04/24/2018 21:36

Have ability to change default "Browse/upload" folder in Editor (LiveHtml3, LiveExchange)

I think every LiveHTML module instance (or any live modules that use the new editor) need to have the ability to choose a custom folder for "Browse Folder"  feature which is completely different from folder with Read/Write access. At every Module instance level, we should have capability to control which folder the editor will show to the user/allow upload. The usecase is below: let's say i give folder rights in File manager for the user like below root/Folder A - Browse/read/write access root/Folder B - Browse/read/write access root/Folder C - no access ...

Saran Ramu Saran Ramu
published 03/24/2018 21:53

SEO on blog module - Open Graph tags, Twitter Cards etc

I was please to see the Live Exchange module has good SEO options, including open graph tags etc. This is something I have been asking for on the blogs module for years. Please, Please, revamp the blogs module to include these features. 

Vincent Parrett Vincent Parrett
published 10/17/2017 22:23
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