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Community > Ideas

PreCompile Razor Templates to Improve Initial Page Load Performance

Currently, the razor templates are compiled at run-time when these modules are accessed for the 1st time. The compilation results in few seconds delay for initial page load. Subsequent page loads are super quick since templates are then cached and available.  This feature request is to pre-compile the templates with intial DNN compilation so there is no delay in serving these modules on 1st attempt.  Discussion:  https://www.mandeeps.com/community/discussions/slow-response-time  

Mandeep Singh Mandeep Singh
published 10/09/2018 17:02

Live Forms: Make it possible to copy actions

Dear mandeeps, Beside of saving an action in Live Forms it would be a great help to have the option to save the current action as a copy under a new name preserving the current one. In case of many variations who are quite the same this options would be a great time saver if you don't have to create it again and again from scratch. Kind regards Martin Gartmann

mgarub mgarub
published 03/18/2019 12:06
Not Accepted

Live Events - Event calendar for users and groups

It would be nice to have an event calendar module. It could be a module that can be used for multiple purposes such as a classifieds or directory that expires after so much time and can be managed by a users either as a service provided to allow users to post content. Needs to allow roles to be able to post along with categories/tags.  Maybe there is already a way to do this simply?

Cody Cody
published 01/09/2018 18:53

Live Forms: Validation of input fields by typing

Input fields should by validatet, when the user is typing the content. For example: Number fields should not accept text strings. Kind Regards Daniel

Daniel Collet Daniel Collet
published 03/14/2019 22:40

Live Campaign: Create abilty to include text version of html body content

With bulk emails it is becoming standard to send an email in html but also include a text version in the email for better deliverability. Sending it as a multi-part message in MIME format, with 'Content-Type: text/html' and then also 'Content-Type: text/plain'. More info here: https://help.campaignmonitor.com/plain-text-versions-of-html-emails

mic4458 mic4458
published 01/14/2019 17:07
Not Accepted

Recent Articles Widget to pull from multiple instances of Live Article

I have a site where we have multiple instances of Live Article running for different sections and locations on the website (i.e. News and Press Releases.) On the home page, we would like to display a Recent Articles widget that shows a combined list of the most recent 5 articles from these instances. The links would then take the user to the correct instance page for display of the article.

Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
published 03/13/2019 14:05
Under Review

Image Tags

It would be great to be able to place a tag to the image field. If this is already possible please let me know how to do it. Thanks

Neil Thibeault Neil Thibeault
published 03/10/2019 21:53
Under Review

Disable Gravatar in Live Exchange and Live Forums

I would like to disable Gravatar and only use profile pictures from DNN. How do we do that? Pls, add this as soon as possible to next release

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
published 04/09/2018 10:28
Under Review

ability to set Selected Value of dropdown with dynamic value (e.g. Profile Token)

I would like to see an "Other" choice added to the existing radio button select list, whereby I could specify a dynamic value such as a Profile Token.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 03/07/2019 00:12
Under Review

dynamic default value (e.g., Profile Tokens) for dropdowns

This feature request is to be able to reference a dynamic value such as a Profile Token when setting the default value of a dropdown. Currently, the default value for a dropdown is a literal string. Even so, the profile tokens are already being made available when entering a left bracket "" in the entry field. This feature is a key missing piece in building out a registration or profile update form.

eswanzey eswanzey
published 03/07/2019 00:06

Live Forms: Readonly fields

Textfields should be set to readonly (if the data are loading by the database with a token). Or the HTML-Field should be used in SQL-Scripts to load data into.

Daniel Collet Daniel Collet
published 03/05/2019 08:50
Not Accepted

Live Forms: Export/Import complet form incl. actions

Forms should be exported and imported complet incl. actions to or from a xml-file.

Daniel Collet Daniel Collet
published 03/05/2019 11:21
Not Accepted

Nesting Short Codes

Using the Tabs short code (vertical, left)  and nesting Image Frames (hover style) short code in each tab would be nice. I couldn't seem to find a way. Maybe someone else has but I couldn't find it in the answers.   Thanks

Neil Thibeault Neil Thibeault
published 03/04/2019 15:23
Not Accepted

Live Utilities - Import Users + Security Roles: Start & End date.

When importing users via Live Utilities there should be an option to also add a security role to the user as well as start & end date for each role. It is possible to export such security role details so it only makes sense that this could be also doable in the import.

frontex frontex
published 02/01/2019 23:46
Under Review

Integrate Bee Plugin - Email Template Builder

This is a wonderful tool that we use to create Email Templates that we use in Live Campaign. https://beefree.io/bee-plugin/ My suggestion is to integrate Live Campaign with Bee Plugin.

smb creative group smb creative group
published 02/26/2019 21:23

Copy Live Article to New Draft

Authors routinely draft and publish similar content based on their knowledge and expertise. Rather than starting from scratch each time, it would be helpful if an author could use a template or copy a previously published article/post into a new article/post draft state.  The enhancement request is as follows: enable users to copy published content into a new draft article/post. As a thought, to avoid naming duplication issues, perhaps the Title and Slug fields would lead with a 'COPY-' prefix. However, other fields would copy over into the new draft article.

Petros Petros
published 02/13/2019 17:40
Under Review

Live Form Date field accepts invalid dates

The Date (Common Field) box allows invalid dates to be entered.  I currently have it on a form with the format ddmmyyyy.  Someone has been able to submit   Live Form 5.1.6

markcy markcy
published 02/18/2019 20:44

Live Form - Wider input for label editor

I'm always having to use Notepad as a scratch-pad when creating forms because the input field for inserting field labels is so tiny,making it hard to view and check my typing for accuracy. When a label has been clicked for editing, it exposes a lot of empty space to the right of the cancel button.The suggestion is simply to make the input a lot wider so that the label text can be viewed and edited more easily. This is a screenshot of the input and the area I mean (link expires after 30 days) https://i.postimg.cc/wM0R9jsQ/form-label-editor.jpg ...

Robert Robert
published 02/12/2019 05:30

Reply by Email for Live Forums

The basic idea is the ability to reply to a thread via email as you can with a listserv. Many of our customers are moving their online, private communities from listservs to forums.  With a listserv, you can reply to a thread via email, which makes it simple to participate in a conversation. 

Don Worthley Don Worthley
published 08/28/2018 14:40
Under Review

Live Form + PDF Stamper - include radionbutton/checkbox choices/options in stamp field selection

Would like to suggest enabling radiobutton and checkbox choices available during adding stamp on PDF stamper extension. At the moment only the first option/choice/value is available. Regards

Thomas Seuao Thomas Seuao
published 02/07/2019 22:58

Reply to option in Live Forms Email alerts

Just having From: set in emails isn't always enough, I need to be able to specify a Reply-to address as well.  We are using a generic smtp account to send emails from our DNN sites, and when using just From: it appends the name of the hosting account in the From field of emails that are sent out. eg We have an auto-responder Email Alert that has the from address as library@client.co.nz.  When the email arrives it is marked as Sender: Webdevs From: library@client.org.nz Where Webdevs is the name of our ...

markcy markcy
published 09/10/2018 00:28

Live Form - Ability to auto-generate notification content when creating an email action.

Because the Notifications do not allow any specified email address to be applied as the sender (only allows the admin address or the email field, neither of which is normally appropriate). Instead, one has to use the email actions, which do allow any address to be inserted.  However the email action doesn't have the ability to generate the content template automatically as the notification does. As a result, every time I set up the form, I have to go through the notification process first, then copy the template out and then create an action using that content. ...

Robert Robert
published 01/08/2019 23:15

Live Form - Tokens to include non-input fields in notifications.

All form information should be able to be included via tokens in the email notifications, Not solely the inputs.  

Robert Robert
published 01/08/2019 23:09

Customize token

Ability to customize token name for each field Thanks

Ashish Pachori Ashish Pachori
published 02/20/2018 13:28

Add ability to customize token names

It would be nice if we can custom name tokens in Live Forms instead of the tokens defaulting to the field name/field title. For example, the field name is "First Name" a possible custom token would be "FNAME".

published 12/16/2017 00:55
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