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Date field validation

Please add an option for validating date fields in live forms. 

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
published 12/20/2019 15:59
Under Review

Make Porto Mobile Sub Menus ADA Accessible to Screen Readers on Mobile Devices

On an iPhone using VoiceOver, when navigating a website, specifically the mobile menu, it's not possible to activate a submenu. To meet ADA requirements, I would like to recommend that submenus be accessible for screen readers (VoiceOver, Android, etc.) on mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.).  This behavior works on desktop screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, etc.) but not on mobile devices. Thank you

published 07/01/2020 15:30
Under Review

Separate details page Live Storefront

  My suggestion is to think of a way to see if we have different lay outs for list  and detail. What I mean by that is if I just pick 2 of the most popular websites in The Netherlands and 2 Worldwide, the list page gets filters (in DNN a 3GridPane + 9GridPanne for instance) and the detail page has (boxed) full width (In DNN a 12GridPane).  list view  detail view  list view  detail view  list view  detail view  list ...

Tycho de Tycho de
published 06/17/2020 08:19
Not Accepted

Store Settings: Additional and 2nd Default Sorting

Store Settings > Catalog > Catalog View: Additional and 2nd Default Sorting When selecting a Default Sorting in the store settings, one can not set a second order by. It would be nice to be able to do this.   Also, the current possibilities for default sorting are:  Suggested Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Newly added  It would be nice to have A-Z in there   It also would be nice to be able to override this per category

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 06/25/2020 19:36

Community repository for translations or share code for Live Forms

Would it be an idea to make some kind of repository where the community can share code for Live Forms or translations of your modules?

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
published 10/28/2017 07:01

Live Forms - Multiple translations for single field type

Would be really nice to edit the validation label for a required field directly into the form manage panel, as simple as you can do with the watermark. In this way we could have multiple and customized translations for the same field type, as you can have, in the same form, a checkbox field for privacy (label : you need to accept our privacy policy to continue) and a checkbox field for a custom selections (label: you need to select a role).   Francesco.  

Node Soc Coop Node Soc Coop
published 06/15/2020 10:51
Not Accepted

Specify category or manufacturer

The Live Storefront widget allows you to show categories or manufacturers. It would be very helpful to be able to drill down to a specific category or manufacturer. This way you can create landing pages with information about a category or manufacturer and offer the correct products 

Tycho de Tycho de
published 03/31/2020 15:03
Not Accepted

Live forms - Hide Field with condition

It should be very nice if the Hide Filed option had the possibility to set a condition, for example if a checkbox is true or if a particular radio option is selected.

Valeria Franchi Valeria Franchi
published 06/10/2020 10:41

Edit Live Articles Publication Date and Author

Many articles are revised after publication by a different author. It would be great if you could edit the publication date and author for a Live Articles post. Right now the only solution is to create a new post with a new author.

Petros Petros
published 10/16/2017 23:16

Set default workflow for new modules

Actually, you have an option to change workflow type (1,2 or 3) for all current modules on site, but if you add a new module, this have direct publish workflow as default. You should be able to set default workflow for all modules, including new modules I add into the site.

Paul Calderon Paul Calderon
published 06/05/2020 12:38

Add Publsh Date override to Live Articles

Please consider adding the ability to override the publish date to allow users to control post sorting. I've used quite a few blogging products and can't think of any that don't have this option.  In our case, we may add a new language blog and they want to translate past articles. You can play around with a date in the title and get the posts in the right order, but the archive widget is still incorrect.  Thanks for considering this feature.  John 

John Wolf John Wolf
published 06/03/2020 13:59
Community Review

Do not Import Cloud Storage Protected Operating System Files

When using Cloud Storage -UNC and syncing the folder. Protected Operating System Files are also synced. files that start with ~$ should be excluded.

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
published 06/23/2020 13:42
Community Review

Search functionality in sent Newsletter screen

Hi Team, The newsletter sent list has grown rather long and it is becoming harder to find a newsletter you're looking for (either for looking up stats, or for duplicating). To goal is to help find specific types of newsletters based on search words, e.g., "five fast facts" or "compensation & rewards". A field that allows you to type and the list filter based on that text would work but other options might also be available. Something we have for list screen, would be great feature for business.

Marie Anne Marie Anne
published 06/23/2020 12:20

Gamification in Live Exchange and Live Forums

In Premier Support, Mandeep and I were discussing gamification in Live Exchange and Live Forums. I would really like to see that badges can also be put on a user that is a certain role like Moderator, Admin or Subscriber of some service.

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
published 11/02/2017 07:55
Community Review

Translation of all Specifications

Now I can only translate existing options of a Specification. When editing a product I can choose one of these options and they get translated (although very buggy).  It would be nice to be able to translate a link, text or HTML Specification. Now I can only translate existing options of a Specification. When editing a product I can choose one of these options and they get translated. But when adding a new Specification I can also choose to fill in a link, text or HTML. But when I want to translate this, there's no option to do so.

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 06/15/2020 18:46

Live Visualizer: Add thumbnail view for file picking when using the Assets field

Rather than just a list of file names it would be great to see thumbnails of the uploaded images when using the Assets field. This would be especially helpful when updating a content item with many images.

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
published 05/11/2020 20:25
Not Accepted

Live Visualizer - Show field data entered on previous screen

I am working on a form that has multiple pages.  The first page has a title, by the time the users get to page three they have forgotten what item they are working with.   I would like for there to be a way that I can display the title (or other data) entered on the previous pages?

Richard Binnington Richard Binnington
published 04/28/2020 13:40
Community Sponsored

Ability to allow uploads by default in editor

Currently to allow file/image uploads within the editor built into a module instance you need to go through the Custom Editor Options and enable it. You have the ability to apply the setting to all existing similar modules on a page or site but if you add a new module you have to go in and allow uploads again. I would like to see the ability to set the default upload behavior for all Mandeeps modules on a site. For example having uploads enabled with specific size and extension settings that would apply to all built in ...

published 04/30/2020 14:42
Under Review

Live Visualizer: Dynamic/Custom folders when uploading using the Assets field

When using the Assets field, all files uploaded go in to one destination folder for all content items created. This becomes very cumbersome when you are creating many content items that may each have a bunch of pictures. For example if you have 25 recipes and each has even 5 pics you now have a long list of 125 files.  It would be great if there was an option to create sub-folders per content item(submission). This way when you edit a recipe and need to add/remove/change images, you are only dealing with the images for that recipe ...

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
published 05/11/2020 20:23

Enable the translation of the navigation elements

In a multi-page form, one can set the Styling > Navigation elements, but you cannot translate these.  It would be great to be able to translate them via the portal resource management.

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 05/19/2020 19:54

Alignement of last two buttons

On the last page of a multi-page form, there's the Submit button, and the last back button; it's always a real pain in the neck to have them correctly aligned. It would be great if that would be easier.

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 05/19/2020 20:00
Under Review

Show User Images Inline in Live Forums

Live Forums works well with some good features but really needs more functionality in the ability to upload and show images and not just as attachments. Most forum software utilizes images for rich discussions. Can you add on the ability for users to upload images (to the users image folder or a default forum folder) when adding a new discussion and also when adding a comment to a new discussion? The images should upload and automatically resized and then post in the comment under the text as thumbnails which pops up a light-box when clicked. Thanks! ...

mic4458 mic4458
published 05/20/2020 18:31

All URL data fields in all modules must accept relative links

In the Live-Slider module the user is forced to provide an absolute URL in the data field associated with a given slide. This is clearly a design and/or programming defect because it screws-up the navigation of a website moved/cloned to a new location such as localhost. Obviously, hard-coded URLs should never be used to reference resources local to a DNN instance. In my case, I want to enter a relative URL like this /immobilien but doing so displays the message "Slide #1: Please enter valid link, Link should be start with "http://" or "https://" or "//"" I ...

Daniel Bigelow Daniel Bigelow
published 01/11/2019 10:44
Not Accepted

Live Store Front Summary should Include HTML Editor

Currently Live StoreFront product summary field is static text, I can not even add in a line break.  My idea is to include an html editor for the summary field as well as the description field.

Tammy Ensor Tammy Ensor
published 04/28/2020 19:54
Community Review

Add a way to export a list of customers (both guest and registered) from Live Store Front

Add a way to export a list of customers (both guest and registered) from Live Store Front? I would like to be able to send marketing materials to customers possibly with email campaigns. 

Pete Christiansen Pete Christiansen
published 04/23/2020 13:13
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