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Limit HTML Markup to HTML Editor field

In the current version of Live Forms one needs to use regex in order to prevent HTML being submitted. Would be great to limit this to the HTML Editor field.

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 02/14/2024 09:56
Under Review

Change the process for deleting temp files upload to a Live Form

Currently any files uploaded from Live Forms are put int he /temp folder and there is a process to delete them every 10 minutes I suggest that you don't delete any files until the form entry, they are associated with, is submitted. Any time period that you set is always going to be a problem as even setting it to once a day, if someone happens to start filling in the form 1 minute before the scheduled delete time then they're going to have problems. 

markcy markcy
published 01/17/2024 18:58

Twitter has become X

Now that Twitter has changed its name and icon to X, the Social Sprits image used in the Poto (and I presume other themes) should be updated to use the new logo.

MemNet Solutions MemNet Solutions
published 10/09/2023 04:57
Community Review

Related content widgets for Live Exchange

  The related content widgets could be configured to handle different module views.  For example, when on the main Live Exchange view (all questions list) the widget could be configured to show popular tags (i.e., based on max counts) or popular questions (i.e., based on most votes or views within a specified period of time).  When on the individual question view (viewing content of a single question) the widget could be configured to show a list of questions or tags related to the active question.  There are likely other configurations that would be of interest but I hope ...

Data Knowledge Hub Data Knowledge Hub
published 06/14/2023 13:09
Community Review

Voting control settings to prevent negative ratings (below zero)

Kudos to the Mandeeps team for their awesome suite of modules.  Please consider adding some admin side voting control settings to allow more flexibility in managing community requirements. Our internal community doesn't require negative voting (ratings below zero) and it would be helpful to configure settings in a way that would prevent negative voting.  For example, a configuration that would allow users to down vote an item ONLY if they have already up voted that same item (question) thereby letting them REMOVE their up vote while also preventing negative ratings on the item.

Data Knowledge Hub Data Knowledge Hub
published 06/19/2023 14:33
Under Review

Social Groups, Forums and Gaming Mechanics

Was super excited to see that the forum module supports social groups and that it integrated with gaming mechanics. Was super disappointed that gaming mechanics doesn't work when forums are in group mode.  Can this be put on the roadmap along with groups integration for exchange? Thanks 

carl carl
published 01/24/2022 23:14
Community Review

Live Exchange feature to handle tag synonyms

Hello community!  Let me start by saying DNN Essentials is packed full of goodness so kudos to the development team! We're currently implementing our taxonomy system within the Live Exchange (LE) tag manager (admin feature).  Many of our data community derived terms/tags include synonyms that get used interchangeably with the primary term. Basically, community members understand concepts and refer to concepts using multiple interchangeable terms including the full term and its acronym.  As a result, our taxonomy system includes many terms with associated synonyms. Our current approach is to add a notation in the LE tag description field referencing its synonym and offering a standalone ...

Data Knowledge Hub Data Knowledge Hub
published 06/10/2023 19:38
Community Review

Advanced Autoresponders For Live Forms

Live Forms already has an autoresponder capability. Why not add the ability to set up multiple autoresponders? Certainly, the first message to go out after form submission is some sort of thank you for your request. Following that, it would be really cool to be able to easily set up subsequent emails that reinforce the sales message. Why require a separate program (like Mail Chimp)?  Of course, I can think of a couple of "gotchas" like but that's where good programming comes into play. For example, is this someone you've already sent emails to? (avoid sending duplicate ...

Greg Greg
published 05/26/2023 20:22
Community Review

Export Subscriber List to CSV File - Live Campaign

We are receiving an increasing amount of complaints from customers who want the ability to export Subscribed/Unsubscribed email lists in the Live Campaign module. Most of these customers have thousands of people in their email campaigns so an Export function would make managing their lists much easier and greatly beneficial for anyone who uses Live Campaign.

smb creative group smb creative group
published 05/16/2023 17:58
Community Review

Bootstrap 5 template for Live Forms

Like DNN Sharp's Action Forms, I suggest having a template for Bootstrap 5 so Live Forms can be styled to more themes out of the box.  Even on websites that uses a non-Bootstrap theme, I have to go in and heavily modify the Live Forms CSS because it doesn't inherit site styles at all (like buttons or inputs).  Obviously you might have to account for loading Bootstrap CSS via the theme, vs a toggle in the Live Forms module, but I think it would be worth it. 

Aaron Lopez Aaron Lopez
published 05/15/2023 16:11
Community Review

Pass parameter from action to an action below it

Pass a parameter created from one action to an action below it. In other words, if I were to have a form where the user submits their name and info and there is an SQL form action to add them to the database which creates a new database record and that record has an identity key (int, primary key) then we could have the next action pull the id from the newly created data row. For example: you have a table 'Members' and table columns: id, firstname, lastname, email, phone --------------------------------------------- Action #1: SQL Query ...

mic4458 mic4458
published 04/06/2023 16:59
Community Review

Hide Next Button

We created a mulitpage form with a page break and would like to ask an intro question before taking the user to the form or display a message based off what the user selected but cannot hide the Next button. I am hoping, in the future or soon, there is a way to hide the Next button on a form.

Amanda Lee Amanda Lee
published 01/27/2023 14:35
Community Review

Use expressions in Live Form submission action to Live Signature

Hello,   It would be help if in Live Form submission action to Live Signature we could use an expression intead of a single field like it's implemented in the Stamp PDF action.

Arsenio Guzman Arsenio Guzman
published 03/24/2023 19:35
Community Review

Live StoreFront - Mulitple sub-categories with same name

It would be nice if we could have name sub-categories with the same name under different parent categories. For example, I need to add Hardware, as a sub-category, under each of my parent categories. Thanks!

Amanda Lee Amanda Lee
published 02/27/2023 23:02
Community Review

Live Forms - Submission Limit Option

Would be great if we have an Option to limit the submissions to a specific number and display a message in that case. People have asked for this and they were given an option to count the submission in a field and them skip to a page, but the first problem is that you have to know the ID number from that form and later create those actions and page to accomplish this.

Arsenio Guzman Arsenio Guzman
published 02/23/2023 16:58

Sorting attachments in Liveknowledgebase

Configure the sorting of attachments in articles. For example, chronologically or alphabetically. Each ascending and descending.

Norbert Schulz Norbert Schulz
published 02/08/2023 08:29

Live Forms: creating configurable lists

Hi all, It would be nice to be able to create a configurable list. After creating a set of fields the admin is able to mark these fields as a configurable list.  The end user is then able to fill in these fields and, clicking on a plus icon or something, these fields get recreated underneath the existing one. For example for an order form where the end user must be able to order multiple ( n ) amounts of products in a ( selectable ) format. Example:

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
published 01/23/2023 10:46
Under Review

Make default color switchable in style switcher so short code font colors can be accessible without going into each module and knowing how to style codes s...

Be aware that everything that is advertised within the Porto theme website pages is not easily customizable to WCAG standards without knowing CSS and having your editors going into the code and knowing what they are doing or, I think, going into the theme, copying the theme (which may bring up issues with upgrades) and changing it there. According to Mandeeps: Shortcodes are not tested for accessibility on the Note: Only the core theme and its components are accessible. The included templates and shortcodes are not tested for accessibility. Ultimately, the content ...

Katherine Prouty Katherine Prouty
published 10/04/2022 14:26
Not Accepted

Add the ability for users to edit their cookie consent options

Once a user has made a choice for their cookie settings, there is currently no way for the user to go back and edit their preferences.

Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
published 12/12/2022 13:54
Under Review


Hi Mandeep It would be great to have a Wikipedia Module for DNN Please see MediaWiki; from what I understand Wikipedia uses this. Regards

Unitek Unitek
published 12/07/2022 17:43

PDF Generator

it will be great to have option to rename the PDF file with a combination of static text + DNN tokens.  Provide a option to select where PDF can be saved in the file manager will be useful.

CareSearch CareSearch
published 12/07/2022 03:36

Allow multiple select on dropdown

Hi,  You have the option to allow extended view of dropdown with the size Tab. Good idea would be to add to it an option to allow selection of multiple list entities if you select the size tab. Also you can specify the maximum amount of list entities that can be selected (maybe use 10,4; 10 to specify the size of the dropdown and 4 as maximum number of list items). We think this would be a good feature specially for large lists. Thank you.  

published 12/02/2022 09:53
Under Review

Live Articles page preview

I can only preview the top-level of a draft article created by another author. If I click on the link to a page within the article, I’m just taken back to the main module view. It seems that only the user who initially creates the article can preview its pages. Would it be possible to allow all authors to preview draft pages?

AB@Wildlife AB@Wildlife
published 09/07/2022 16:33
Under Review

Live forums group mode

It's great that Live forums has group capability but an important feature has been omitted and that is creating a journal entry for forum activity. In other words when a new discussion is created or an update is made an entry is made in the group journal/feed. Are there any plans to add this. Thank you!

carl carl
published 07/19/2022 21:51
Under Review

Live Forms set submission moderation a group or role

We have a form where the submission needs to moderate by a group of people. Right now Live Form allow to set the submission moderation to a specific user, it will useful if we can also the the moderation to role of user and notify the user of the group of the new submission.

Arsenio Guzman Arsenio Guzman
published 07/10/2022 00:50
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