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Thanksgiving Sale

24 Hour Only Sale 2021 | 50% OFF

Live Compliance v1.1.0 Released

Fixed: Cookie bar is visible on all portals, Portal based cookie log, New Cookie always creates in Portal 0, Handle large IP address issue, UI responsive

Live Signature v1.2.6 Released

Improved: Localization issues, Show signature date and time, UI moves right while adding new document

Live Content V7.4.8 Released

Fixed: Error 401 issue

Live Helpdesk v3.0.8 Released

Improved: Mail Engine

Live Visualizer v2.0.5 Released

Fixed: Url tokens not binding in sql parameters, Sql Visualizer performance, Query filter issue, Search issue if keyword contains special character, Title and Description guid not found

Common Library v4.0.8 released

Improved: Mail Engine

Fixed: SQLServer STRING_AGG system function will not work with 2014 or below

Live Compliance v1.0.4 Released

Fixed: Sequence contains more then one element

Live Signature v1.2.3 Released

Fixed: Scheduler running continuously

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