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Gaming Mechanics v1.0.1 Released

Fixed: Issue with filter last month

Workflow Library V2.0.6 Released

Fixed: Scheduler issue

Live Helpdesk v3.0.7 Released

Improved: Attachments not attached to notifications

Live Utilities v2.2.3 Released

New: Export UserID

Live Forms v5.9.16

Fixed: Replace DNN tokens issue, Default value of field removes when update server side action, Currency field issue


Improved: Implement cache on page view, Removed Telerik reference | Fixed: Expiry date issue in Add Role, From Email issue in Email Alert, Issue with large number of rows and colmuns in Matrix field

Live HTML V3.1.3 Released

Improved: Remove Telerik reference

Live StoreFront v2.4.3 Released

New: Enhanced structured data for rich snippets, Added SKU to sales by product report | Improved: Remove Telerik reference | Fixed: Incorrect sales tax when applying a promo code after order has been placed, Cache issue required reprocessing an order twice, Discrepancy in graph and chart in sales over time report (year to date)

Live Tabs V6.1.4 Released

Improved: Remove Telerik reference

Live Tabs

Fixed: Unable to use insert Live Tabs instance into another

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