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Mandeeps News


Find out what's new at Mandeeps.com from new product releases and upgrades to current promotions.

Live forums

Fixed: Pre Compile Razor Templates

Live froms

Fixed: Unable to export submission on IE, Show filename instead of file path while uploading to a secure folder


New : Pre Compile Razor Templates


Fixed: Pre Compile Razor Templates

New: Print Report , Refresh Report

Common Libarary

Improve : Improve Licensing, Implement Razor

Stripe Extension

Release Notes - Stripe Extension

Live Forms

Fixed: Multiple show/hide action bind issue, Submission result ui issue, CheckBox and Radio button responsive issue

Live Campaign

Fixed: Date Time issue while edit in schedule campaign, Solve issue in editing recurring campaign, Test send campaign option issue

Live Helpdesk

New: Mail Channel logs each email that is intentionally discard with a disposition such as Auto Reply, Bounce, and Blocked email address. Supervisor may view, delete, even process individual mail messages. | Fixed: User is presented with a blank page when attempting to access a ticket that is not authorized

Mailing List