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Live Accordion 6

Edition : Enterprise w/Source
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Live Articles

Live Articles 3

Edition : Standard
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Live Articles

Live Articles 3

Edition : Enterprise
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Live Articles

Live Articles 3

Edition : Enterprise w/Source
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Mandeeps News


Find out what's new at Mandeeps.com from new product releases and upgrades to current promotions.

Live Forms

Fixed: Multiple show/hide action bind issue, Submission result ui issue, CheckBox and Radio button responsive issue

Live Campaign

Fixed: Date Time issue while edit in schedule campaign, Solve issue in editing recurring campaign, Test send campaign option issue

Live Helpdesk

New: Mail Channel logs each email that is intentionally discard with a disposition such as Auto Reply, Bounce, and Blocked email address. Supervisor may view, delete, even process individual mail messages. | Fixed: User is presented with a blank page when attempting to access a ticket that is not authorized

Helpdesk Extension

New: Custom Fields integration

Common Library

New: Ability to link to a page in editor, The ability to specify default options for built-in profiles such as Standard, Full,Basic and Minimal | Fixed: Show the grayed dotted outline for tables table cells when table border set to 0, The CK Editor content only saves until design mode is selected (not working with View Source)


New: Modern Web Patterns, Unified UI, and DNN Future Ready, Multi Column forms with drag and drop support to resize, move, and rearrange fields, Workflow & Moderation. Create custom statuses with ability to specify a default one. Moderators are notified to review and update statuses.

Live Utilities

Fixed: Update roles of users

Live Tooltip

Fixed: Browse and upload issue

Live Tabs

Fixed: Update tab issue in Internet Explorer, Connection field binding issue

Live Social

Fixed: Error log when profile change

Mailing List