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Live Forums 2

New: Social Group Mode automatically creates a separate discussion board (forum) for each Social Group. Simply drop the module on Social Activity page and enable Group Mode, Email channel allows user to respond to discussions by simply replying to their email notifications. Configure your mailbox and Live Forums will automatically check new replies and automatically update discussions, Alternately, tags can be displayed as homepage so a user must select a tag/category to view discussions, Add one or multiple attachments to each discussion| Fixed: Sorting discussions by tag, Search not working when viewing discussions using a tag link

ThanksGiving Sale

24 Hour Only Sale 2019 | 50% OFF


New: Product Query widget now has the option to show New Products, Compatible with Stripe Checkout Card Extension, Compatible with Stripe Checkout iDeal Extension | Fixed: Not redirecting to 3rd party checkout with Internet Explorer, Anonymouse order details are not viewable in store | Improved: Switched to POST instead of PUT or DELETE for hardened server security

Checkout Card

Stripe Checkout Card extension Released

Stripe Checkout iDEAL

Stripe Checkout iDEAL extension Released

Warning: Hold off upgrading to DNN 9.4.2

Hold off on upgrading to DNN 9.4.2 due to a breaking change that affects many of our modules.

Live Forms

Fixed: Wrong email send in case of verified registration in DNN 9.4, Dynamic Dropdown binding issue, Matrix tick image issue, Token replaced with GUID in Actions


Structured content editing and app builder for DNN Platform

Live Forms 5

New: Compatible with live visualizer, Display thumbnails in file upload control | Improved: Client side actions performance issue, Add Replace DNN tokens options in Email alert | Fixed: Save & Resume Later issue with datetime field, Checkbox/Radio button client side script issue in case of IsEmpty and Not Selected every option

Live StoreFront

New: Offer free shipping over a minimum purchase amount, Accept terms and conditions before placing an order, Support for Rand (ZAR) as default currency in setup wizard, Ability to set the default catalog sorting

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