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Porto 7

Announcing Porto 7

New: Bootstrap 5.x, Font Awesome 6.x. Important: Bootstrap 5 has changed the default container size from 1140px to 1320px

Live Compliance V1.1.1 Released

Fixed: Issue with multiple portals.

Announcing Live Helpdesk 4

New: Ability to paste an in-memory image into a ticket, Have agents also re-open a resolved ticket, Tickets can be deleted by supervisors and administrators, Ability to search tickets by ticket#, Option to disabled gravatar images

Announcing Live Campaign 5

New: Add UTM parameters to all links in your email for tracking | Improved: Campaign dashboard loading and performance with multiple campaigns, Compatibility with Office 365 | Deprecated: Bounce management detection is no longer available since email service providers are natively providing this feature with option to export bounced addresses.

Announcing Live StoreFront v3

New: Automatic emails to customers with abandoned carts, Export built-in reports to CSV, Copy product to a new product, Ability to set default catalog view to Grid or List

QR Code  Generator.jpg

QR Code Generator Extension Released

Live Forms v6.3.2 Released

Fixed: Token not replacing while localizing field, Unable to upload files on IOS devices, Unable to export reference fields, Duplicate columns in submission list, Multiple Electronic Signature fields not working, Server side actions not working with Save & Resume option

Live StoreFront v2.5.7 Released

Fixed: Add same category multiple times while import, Order Loading very slow if number of order item product is greater than 20, Checkout widget multiple redirect when Force Guest Checkout is set to (Yes), Import Export marketing products, Same category imported multiple times

Live Visualizer v2.1.3 Released

Fixed: Unable to configure visualizer through SQL and Live Forms

Live Visualizer v2.1.2 Released

Fixed: SEO issue in a relationship, User's cache is set by default, Reference Fields Title and Description show in Content Library

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