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Live StoreFront v3.0.2 Released

Fixed: Showing multiple form with Square extension, Zip code validation with zip 4 code, Related products deletes after cancel order and improved by adding noindex meta tag in case of "Not Visible Individually" product

Live Slider v8.1.6 Released

Fixed: Critical security update (XSS Vulnerability) and updated GSAP plugin

Live Forms v7.0.3 Released

New: Show/Hide Page Break field, Fixed: Unable to add Redirect action and update any action when using conditions

Live Forms v7.0.2 Released

Fixed: Critical security update (possible unauthorized data exposure)

Live Forms v7.0.1 Released

Improved: Show/Hide field spacing issue in multi columns

Braintree Extension v1.2.1 Released

Improved: Updated Braintree SDK

Announcing Live Forms 7

New: Form submission action to change workflow status based on conditions, option to upload & organize files by submission id in file upload field, overwrite files in file upload field, set default country in address field, exclude country in address field, pastebase64 plugin in html editor field to copy & paste images, copy existing action, hide metadata (ip address, submission id, submission guid) from submissions and visual confirmation before turning off submissions

Live Forms v6.3.7 Released

Improved: Error message when adding incorrect card number in stripe extension

Square Extension

New: Square API Compatible with Version 25.01.00

Live Helpdesk 5

New: OAuth support for Email Channel with Microsoft Office 365 provider

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