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Live Content V7.4.7 Released

Fixed Unable to add element if tags not added, Automatic video thumbnail issue, Unable to use lightbox

URL Library v1.4.2 Released

Fixed: Error with Structure detail page paging issue

Live Forms v6.1.3 Released

New: IsTagIn & IsTagNotIn conditions, IsInLast, IsInNext, IsToday conditions, Filtering by multiple groups of conditions | Authorize .NET hosted payment issue, Save and resume issue with large form, Datetime conditions

Live Content V7.4.2 Released

Fixed: Widget filtering issue

Live Visualizer v1.3.4 Released

Fixed: Visualizer filter condition not binding

Live Accordion V6.1.6 Released

Fixed: Live Forms throws error when embedded

Live Blog v4.3.2 Released

Fixed: Throwing permission error, Paging issue if filter by Category

Live Slider v8.1.4 Released

Fixed: Unable to save date and time with specific timezones

Tahoe v2.1.2 Released

Fixed: Overlay, Inline, Pushdown and Slide menu issues, Unable to update Social Icons using Style Switcher, Disable Sticky header throwing error in console, Logo overlap with header, Breadcrumb issue, Cookie & Cache issue, Isotope issue, Header fluctuation with sticky header disabled

Live Slider v8.0.7 Released

New: Ability to specify date and time range to visible the slide

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