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Live Knowledgebase - Workflow Approval & Version Management

Does Live Knowledgebase support Workflow Approval  & Version Management? If not, are their plans to add that functionality?

Rutledge Scarborough Rutledge Scarborough
asked 11/18/2019 21:41

live exchange - change title?

Hopefully this is an easy question, using Live exchange, how do I customize the title of "What will you suggest today?" to something else?  Didn't see it in the options, didn't know if I need to modify the template for this.  thanks!  

eric barsamian eric barsamian
asked 10/18/2019 18:15

Live Blog & Live Articles Throwing General Exception

Both Live Blog and Live Articles is reporting a general exception in the server logs. It may be causing my DNN application pool to not start. Not quite sure. Here's the logs: AbsoluteURL :/DesktopModules/LiveArticles/API/Syndication/GetRssFeeds DefaultDataProvider :DotNetNuke.Data.SqlDataProvider, DotNetNuke ExceptionGUID :7cbfe73a-97eb-47ba-9433-6af60d8576df AssemblyVersion: PortalId: -1 UserId: -1 TabId: -1 RawUrl: Referrer: UserAgent: ExceptionHash: NZfzm0Cxbab/7p+nmIZA/StnnG4= Message: A task was canceled. StackTrace: at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at System.Web.Http.Tracing.ITraceWriterExtensions.d__18`1.MoveNext() --- ...

Will Will
asked 11/03/2019 21:37

Extensions Live storefront

Hi there In the basic version of Live storefront are basic extensions included. What extensions are 'basic'?

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 10/28/2019 08:36

Visualizer not loading

Hi there I'm trying to implement the Live visualizer on a demo site.  I can create a structure, I can add content but I can not create a visualizer.  The progress bar goes slowly to full but than there is a blank screen. Using Live forms 5.8.3 and Live visualizer 1.1.5 Any idea what I am doing wrong? 

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 10/30/2019 10:01

Change Color of Submit Button (Live Forms)

In Live Forms, I cannot find the option to change the color of the submit button. The color highlighting for the required fields correctly shows our primary color (red), but the submit button is displayed in blue. How can I change that? Thanks!

infsoft GmbH infsoft GmbH
asked 10/25/2019 10:01

Porto Theme. Inner keeps defaulting to Home version of theme.

Porto Theme. Inner keeps defaulting to Home version of theme. I go to the page I wish to have the black (breadcrumb) section on my page. I change the theme to inner, black section does not show. I have even gone into page settings and saved the setting there. Worked for the rest of the site... but this page will not load inner theme. ??     inner theme showing in settings but modification from Home theme is not showing on page, 

Kim Kim
asked 10/23/2019 20:00

Live Utilities Breaks After Skin and Module Upgrades

I upgraded this weekend to Porto Skin v. 5.2.5 and Common Library 3.3.9 and it broke my Live Utilities module. When I attempt to impersonate a user it's stall the entire site into an endless loop or unresponsive. I'm running DNN v. 9.2.1. Here's the message logged in the Event Viewer log: AssemblyVersion :9.2.1 PortalID :0 PortalName :IT UserID :-1 UserName : ActiveTabID :1460 ActiveTabName :Free Tools and Training Catalog RawURL :/Free-Tools-and-Training-Catalog AbsoluteURL :/Default.aspx AbsoluteURLReferrer : ...

Will Will
asked 10/17/2019 19:53

Remove white space below breadcrumb bar

I am attempting to remove the white space between the breadcrumb bar and the first content module of the page. How would I do this using CSS?

infsoft GmbH infsoft GmbH
asked 10/22/2019 09:51

Tahoe skin doesn't seem to save

I am probably missing something silly, but when I enter my Google API key and then hit the save button on the Style switcher; no value is saved.  How should I be doing it?

Richard Binnington Richard Binnington
asked 10/17/2019 03:05

Limit one submission per IP address

Hello, We need to limit submissions, to just one from any ip address. I know there's a setting "Limit one submission per user or device" but it seems that it's limiting by cookies as I can send multiples submissions as long as I use different browsers or private mode. Is there any way of setting a form to accept just one submission from any IP address? If not, would it be possible to get IP address from each user filling my form, and check it against the submissions table, where we should have saved IP addresses ...

Francisco Perez Andres Francisco Perez Andres
asked 10/08/2019 11:47

Live Forms Capture Refering page?

Is there a way to capture the referring page in Live Forms? I want to build a 'corrections' page for BLOG readers using Live Form. In other words, is there a method to record what blog page they clicked a 'correction' button on, that can be submitted with the live form comment they submit? That way the blog title (the url) can be recorded.

Intelligent Netware Intelligent Netware
asked 10/04/2019 04:12

Live Exchange new theme

using live exchange, I created a new theme (copied from the idea theme) and want to remove the voting options and who submitted the idea to make it anonymous.  I can't seem to edit the CSHTML files visually, can only see the code.  What do I need to do to remove these sections?  thanks!  

eric barsamian eric barsamian
asked 10/03/2019 19:41

Cascading Dropdowns does not populate child On Edit

Dynamic dropdowns works when you initially create the form, but on edit the value of the child drop down does not repopulate. For example, Selecting a Make of a car which is used to populate the model. On edit from a visualizer the Make is re-populated but the model is reset to the first value. I expect it to be what ever value was initially saved.

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
asked 09/18/2019 18:32

Visualizer as token

Is there a way to add a visualizer to an html element via token? I am looking to add an html element to a live form that will show the master table view of a visualizer

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
asked 09/20/2019 18:29

Update Status of submission

What is the recommended way to change the status of a submission without the end user having to go behind the scenes of a visualizer to get to the content structure?

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
asked 09/17/2019 18:51

Live Helpdesk renders empty

After installing the Live Helpdesk trial and setting it up, the page renders empty the module content seems to have disappeared. I cleared the DNN cache, but that does not help. It seems like a JSON loading error, I see this in the browser console: Error: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 3044 of the JSON data linker/<@https://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/Plugins/mnCommonService/mnCommonService.min.js?cdv=198:222:35 k/g.success/<@https://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:81:132 f/<@https://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:112:343 [email protected]://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:126:193 [email protected]://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:123:286 [email protected]://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:126:471 [email protected]://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:81:422 [email protected]://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:86:51 wf/</w. @https://www.mysite.xx/DesktopModules/Mandeeps/Libraries/Common/Frameworks/AngularJS/1.3.9/angular.min.js?cdv=198:87:78 Any hints how I can fix this?

Timo Breumelhof Timo Breumelhof
asked 09/16/2019 10:06

Update a field by executing a SQL Query - Not Working

Hi, I have added an action to update a field (Checkbox) by executing a SQL Query and while viewing the form it properly updates the values of the Checkbox options. However, when the form is submitted the values are not actually saved. When viewing submissions that field is always blank and when the email notification comes it is also blank. Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there a fix? Thanks!

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
asked 09/11/2019 04:07

Track Abandonment Rate in Live Forms

We have a multi-page form on our website built on Live Forms. We would like to track form abandonment. Does anyone have a solution or thoughts for how we can track the abandonment rate by form page? Any ideas would be appreciated. Best, Petros

Petros Petros
asked 09/09/2019 17:21

Live Articles: Insert Code to Header

With Live Articles, is it possible to insert code into the “head” section for each article individually?

infsoft GmbH infsoft GmbH
asked 09/04/2019 08:02

Modify Proto 5.2.5. Inner theme breadcrumb?

Is there a way to modify (customize) the breadcrumb component in the 'Inner Theme'? Other than ability to show/hide as seen in the style editor.  If I use the Inner Theme on for example the contact page: the display is "Contact" / "Contact" in the black rows.  How would I modify the theme to have it just list Contact once in that section? Or even change the top text to the company name?  ie. Company name/Contact

Kim Kim
asked 09/05/2019 00:31


Is there a Header Builder -- or is that word press? Don't remember how to get back to modify items in the Header . Just updated to  Porto 5.2.5  Kinda hope you have the HB mentioned above, looks like a useful tool. Many thanks to all who support us Contract Designers when we have a question. 

Kim Kim
asked 09/04/2019 18:55

Empty product list

I have a store front module with some categories and products in it. When I go to managment>catalog>products to manage the products, I can't see anything. That is the list is empty. Searching and filtering doesn't return any result. assigning products to categories and removing them from categories didn't help. I Have investigated LSF.Products table in SQL db, The products are available over there and everything seems normal. Would somebody help me please?

kayra Hatirli kayra Hatirli
asked 08/23/2019 09:29

Porto v3.1.1 and Google Maps API URL

I am using Porto v3.1.1. I am also heavily using Google Maps and Google Fusion tables on the site. Google is now forcing version 3.37 of the script to use Google Fusion Tables in a Google Map. The API URL should include the version. v=3.37 &key=MY-API-KEY Without the version in the URL, the fusion tables will not render. Where can I change the URL for the google maps to include the version?

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith
asked 08/22/2019 13:38

livehtml link editor is missing local-page option

I just upgraded the livehtml module and the link editor is missing the option to choose a page on the site. Is that a configuration setting or is it gone in this version?

Robert McConnel Robert McConnel
asked 04/26/2018 17:08
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