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Live Forms Trial

I have installed extension and library.  Add module to a page.  All I get is very narrow gray bar. No buttons for trial or license key. Looking at browser console I see following error: Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: ul.tabs a[href^=#/licensing]     at Function.Sizzle.error (jquery.js?cdv=290:4421)     at tokenize (jquery.js?cdv=290:5076)     at select (jquery.js?cdv=290:5460)     at Function.Sizzle [as find] (jquery.js?cdv=290:3998)     at init.find (jquery.js?cdv=290:5576)     at new init (jquery.js?cdv=290:196)     at jQuery (jquery.js?cdv=290:62)     at HTMLDocument. (kickstart.js:102)     at fire (jquery.js?cdv=290:1037)     at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] ...

Gerald Boyer Gerald Boyer
asked 05/11/2021 15:33

Class 'error' and 'valid' in input fields

Is it possible to have the class 'valid' added as soon as the field is filled in properly? Currently this is ónly happening after having tried to submit the form, then a class 'error' is added and then, when filled in properly, the class 'valid' is finally added. I would like the user to know sooner that the fields are filled in properly...

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 05/05/2021 15:24

Error handling required checkboxes/radiobuttons

Why are the error messages of required checkboxes and/or radiobuttons not shown?

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 05/05/2021 11:38

Live Tabs DNN Site crawler

It appears that a specific error concerning LiveTabs and Mandeeps.DNN.Libraries.Common whenever the DNN Site crawler runs at my clients DNN website.  The Live Tabs version in question is 6.0.6, Mandeeps Common Library version is 3.3.4 and the DNN version is 9.8. No error has been reported by any user so far but I have a concern that this error might signify that some instances of Live Tabs content fails when running GetModifiedSearchDocuments and thus won't be figuring in the Lucene database. Could the error be caused by a recent DNN upgrade from 9.3 (or former) to 9.8, a configuration ...

mio mio
asked 04/28/2021 15:39

Remove whitespaces in input fields in live forms?

Is there a way to remove whitespases in fields, for example in email fileds in order to not have error validation? I try to remove whitespaces after the field is filled using action "Bind or update a single form field via JavaScript", but with no success. Can this be a good solution? How can I do? In the knoledgebase I have not found an explanation on how to use "Bind or update a single form field via JavaScript" action.  

Valeria Franchi Valeria Franchi
asked 05/04/2021 09:47

Is there a way to remove the icon group from Live Content

Is there a way to remove the icon group from Live Content  

Kim Kim
asked 04/20/2021 20:04

Using entry limit - word count

In Live Visualizer or live from, is there a way to display the current word count like with a token in the sub label field.  I have a form that we currently have a 150 word count limit set, but the user has no way to know they have exceeded the count until they try to press submit and get the warning they have exceeded the limit. From there you can start to delete words and when you get under the limit it does remove the warning in real time, so it seems like the functionality is ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 04/23/2021 16:22

Live forms: Have error submitting form with Action HTTP POST

I have created a form with Live form. After submitting the form I have to create an xml file and send it via email. To do this I have created in the same site a DNN custom module which in the Page_Load event creates the xml file and send the email. I add it into a page named "CreateXML". Then, in the form created with Live form I add HttpPost action on form submission. The httpPost action is configured in this way: - in then field URL I write the "CreateXML" page url ( - in the field ...

Valeria Franchi Valeria Franchi
asked 04/30/2021 10:57

What is the Query/SQL to get data from a Live Visualizer generated data structure?

What is the Query/SQL to get data from a Live Visualizer generated data structure?  I think I see the variable length structure derived and maintained from _Submission, _SubmissionInf, _LiveForms? Will you please provide the details?

erith erith
asked 04/19/2021 19:38

Live Forms Trial version not recognized as extension by DNN 9.9?

Hi, Is Live Forms Trial version not recognized as extension by DNN 9.9? No Manifest, etc...

Stef Liesmons Stef Liesmons
asked 04/17/2021 16:40

Live forms file upload: delete after sending email

Hi I'm using live forms for users to request a certificate. The users must provide 2 files with personal data. I can send them by email but after that I must delete the files, so that they are not acessible by URL. How can this be done? Regarding directory type, in here  it is said that the default directory of the form can be Cloud Storage type, indeed it can be and the files are stored there, but then they are not sent as email attachements. How can I sent them by email with ...

J Ponte J Ponte
asked 04/15/2021 23:21

Use Live Forms like shopping basket

I'm looking for a quick way to use LiveForms as a shopping basket. In the first page I'd like to configure my products and then click ADD and then resume on the site. When I'm done I'd like to finish the rest of the pages of the form... is this possible?

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 04/15/2021 17:57

Set the from and reply to email to token from user

I want to set the from & reply to emails on a contact form to the email provided by the user, so we can reply directly to the contact requests we get. Has anybody been able to achieve this before?

Mark Lippert Mark Lippert
asked 04/09/2021 13:34

Show/Hide Field based on IP or user security role

If we have a live form that is public on a website is there a way to show or hide a field based on the users IP (like if they were on the internal network employees of this company would be able to see additional fields more than a general site visitor) or based on the security role if they are logged into the site? This form we are using is used for both public and internal submissions, and we would like all the data to be kept together rather than having 2 separate instances of this ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 03/26/2021 15:26

PDF Stamper fliped letters

Hi. The modulo is working great stamping the letters in the forms but they are flipped. I am using the gimp tool. Could you please tell me what step we are doing wrong?   Thank you.

Pedro Mosqueda Pedro Mosqueda
asked 02/01/2021 13:16

Can the Live Forms HTTP Post send to a web service using SOAP?

Can we use SOAP to communicate with a web service upon submit?  The scenario is that someone registers, and the registration gets logged in another system for action.

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 11/30/2017 20:34

LiveForm Action not working

Hello  Just installed the LiveForms module and when trying to create an action, I get blank popup with spinning wheel. Getting nowhere Please assist Thank you Norbert Moha

Norbert Moha Norbert Moha
asked 03/11/2021 23:04

Live Forms

Cannot view records using date ranges and cannot scroll page once records are displayed. Also, I cannot download any forms data. This is happening with our oldest instance of Live Forms on the site (Contact Us) which has the majority of contact data. The newer forms (instances) created a few months ago work properly.  I use the latest Chrome browser. Also tested with latest version of Firefox browser and it doesn't work properly in it too.

Will Will
asked 03/15/2021 02:58

Render Options for Live Content Categories Widget

I'm looking through the templates for LiveContent, specifically \DesktopModules\LiveContent\Themes\General\Template\Widgets\Categories\header.htm There's a token [Option:Render_List] and it looks like that's responsible for creating an unordered list for the category display.  Are there any other Display options? I don't see any listed in the documentation? I have some parent and child categories and I was hoping to find a way to create an accordion our of the category list but not sure how.

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
asked 03/09/2021 19:38

Customized Menu (Themes) Backend.

I have created a new theme and would change the home page by adding new modules and updated the contents on the module. But there are being overridden every time I upgrade or install the new version. Can someone help me in fixing this.  Thanks

Pakeeru Shaik Pakeeru Shaik
asked 02/24/2021 03:06

Live Knowledgebase Deletions

Should we be able to delete Live Knowledgebase documents, folders, and categories? I see the red "x' button, but it does not seem to do anything. Thank you. John

John Wolf John Wolf
asked 03/07/2021 03:21

Invalid label for field

A correct way to refer to a field via the label is via the for attribute:  <label for=" dnn_ctr986_View_Textbox_986_1 ">Fill in your name <input type="text" id=" dnn_ctr986_View_Textbox_986_1 "> The way that Live Forms generates this, is (which is not WCAG 2 valid):  <label for=" __Page_Textbox_986_1 ">Fill in your name <input type="text" id=" dnn_ctr986_View_Textbox_986_1 "> Is there any chance that you will correct this soon and refer to the input with the input id that is used? Or has anyone ever written some jQuery to replace the for attribue value? Thank you!

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 03/04/2021 16:52

Schedule Content Posting in Live Content

Is there any way to schedule a post in Live Content? I have some videos and I'm wondering if it's possible to publish them at a certain date and time?

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
asked 02/28/2021 18:26

Use Live Visualizer Module Id in Razor Template

Is there a way to access the Live Visualizer Module Id inside a razor template? I want to generate an HTML Div id that's unique based on the module id. So if my module id is 123, I could have an element that looks like the one below  

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
asked 02/26/2021 12:11

Upgrade from porto 1 to porto 5

Hi,  we would like to upgrade porto from V1.3.1 to 5. Is this possible or how could we get packages for using the suggested upgrade path? Thanks in advance.

Steffen Wolf Steffen Wolf
asked 02/23/2021 13:28
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