Does Porto3 have an issue with links to anchor on a different page?

It appears that a link to an anchor on a different page fails to see the anchor. after changing the "target" page to Xcillion Home from Porto3 Home the link to anchor worked.

Robert McConnel Robert McConnel
asked 10/12/2017 6:59:15 PM

When will Live Exchange be available for sale?

This module seems to be really nice.  When will it be available for us to purchase?  Also, will it have any import capabilities for clients moving from the Q&A and Evoq Social modules?

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 10/12/2017 4:16:39 PM

What is live exchange and social group question

I see references to live exchange. What is it and will your community modules work as part of a social group?

carl carl
asked 10/12/2017 10:00:33 PM

User switch functionality in Live utilities that is compatible with DNN 9.1.1

When does the User Switch compatibility issue with 9.1.1 on Live utilities be resolved? and whether this feature would be accessible by Non-admins on a 9.1.1 site?

Saran Ramu Saran Ramu
asked 10/12/2017 9:21:45 PM

Migrating YAF, Active Forums, DNN Forums to Live Forums

Many of us use already a forum module like YAF/Active Forums/DNN Forums to Live Forums. Without a proper migration offered by you it is difficult for me to make the switch. Do you have migration tools? If not, when are those available?

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
asked 10/12/2017 3:59:56 PM

Live Forms Integration with DNN 9 Membership

Hello All, I was curious if anyone has integrated the Live Forms with the built-in DotNetNuke 9.x membership tools. Specifically, if someone creates an account in dnn using membership tools, is there a way to relate any of the data they enter using the Live Forms, after they have registered/logged in, to the given membership account? Is it as simple as adding a token to store a membership id to the set of data stored from the Live Forms? if so, is it simple to also pull that information from the Live Forms tables using that relationship for editing? Thanks ...

asked 10/13/2017 6:27:26 PM

RELATED SOLUTIONS - A way to customize

Any plans to make RELATED SOLUTIONS customizable in Live Knowledgebase? 

asked 10/12/2017 8:30:18 PM

Role or Permission based discussions and answers

Wondering how this would work.. What if i want a focused discussion on a particular discipline. (eg: Mechanobiology or Nanoscience etc.,.) i have two DNN roles called "Mechanobiology" and "Nanoscience" - People who are part of Mechanobiology will only get to discuss about that discipline and same with Nanoscience. Some people may be part of Both the roles and they need to gain access to both the discussion areas. How would i acieve this? Do i have to create separate instances of Discussions / Answers and assign  respective roles to those Or does this module have ...

Saran Ramu Saran Ramu
asked 10/12/2017 8:43:07 PM

Discussions that are actually questions

For use case how should we guide our communities to distinguish between things that are discussions and things that are questions? Most discussions have a question component. Many questions have a discussion aspect.  Will there be the ability to move a discussion to a question and reverse?

asked 10/12/2017 3:36:35 PM
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