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Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the roadmap of any of the Mandeeps Products?

I'm just wondering if AI is being considered for any of the upcoming module enhancements.   

erith erith
asked 02/12/2024 16:54

Does the Live Toekns work with 3rd party modules

I am wondering if the Live Token's work with Action Form or List and Forms? If yes how to use the Photo Token to Add or edit Profile Picture? Help on this issue will be much appreciated before I can decide. I have a trial edition installed trying to use  {Core:Profile.Photo} with Single Upload Field but it is causing error. Thank you

TareqMahmud TareqMahmud
asked 02/13/2024 02:32

Prevent html code being submitted

How can I prevent HTML code to be submitted in my forms? Do I need to add validation to each field or is there a quicker way??

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 01/31/2024 13:47

Live Forms - Blank management mage

I have Live Forms on multiple pages of a web site. First few days after designing for everything was OK, But in past two weeks when ever I click manage button to see submissions or redesign the form, it just shows me a blank page. I mean the menu, header and footers of web site are visible like a normal page but no contents. The submitted data are very important data of the customers of web site owner . Can somebody help please?

kayra Hatirli kayra Hatirli
asked 08/05/2019 07:32

Live Slider - Shuffle Mode

Is there a trick to enabling shuffle mode for live slider? I have Loops set to '0', but the module will only show the slides in order.

AB@Wildlife AB@Wildlife
asked 11/17/2023 22:03

Field validation with API request

Hello, Is it possible to validate a form field through a call to a web service or API?  For example, in a multi-page form is it possible to validate the fields entered using this method when the user change page? If live forms does not allow it, is it possible to develop an extension that does this? Can you give some examples or guidance?  Thanks

J Ponte J Ponte
asked 12/06/2023 21:35

Technical Guidance Needed

As I am starting to conceptualize a dynamic website using DNN and Evoq , I'm seeking technical insights for an optimized approach. Specifically, could you share recommendations for integrating custom modules into DNN/Evoq , achieving responsive design, addressing security considerations, and optimizing performance during the conceptualization phase?  Your expertise will be invaluable as I lay the foundation for this project. Thank you for your guidance.

Zoe Zoe
asked 12/07/2023 12:25

Video Processing Continuously

We're using the Live Content Module to display a library of videos. Recently, every video we try to create a link to just shows it's in a state of "Processing" continuously and never becomes available for our users to view.

Jerry Smith Jerry Smith
asked 11/15/2023 21:44

Twitter has become X - Porto Social Sprits image

Now that Twitter has changed it now and icon to X, do you intend updating the Social Sprits image used in the Poto theme to us the new logo? thanks

MemNet Solutions MemNet Solutions
asked 10/09/2023 02:55

Migration from "My Tokens" to "Live Tokens"

We are considering moving on from "My Tokens" to "Live Tokens". Before buying Live Tokens, what is the suggested migration path going from "My Tokens" to "Live Tokens" ? Will we need rewriting the Tokens ?

Svein Brekke Svein Brekke
asked 08/23/2023 11:55

Live Forms Formula format in email

Hi  It's been quite a few years since I've worked with life forms.  I've forgotten the basic formula format  As an example a string function in this format =Left([Field Name],6) does not work.  What is the correct format ? tia Tony PS, if there is any docs on this a link would be great.   

cgocsupport cgocsupport
asked 09/21/2023 19:10

Live Slider Video autoplay

Getting this live slider video to autoplay. If you click the logo, it does play, but otherwise, it just shows a black box. Here are my settings, which look right. Any other idea what's wrong?

Jen Sharp Jen Sharp
asked 09/19/2023 20:21

Live Forms Paypal Express Extension - Payment status message or notification

Hi, What happens within Live Forms after a user is redirected to make a PayPal payment?  In the submission logs I can see the response "user cancelled" when someone clicks cancel and return to website. I can also see the transaction information for a payment that is made and verified.  But the action taken for the end user is just to return to the page with the form. There is no indication for the end user about their cancelled, incomplete, or successful payment. I know I can make a message appear in Live Forms after submission, ...

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
asked 09/16/2023 05:42

Update a field using javascript

Hello I need some help. I have a liveform for registration  that collects birthdate. I would like to use a javascript function to convert the birthdate to age that updates a custom profile field called age.  Here is what I did 1. created a hidden field called Age that  corresponds to a custom profile field called  2. Under Actions using On Form View I selected Bind or update a single form field via javascript 3. For field name I selected the Age field 4. Not sure where the token value is used but ...

carl carl
asked 08/21/2023 23:15

Live Forms Deleted - How to recover?

I built a live forms module into a page that got deleted when applying a theme to the page. Is the a way to recover? 

Radu Greavu Radu Greavu
asked 08/17/2023 02:51

Bind multiple form fields via SQL Query

How do I bind the token prefix to the textbox for Bind multiple form fields via SQL Query?

Juan Arzube Juan Arzube
asked 07/10/2023 22:44

Live Visualizer - Extract file path only from File Upload type

I have a visualizer with a structure that has a file upload field. When the visualizer auto generates a table view the file upload field is presented as @Html.Raw(row["Structure_FileUploadFieldName"]) and when it renders there is a link to the file using the filename. What I want is to not have the filename, but a field value from another field in the structure. In the database I noticed that the File Upload data is stored as a path with some square brackets surrounding it, but when it renders using HTML.Raw() I get the following: <a href=" " target="_blank" ...

asked 06/30/2023 17:17

Voting control settings to prevent negative ratings

Hello community! Is there a way to allow users to down vote ONLY if they have already up voted an item (question) thereby letting them REMOVE their up vote while also preventing negative ratings?

Data Knowledge Hub Data Knowledge Hub
asked 06/18/2023 18:11

Can we limit the total number tags a user can add to a Live Exchange question (Answers theme)?

We've set up Live Exchange to allow users to pick from the list of tags entered via the Live Exchange administration section (Questions--->Tags) and blocked the ability for users to create their own tags. Our goal is to limit the total number of tags users can apply to their questions to 3-6 tags. Is it possible to limit the total number of tags that can be applied to a question?

Data Knowledge Hub Data Knowledge Hub
asked 06/20/2023 19:47

Stripe for Live Forms

Are you planning to integrate Stripe with Live Forms?

Franc Simari Franc Simari
asked 06/14/2023 20:10

Related content widgets for Live Exchange?

Hello community!  Pertaining to the Essentials Ultimate Enterprise Collection- are there any widgets available for Live Exchange? We'd love to show related tags or questions (or other content) while using the Live Exchange Answers theme. Some examples might include widgets for Live Content, Live Articles, and Live Blog. Tks!      

Data Knowledge Hub Data Knowledge Hub
asked 06/10/2023 18:25

send speed

how many emails per minute can Campaign send when using SendGrid and Amazon SES?  Nominal email size 500 characters or less.  Thanks 

Franc Simari Franc Simari
asked 06/06/2023 12:50

Overview submissions

In the submission overview a repeating header and data columns are visible, it shows every lable twice. Why is that and is there something I can do about that? It always causes such a wide page.

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 05/17/2023 14:02

Tahoe -Continued development

I'm contemplating updating my Essentials Enterprise license. Porto has been updated regularly with some nice updates in recent versions. Some (many?) of these have not yet made it to Tahoe. Can we expect to see Tahoe continue to be *aggressively* developed? Thanks!

Mike O Mike O
asked 11/19/2018 20:19

Exporting Live Form - Matrix Field

Hi,  When trying to export the Life Form into an excel spreadsheet the matrix field exports over as HTML code.  Is there a way to pull this information without it being exported as HTML code, but instead the information that was inserted? Thanks,    Jasmine Walker

asked 02/24/2020 14:40
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