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Live Form - Incomplete module

When using the Options > Actions and selecting the Show/Hide a form field there is a problem. When selecting Show a HTML field and the If statement is selecting a Currency field the field options such as the "Is Not Equal To" does not show an input field. The dropdown list should also include the > or < or the = options when it's a currency or number field.

Neil Thibeault Neil Thibeault
asked 03/17/2019 03:33

Upgrade from porto 3 to porto 5

Hi, We are trying to make an upgrade from porto 3 to porto 5 on our website. We arrive on the upgrade page with this message :  "Thank you for upgrading to Porto 5 Porto will automatically upgrade your existing site ... " But when we click on the Upgrade button the same page is simply reloaded without any error or validation message and we have no access to any other admin page since we are automatically redirected to this porto upgrade page. Did anybody have the same problem? What can we do to finalize ...

Dominique Delforge Dominique Delforge
asked 03/25/2019 10:58

Capture "To" Email dynamically using Live Forms

Wondering if it's possible to capture an email that the form will get sent to dynamically. We have a custom module built and currently it shows a distributors email address, but we want to update this to have the user click a contact button that takes them to a Live Form. We would want the distributor email to get passed into the form action. Is this possible?

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 02/26/2019 18:33

module disappear after migration of server

After a server migration, all modules disappear Failed to load licensing components! Please RE-INSTALL / REPAIR SKIN! DO NOT UNINSTALL SKIN which will cause unrecoverable data loss!  

yogalink yogalink
asked 03/12/2019 14:52

Live Utilities

Will Live Utilities be compatible with DNN 9x soon? 

Will Will
asked 03/08/2019 21:37

Live Store

Will your upcoming Live Store module support a simple catalog function? That is, can it be configured to suppress cart checkout functions or fields allowing a company to build an online catalog of products and services. I would like the ability to suppress the price field, check-out buttons related to e-commerce on a specific product or service. Several other competing DNN e-commerce modules support this capability.

Will Will
asked 03/08/2019 21:28

Header style 7

Style 7 doesn't seem to work on mobile devices and the option to add a header background color is not available probably because of the gradient style getting applied. Is this by design in that the gradient header is not working properly or is there a tweak to the CSS that can be added?

Neil Thibeault Neil Thibeault
asked 03/01/2019 18:44

How to create and add templates to the Live Campaign Module

Mandeeps support, The Live Campaign editor has a button that leads to three email templates.   Can users create their own email templates and add them to this list? Kraig 

Kraig Pakulski Kraig Pakulski
asked 03/07/2019 04:50

Setting selected item in certain types of dropdowns

I'm using LiveForms to  build out a profile update form that contains dropdown controls that I'm trying to set the "selected item" to match the user's profile value. The profile form contains a standard Country dropdown selector. Can it be set to default to someone's Profile:Country? Another control on the form is a dropdown selector built from an SQL query. Can it be set to default to someone's Profile:storedValue? Getting the value isn't the problem - setting the selected item is. I have hidden fields on the form that captures both values, and a jquery script that refers to ...

eswanzey eswanzey
asked 03/06/2019 17:55

Registration & Profile Update form combined

Everything about doing a combination registration / profile update form works well so far - the form is tailored for each use case. On form submit, there is one action defined to register the user, and another action defined to update their profile. Can someone suggest how I can trigger the appropriate action to fire, based on whether the submitter is logged in (or not)? anon = register and logged in = update profile. Thanks, I'm just not seeing it.

eswanzey eswanzey
asked 03/04/2019 21:50

Search Bar Removal

Could someone walk me through removing the site search bar from the upper right hand corner of the Porto theme?

Andrew Vannest Andrew Vannest
asked 03/01/2019 12:46

Live-Slider playing local video file

Can anyone let me know what the content source syntax is for the video (the one with the social icons) in the Tahoe (Corporate) LiveSlider module. I purchased the Porto 5 theme because it suits me better but I also have a video I'd like to use and like how this done, which is not like playing a video from vimeo. Thanks, Neil

Neil Thibeault Neil Thibeault
asked 02/26/2019 15:44

Live Forms: Hide a token in PDF generation extension if it was hidden in the form

Dear community, my scenario is that in my form i hide/show form fields based on a selection. For the form this is working. Lets say you have to choose one of three offered boot types and then select the size for the type of your choice. In the PDF Generator extension i have to include the tokens for the sizes (3) but i just want to show them, if there where currently visibe in the form at submitting time. May i check in some way inside the PDF Extension if the form field for ...

mgarub mgarub
asked 02/17/2019 14:18

Live Forms: Hide a page based on selection

Dear support, for a customer form i want to show/hide pages base on selection. In my case i have extra input in case someone wants to order a Made to measure item. For form fields in know how to do this via Actions, but is this also possible for pages? Please give advise Martin Gartmann

mgarub mgarub
asked 02/13/2019 19:12

LiveSlider - Best Practice for Mobile

I'm fairly new at responsive design. Could someone point me in the right direction on best practice to get the Live Slider module to look good on desktop and mobile? The desktop slideshow is too wide for mobile, causing a very narrow strip. I would like a different view on mobile - one that fills the viewport vertically. Do I create a second instance of the module and add code to show/hide one or the other instances of the module? Or is there a way to handle this inside the module itself?  Thank you.  John  

John Wolf John Wolf
asked 02/07/2019 14:20

PDF Stamper: How to stamp radiobutton and checkbox options

Humbly seek clarification on the above subject. How to stamp radiobutton and checkbox choices on the pdf template using the PDF stamper extension in Live forms Regards Thomas

Thomas Seuao Thomas Seuao
asked 02/04/2019 23:12

Service is not available error with Live Content

I installed LiveContent (trial version) on my development server.  When I attempt to add the module to a page (click on add Extension, click on Live Content), and then it errors out.  The page then becomes unavailable.  I have uninstalled the extension and the page is then available.  Have installed it twice with same issue.  I am on DNN 9.2.

Alex Day Alex Day
asked 01/26/2019 16:14

Editing the theme footer

How do I go about changing or editing the information for the Porto 5 theme footer? Thanks

Noel Ballon Noel Ballon
asked 01/15/2019 16:37

Can the Live Forms HTTP Post send to a web service using SOAP?

Can we use SOAP to communicate with a web service upon submit?  The scenario is that someone registers, and the registration gets logged in another system for action.

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 11/30/2017 20:34

Exchange Editor Custom Styles?

I'm looking for the location of the css or file to change the styles in the editor used in the Exchange module. I'd like to add red as a font color and change the highlighter color in the style dropdown.   Any ideas?

Intelligent Netware Intelligent Netware
asked 01/01/2019 21:28

Can Live Form using URL Parameters in SQL Statements?

Can live form using URL parameters from an DNN site (f.e. mywebseite.com/itemshow?urlid=123456) in a SQL statement to get data and display from the database (SELECT * from items WHERE id = [urlid]). Kind Regards Daniel

Daniel Collet Daniel Collet
asked 12/22/2018 17:12


We are performing remediation of several legacy networks. In the legacy environment, the DNN 9.1.1 servers are using a NAT to reach out to the license servers. Our InfoSec team would prefer that this traffic be routed through our Blue Coat proxy appliance. We have configured the server to utilize this, but it appears that the DNN software is not following this path and still reaching out directly to managed.com license servers. I have found documentation mentioning that in previous versions it was a configurable setting, but has been removed. Is it now buried in a config file ...

Ralph Stoker Ralph Stoker
asked 12/07/2018 15:45

Tahoe -Continued development

I'm contemplating updating my Essentials Enterprise license. Porto has been updated regularly with some nice updates in recent versions. Some (many?) of these have not yet made it to Tahoe. Can we expect to see Tahoe continue to be *aggressively* developed? Thanks!

Mike O Mike O
asked 11/19/2018 20:19

LiveSlider impact on page load speed

Hi Mandeeps, I will do some testing, but can you please describe how LiveSlider works during the page load process? Should a page with 10 slides take longer to load than a page with 3 slides? In other words, are all the slides and their images part of the initial page load, or do they load progressively as they are needed? Secondly, how does it affect this equation if some slides are in the slideshow but are marked as disabled? Thanks for the information! David

David Fenske David Fenske
asked 11/16/2018 19:56

LiveArticles - Image Token

Hi, I'm trying to customize the view of my articles but i have a problem with a token. I want to add just an image. I am using this token in my .html:           That token render this:                                    But I want just the image like this:            Any ideas??  Thanks!     ...

Sebastian Gurgitano Sebastian Gurgitano
asked 11/01/2018 20:27
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