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Skip Thank you notification

In Live forms is there a way to disable the thank you notification and just redirect to another page instead?

asked 07/17/2019 18:25

Unable to Figure Out Live Blog RSS Feed

I tried following the documentation found here: https://www.mandeeps.com/support/knowledgebase/live-blog-managing-rss-feeds-understanding-feeds-engine First, it was outdated.  :(  The example URL provided is wrong (it gets redirected), and there's no description of the parameters in the given URL.  If there were, I might be able to troubleshoot this on my own.  Second, why isn't there just a link in the admin or automatically added to the page HTML?   Anyhow, I digress... I tried following the documentation and generated this URL:   http://example.com/DesktopModules/LiveBlog/Handlers/Syndication.ashx?mid=1262&PortalId=0&tid=83 That got changed to this URL and we're automatically redirected to it:   ...

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 07/13/2019 20:47

Porto Conflicts with OpenContent

I'm trying to use one of the shortcodes in Porto with OpenContent.  When I do, I get the following JS error every page load when logged in as an admin and it repeats for any action I attempt to perform with the resulting templated content. https://www.screencast.com/t/xgfT8NWQ73u https://www.screencast.com/t/qqrv0qrLTyD Has anyone else dealt with this and found a way to resolve the issue?

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 07/13/2019 22:22

Live Blog SEO capabilities?

Hi  guys Does the latest version of live blog have the ability to 301 an article? Thanks Ash

O50C O50C
asked 07/04/2019 08:38

Live Forum Moderation

When moderation is turned on, can users be flagged as trusted so that moderation is skipped for those users? In other words, we would like to only have to moderate users that we have labeled as trusted. We will be converting from Active Forums and that is a feature of Active Forums that we use Thanks  

Rutledge Scarborough Rutledge Scarborough
asked 06/27/2019 20:18

binding multiple with token in live forms

does the Bind multiple form fields via SQL Query action accept tokens as parameters? I am trying to populate a form with data from a sql query using a url parameter I have successfully added the value of the url parameter to a field using the default value now i am trying to populate the rest of the form data based on that fields value using the Bind multiple form fields via SQL Query action This works if i hard code the token's value and it also works using Bind or update a single form ...

asked 06/27/2019 20:29

Live Forms Edit View

Is there a way to edit a live form submission?  I would expect for there to be a list where a user can select a submission  then for it to re-load the form with the previously saved data including attachments and allow users to edit it. Is this possible?

asked 06/26/2019 19:05

Vimeo content for Live Slider

Hello, Using Live Slider with the Tahoe theme. The docu & support info shows a tag as content, but not how to use a Vimeo video. Have been trying the standard Vimeo link, and the embed code.   But issues with the size of the video.     What is the exact content code to specify a Vimeo video ? Actually, wanted to show a series of videos as slides, on a specific webpage.   Currently implemented as Video/HTML layer on top of slide image.   Is there also an easier way to just display ...

Philippe Herau Philippe Herau
asked 06/23/2019 22:19

livehtml link editor is missing local-page option

I just upgraded the livehtml module and the link editor is missing the option to choose a page on the site. Is that a configuration setting or is it gone in this version?

Robert McConnel Robert McConnel
asked 04/26/2018 17:08

Product name gets cutoff in grid view

In the current Live Storefront template, the product name gets cutoff in grid view and does not make any sense to customers in my situation, they need to switch to list view to see what product it is. How do I get full product name in grid view and have it wrap?

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
asked 06/20/2019 15:47

Repeater or Dynamic Input Fields on Forms

I'm tasked with making an expense report form with multiple lines for expense inputs including a drop down, $ amount, and date. https://imgur.com/NzFnCmS Is there a way with the current live form module to allow the user to press a button and build out a new row of fields to add more than one expense?  Looking for something similar to this: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzLclwZOZ-g The only thing I can currently thing of would be to build out 20+ rows then hide/show them based on an addition drop down.  

Mike Cooke Mike Cooke
asked 06/17/2019 15:07

Currently on Porto 3.31 - How to upgrade to 5

Can I go directly from 3 to the current version of 5 or do I have to go to 4 first? You have customized css files for a top nav for us at www.glss.website. We are upgrading to get the accessibility features in 5. Will this totally blow up the custom css (even if we reinstall the custom css?) or will the custom css totally blow the new accessibility features of Porto 5?

Katherine Prouty Katherine Prouty
asked 06/11/2019 17:26

Tahoe -Continued development

I'm contemplating updating my Essentials Enterprise license. Porto has been updated regularly with some nice updates in recent versions. Some (many?) of these have not yet made it to Tahoe. Can we expect to see Tahoe continue to be *aggressively* developed? Thanks!

Mike O Mike O
asked 11/19/2018 20:19

Live Slider not allowing to save

Hello W created a LiveSlider image on our site, bit now we want to edit, it does not respond to the Save button. How can we work around that or fix it?   Thanks Norbert Moha

Norbert Moha Norbert Moha
asked 06/03/2019 22:42

No Navbar Button Color Defined in Knowledgebase

Could you please provide or define the CSS style code for the navbar's button color in Live Knowledgebase? It's currently using the native CSS code to define the navbar's default blue color. I want to make them orange like the theme color of my site.   

Will Will
asked 05/14/2019 16:11

Live Storefront

Is it possible to have products which are basically parts for repairing devices and to have the end user select the device they need to have repaired and then to select the relevant part they need for that device. The parts need to be under inventory control. For example..  I have several cell phones listed as products but they are not for sale they are zero dollars and I want to hide the $0.00 amount, they select the phone they need to repair and I want to show a list of checkboxes one for screen repair and one ...

Neil Thibeault Neil Thibeault
asked 05/22/2019 23:55

Porto 5.1.7 Unzippable

I can't unzip the latest update to Porto 5 skin update using the download file you posted in the Downloads page. It reports the file is empty, but size shows 100KB+. I tried different browsers and different machines. All product the same failure to unzip the file.

Will Will
asked 05/22/2019 19:18

LSF Category Description

We can give a category a description but it never shows in the store. I would expect that to show up as an intro text when you click on a category in the store?

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
asked 05/19/2019 18:31


I am curious when the gamification features are going to be added to mandeeps modules.  This had been discussed November last year and am hoping to see the features come to light to add to my web sites.

Cody Cody
asked 05/21/2018 23:20

Confirm Responses Before Submitting Form

If a multi-page form is made available to a user, is there a way to display the form responses to the user prior to submitting the form? More specifically, can we offer a "confirmation page," which would display the user's responses, and therefore provide the user with an opportunity to make edits to the responses, before the user submits the form? Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Petros Petros
asked 05/10/2019 20:40

Live Content Youtube Feed

Hi, Is it possible to limit the content feed to a specific number of items per sync or day in Live Content? I tried setting the number of feeds, but the value is ignored. Also, can I suggest a feature that logs which specific videos were manually deleted in a feed so that it is not downloaded again? I have to go in each day and delete the same videos over and over each day.

Will Will
asked 05/14/2019 15:47

Live Articles article tokens listing incomplete

I was looking for the existing token Article:thumbnail_src to see what else might be available in working with images and couldn't find it listed anywhere. I believe it belongs on this page  https://www.mandeeps.com/support/knowledgebase/live-articles-tokens-article . So I'm hoping that those listings could be updated at some point.

eswanzey eswanzey
asked 04/23/2019 00:42

Invisible recaptcha - How to make this work?

The Live Forms release log for v5.1.6 - 02/01/2019 says that it supports Invisible Recaptcha. I haven't been able to make this work. I've tried creating a v2 key and selecting the invisible type, but the captcha field remains visible in the form. I've also tried creating a v3 key, but that just throws an error. Any ideas? Rob

Robert Robert
asked 05/17/2019 04:41

Shipping costs

Is it possible to set shipping costs based on dimensions and/or weight? If so, how can it be done?

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 05/12/2019 10:14

Set tax in LIve Storefront

I can create a new tax schedule in Live Storefront but where/how can I set the value? Like 21%

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 05/12/2019 10:16
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