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Invalid label for field

A correct way to refer to a field via the label is via the for attribute:  <label for=" dnn_ctr986_View_Textbox_986_1 ">Fill in your name <input type="text" id=" dnn_ctr986_View_Textbox_986_1 "> The way that Live Forms generates this, is (which is not WCAG 2 valid):  <label for=" __Page_Textbox_986_1 ">Fill in your name <input type="text" id=" dnn_ctr986_View_Textbox_986_1 "> Is there any chance that you will correct this soon and refer to the input with the input id that is used? Or has anyone ever written some jQuery to replace the for attribue value? Thank you!

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 03/04/2021 16:52

Schedule Content Posting in Live Content

Is there any way to schedule a post in Live Content? I have some videos and I'm wondering if it's possible to publish them at a certain date and time?

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
asked 02/28/2021 18:26

Use Live Visualizer Module Id in Razor Template

Is there a way to access the Live Visualizer Module Id inside a razor template? I want to generate an HTML Div id that's unique based on the module id. So if my module id is 123, I could have an element that looks like the one below  

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
asked 02/26/2021 12:11

Customized Menu (Themes) Backend.

I have created a new theme and would change the home page by adding new modules and updated the contents on the module. But there are being overridden every time I upgrade or install the new version. Can someone help me in fixing this.  Thanks

Pakeeru Shaik Pakeeru Shaik
asked 02/24/2021 03:06

Upgrade from porto 1 to porto 5

Hi,  we would like to upgrade porto from V1.3.1 to 5. Is this possible or how could we get packages for using the suggested upgrade path? Thanks in advance.

Steffen Wolf Steffen Wolf
asked 02/23/2021 13:28

Upload field translation

Where can I translate the file upload parts of the Live Forms upload field? Thanks!

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 02/22/2021 17:37

WCAG compliance of Live Forms and other modules?

Will there be a WCAG compliant update to Live Forms or any other Mandeeps modules/skins soon? Government websites like ours must comply with these accessibility guidelines, so we won't be able to use Mandeeps products if their content can't be made accessible.

AB@Wildlife [email protected]
asked 12/06/2019 23:27

Helpdesk - Form channel issues.

Hi there The Helpdesk form-channel allows an anonymous user to submit a ticket and interact via email. This is good and is as expected. If the user clicks the 'Respond or View Status' link in any of the notification emails, they are taken to the helpdesk module on the website... On the site, the user is not able to respond to the ticket as there is no reply form. This seemingly makes the link pointless. Do I need to allow editing by anonymous in the module permissions to make this work properly? In addition, as the ...

Robert Robert
asked 01/21/2021 06:32

Folder permissions/settings for Live Exchange attachments

Is there a setting somewhere in the Live Exchange ecosystem, or some other space on the Mandeeps module to define or identify the location of Live Exchange attachments? My site is not allowing files to be attached top questions. The logs indicate the following error: AbsoluteURL :/staff/API/LiveExchange/upload/files Message: The folder path provided already exists. The folder has not been added. I know the path can be configured in other Mandeeps modules, but I haven;'t been able to figure out how to identify the location of attachments or make the necessary configurations in my ...

Kent Baker Kent Baker
asked 02/17/2021 18:33

Am I configuring my Live Forms for Spam wrong?

I've used Google reCaptcha, I've implemented a honeypot, but they just keep coming. Some are coming to email, but I am able to block others but they are clogging up my submissions tab. I get there is no way to completely prevent, but is there a better way of doing this?

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 02/05/2021 18:55

Mandeeps Common Librabry

I have purchased the Porto Theme (Enterprise Edition) and would like to know the procedure of how to install the common library that supports DNN 9.8.0. I have read the blog asking to upgrade to v 3.5.0 but I am unable to find the link to download the zip. Please assist.  Thanks,

Pakeeru Shaik Pakeeru Shaik
asked 02/07/2021 22:56

DotNetNuke.UI.Modules.IModuleControlPipeline Crash

[ERROR] DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.Exceptions - DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.PageLoadException: Unhandled error loading page. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: No service for type 'DotNetNuke.UI.Modules.IModuleControlPipeline' has been registered. This issue seems to be occurring in DNN9.8.0. Initial launch is fine but after few mins (say 30 mins) The application gives 500 error.  Could you please help me fix it.  Thanks,

Pakeeru Shaik Pakeeru Shaik
asked 02/04/2021 21:48

File Upload token adding
in link

Working with a client that is allowing art work to be uploaded. They are allowing multiple psd, pdfs. In the action I'm using the  [File Upload] and then I also attach a link on that with the same token. However, it looks like when multiple files are being submitted it's just wrapping all the files with a concatenated url with break tags

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 01/15/2021 14:51

What are the 3 differences for Live Forms reCAPTCHA?

I see we have Invisible, Bottom Right and Bottom Left. I can assume what the two Bottom ones do, but would invisible be more like a honey pot? I currently have this set to invisible and I'm getting asked to check the images on page load when the form hasn't event been submitted.

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 02/03/2021 16:06

Hidden Honey Pot Field

I have been able to create a hidden field that I use to only submit actions if this field is empty. However, when testing and adding value to the honey pot field it still gets added to the submission table under the submissions tab

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 02/03/2021 16:43

PDF Stamper fliped letters

Hi. The modulo is working great stamping the letters in the forms but they are flipped. I am using the gimp tool. Could you please tell me what step we are doing wrong?   Thank you.

Pedro Mosqueda Pedro Mosqueda
asked 02/01/2021 13:16

Captcha: This field is required error

Hi all I have a problem on live forms 5.7.0 when i add the recaptcha module and install the site and secret keys which are v2 when i submit the form for testing i get an error at the top saying: Captcha: This field is required and the form wont send. any help would be fantastic  

MartyNZ MartyNZ
asked 11/10/2020 03:58

With Live Content, can you add Closed Captioning to a video?

I have Live Content 7.0.9. Can you add Closed Captioning (ie. WebVTT file) to a video?

Ken W Ken W
asked 01/28/2021 03:12

Live Forms Redirect

When a user logs in using live forms, I would like to redirect them to the users activity page where they can see their activity and update their profile.  I set the site settings to redirect to the activity page but it does not include the userid. Is there a way to redirect and specify the userid in the url.  It should like like this Why is it that the redirect function in live forms is disabled in the log in form? It would be helpful to be able to override the site settings for an instance ...

carl carl
asked 01/23/2021 16:11

Live Tooltip Behaviour

Live Tooltip version 3.0.5, Common Library: 4.0.4. DNN: 9.8.0 [Telerik libraries not yet removed] Hi, I have a 'form' that has a help icon, textbox and checkbox. Mousing over the help icon produces the Live Tooltip based short help message. This works fine. When I click the Select checkbox, I use the Post-back on that attribute to update the textbox [ monetary value ] and the Total at the foot of the page. When I press the Select Checkbox... the Live Tooltip then stops working... Also... If I put ...

Duncan Ion Duncan Ion
asked 01/14/2021 18:16

Live StoreFront Documentation for Development and Interfaces (API?)

In your product description of the LSF ( it says under "Ease of Use": ...and  Developers  can quickly add new features or integrate with another solution. How can Developers do that, I can't find a documentation for that. Our client wants to read the orders out of the database table. Is there already an API for that, which could be used for things like that? Or what is the recommended way?  Further down on your LSF product description you write about "Extensibility": Live StoreFront is built upon open architecture and can be extended with many available  extensions . It ...

Markus Brenner Markus Brenner
asked 12/02/2020 19:12

Bought Live Forms, but page turns when if i try to use module

Just bought live forms.  Install went fine, but when i go to a new page and want to add the Live Form module, the page turns all white.   We do not get an option to add the license key to the module, it just makes the page white.  Tried to use Developer console to see if something is being hidden, but i get nothing.  

John Edmond John Edmond
asked 12/14/2020 17:18

Twitter Cards

Hello, I would like to know if there is an extension available for Twitter/social media cards for live articles. I would prefer to not use JavaScript if there is something I can easily plugin. I am suing the Porto theme, have DNN version 9.1 Thanks.

David Dain David Dain
asked 01/05/2021 16:42

Procedure to upgrade Porto 5 / will it harm custom layout files?

Hi - my site is using Porto 5.3.7; I'd like to upgrade it to the latest Porto 5.7. Do I just install it like any other extension? Do the Mandeeps common files need to be upgraded as well?  Finally, we have created custom layout files that depart from Style Switcher changes. I'd like to be sure those won't be overwritten. Thanks! David

David Fenske David Fenske
asked 12/29/2020 23:24

Activating Live Extension Paypal express

Hi, I have recently purchased the paypal extension from you but I have a question about activation as I have several DNN sites under one DNN installation. If I activate the module when I am logged into one of the DNN (child) sites will the module still work for ALL DNN sites within the one installation? Or, do I have to be logged into the Parent DNN site? I hope that question makes sense. Kind regards, Matt

mattfarmer mattfarmer
asked 12/20/2020 13:18
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