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DNN 9.5 and Porto 5.34 Short codes are behaving badly

I am having substantial difficulty with short codes being altered by the DNN editor upon save/reload. It's a brand new DNN 9.5 installation running locally. I have done the recommended changes to the CK Editor config as recommended in the documentation. I've tried also to go back to default editor configuration, nothing seems to help. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? For what it's worth, my editor ProtectedSource looks like this after removing the elements recommended in the documentation: ( / [\s\S]*? /gi ),( / [\s\S]*? /gi ),( / [\s\S]*? /gi ),( / [\s\S]*? /gi ...

Matt Crowshaw Matt Crowshaw
asked 04/03/2020 16:07

Hide or remove FilterBy widget in product details page

In my store, exactly like you default setup process, there is a page including LSF module which shows a category/Manufacturer's products in a col-9 column, and a refinedby widget in col-3 sidebar. when in category/manufacturer page displayng both of these modules is rational because refinedby filters products based on user selections. but when clicking on a product and while in product details page, refined by can't find any filter to show so there is no reason to have a blank space in col-3 sidebar. While in product details page, I want to hide the refinedby widget ...

Mohsen Khateri Mohsen Khateri
asked 03/23/2020 06:54

Live Forms Submissions, auto assigning a submission ID #

Is there a way to assign a submissions/transaction ID # to each submission automatically when they are submitted?  We are wanting to have this be a field that we could use a token within a confirmation auto reply email back to the person submitting the information, so that if there was any followup they could have a reference number that we could track any future correspondents back to the original submission.  There may be another way to do this that I am not considering so open to options or ideas.  Thanks! 

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 03/18/2020 15:59

How to know the Porto skin version in use?

Hello! I would like to know where I can find the version of Porto skin use on a DNN website. The project is using DNN version 07.03.02 (109). If possible, I would like to know if there is a way to look at the version by the DNN admin interface and also by the files. I already look in the admin > installed extensions and found "Porto 3 version 3.3.1" but it says it's not in use, but I can see it used in the admin > skins. The deepest question is because I'm having problem ...

Karianne Verville-Paris Karianne Verville-Paris
asked 03/04/2020 15:09

Exporting Live Form - Matrix Field

Hi,  When trying to export the Life Form into an excel spreadsheet the matrix field exports over as HTML code.  Is there a way to pull this information without it being exported as HTML code, but instead the information that was inserted? Thanks,    Jasmine Walker

asked 02/24/2020 14:40

Agent & Customer Satisfaction Data.

Hi There,  I would like to have  access to the Agents, created by, and Customer satisfaction data, but I can't find it in any of the Live tables. Can you please guide me where to find it? Regards,  Paulo 

Paulo Paulo
asked 01/28/2020 20:34

Can we use DATE code in LIVE HTML, or OTHER module?

Can we use DATE code in LIVE HTML, or OTHER module?   I have multiple locations that need {current Year}  Trying to use in LIVE HTML. I have been unsuccessful at this. Both scripts display blank  -  no current year java function myFunction() {   var d = new Date();   var n = d.getFullYear();   document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = n; } DISPLAY: BLANK   .htaccess      ...

Kim Kim
asked 02/14/2020 19:44

Is there a way to keep DNN in Edit Mode?

Older versions of DNN allowed you to stay in edit mode, when you switched pages... Is this ability gone with current ver. of DNN? I'm editing multiple pages and have to click on edit icon, every time I go to new page....

Kim Kim
asked 02/14/2020 22:31

Can or will live modules show users information updated in real-time?

It is the now and the future to have apps that show data as it is entered instead of on a refresh.  From what I understand this generally means writing code using SignalR for CRUD operations. I am not sure if this is currently capable or is this on the roadmap for most popular live modules that would benefit?  It is nice to be able to use Razor to browse around however things I don't believe get updated to other users in real-time and I would love to see sites running live modules to be capable of ...

Cody Cody
asked 02/13/2020 18:53

Pricing Tables Height

The Pricing Tables Short Codes are helpful features. When pricing tables are presented in a side-by-side format, having them sized similarly is ideal. However, sometimes one of the Pricing Tables may need to have more content than others (Ex. additional features, capabilities, etc.) In this case, one of the Pricing Tables would be taller than the other(s). Is anyone aware of how to size the tables identically so the height of the shorter Pricing Table(s) is the same height as the tallest Pricing Table?

Petros Petros
asked 02/03/2020 22:18

Display submitted information in Live Forms on a public page within website

We are in the processing of building out a team registration form for a public event, the first field on the form is "Team Name", is it possible, once a team submits their registration info through the Live Form, that we could display a list of all the registered teams (Team Name) that would automatically populate like in a grid (A-Z alphabetical order) on a public page within the website? 

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 01/15/2020 20:05

How to make Porto footer move go to bottom and fill screen with theme

On larger screens with the login module from DNN the footer if no content in footer there is white space under the black footer. Is there a way to keep the footer at the bottom of the screen for pages with little or no content such as a 404 error page. Thank you.

Cody Cody
asked 02/09/2020 21:55

Changing the search results to say something other than the name of the live module product

When I do a search I find results separated by sections.  Anytime there is any content showing up from a Live Mandeep module it shows "Live HTML" then the result or "Live Content" How do you change this?  Feels like this should be something more generic or something I can set in the modules or use the title of the module or the title of the page for the header then the linked description.  Something other that Live HTML because who in the world would that make sense to? How can I change these so that ...

Cody Cody
asked 02/08/2020 01:59

Using Live Visualizer to display and edit info submitted through a Live Form

I have installed the Live Visualizer on our website. We have a Team Registration Live Form that a user would submit their registration and then we have all of the information captured in Live Forms. Now I setup a Visualizer to display the content, and I have figured out how to manipulate that some.  My question is, I am trying to figure out a way that a website Administrator can go in and edit some of the submissions. In the Visualizer editors code is there a way to add an "Edit" tag that would allow for a ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 02/11/2020 14:29

Validating Credit Cards

Hello, Is there any way right now besides using the general "any actions failed" action on live forms to catch invalid credit cards? Or if a credit card was denied. We are using live forms 5.8.9 with the extension. It would be nice if we could catch those errors and have the custom correct them so they can resubmit the form. Thanks -Cameron

Cameron Klenk Cameron Klenk
asked 01/30/2020 16:56

Stripe Add-on for Live Form - Not passing Name to Stripe

We just launched the Stripe add-on with a Live form for an event registration. In the payment processing dashboard of stripe, none of the info is being passed, essentially at least their name i would think would be passed through the API to be logged into stripe.  In the dashboard we can only see the last 4 of the Credit card # and reference that to the last 4 of the CC# that is logged into the live form.  I assumed when we activated the payment - on form submission, in those settings where it has ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 01/29/2020 13:44

Live HelpDesk: pre-existing issues status not editable

In the administration panel, in the management of issues's status, there are four status "Resolved", "Automatically Resolved", "Waiting on support" and "Waiting on customer" already checked and which we cannot modify or delete. You told us that "...the only way to change these status from LiveHelpdesk_Status table in database". But we cannot change the status description in database because if we change it the helpdesk stops with critical errors. We need to localize in Italian these status that we strangely cannot handle!

Alessandro Villani Alessandro Villani
asked 01/28/2020 09:12

Live HelpDesk: translation error in issue opening notification mail

We have translated into Italian language the content texts of the notification emails for creation, update and resolution of an issue. When an issue is created by the customer on website the emails arrive to him correctly translated. But when an issue is created by sending an email, only the notification email of creation arrives to him in English. I have translated all the contents of the "Shared.resx" file into the "App_LocalResources" folder. It's a bug? We need localize this content!  

Alessandro Villani Alessandro Villani
asked 01/28/2020 09:07

Is there any way to filter content in Visualizer by a date field?

Has anyone figured out a way to filter content items by a date field in Live Visualizer? I see that I can filter by date using one of the three defaults (All Dates, Date Range, Last); however that is based upon the Updated on Date which a fixed field.  If I click the Filters icon I can add a Condition, however on a date field it only lets me choose: Is Empty or Is Filled. It would be great if I could choose something like "Is Greater Than" and then have the value be Today's Date. ...

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
asked 01/25/2020 22:03

Two fields don't show when I edit the form, but show in live view

When I dragged a fields and they no longer showed, but then they do show in the live form. They are labeled Group/Id Number, and Other.  How can I remove them??? Here is the Page Source             <li controltype="Textbox" id="7F17A26F-5B80-4F31-B73C-E2496AA702DF" isrequired="true"             class="form-col-0 First Field Textbox Required FieldSpacing Form_Label_Top mobile-under ui-draggable ui-resizable"             active="false" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); height: 56px;">             <span           ...

Phil Speth Phil Speth
asked 01/24/2020 00:16

Stripe Add-on for Live Form - Transaction Mode

I was looking for some documentation for the Stripe Extension for Live Forms. In the setup for "on form submission" using Stripe as the Payment, there is a listing for Transaction Mode, and the 2 options are Authorize & Capture or Authorize Only.  Can you help define what the difference is. For the Capture would it be capturing the credit card information within the site and storing it there? I just needed a little more clarification, if there is documentation around this please let me know and i will dig into that a little further. 

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 01/15/2020 19:55

Live Articles - Expire article options

Is there any way to expire an article? Like for example, in order to use it for events I would want an Event article to no longer be view-able after it is over. I don't see any options to accomplish this.  Thanks!

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
asked 01/12/2020 02:13

Live Forms - File Upload On Mobile Devices

Hello All, We have Live Forms (v4.4.0) module installed with DotNetNuke (v09.01.01) portal site and have run into an issue with mobile devices. We have a multi-step submission for where at the end of the process, we ask clients to upload 3 files (jpg images). Using the File Upload functionality in Live Forms and testing with Safari (v10 and v11) on iPhone (4S to 7) it is not working. We are unable to trigger the file upload process by touching on the Add Files button for any of the upload options...nothing is happening. We ...

Sonny Karsana Sonny Karsana
asked 01/08/2018 17:41

explore showing empty 'live html' module as "missing image" icon

After updating all modules/theme Explorer browser showing empty 'live html' module as "missing image" icon  This is happening on 2 pages of mine, about to go live.  Please advise... Help!

Kim Kim
asked 01/06/2020 21:37

Migrate to Live HTML

My "live html"  (after all modules/site updates) module goes to MERGE TO LIVE HTML - page that asks to check (all pages/modules) that apply to MERGE TO LIVE HTML. Not sure what effect this would have on my site if apply all... none of my modules are old HTML.  Please advise

Kim Kim
asked 01/06/2020 21:23
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