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Ticket Automatic Assign

Hi Everyone . . . How to Automatic Assign Ticket to Operator ? This is one of the basic principles of a ticket system Thanks for your response

saman kavian saman kavian
asked 10/20/2021 12:08

Live Helpdesk - can I add additional fields?

trying to customize the helpdesk a little bit, is it possible to add additional fields?  There's category, status, and priority, but I would like to add an additional field that can be tracked. Also, under the SLA field, there is a corresponding "respond within" time, but I would like to also add a "resolve within" time as well. Any help is appreciated, thanks!  

eric barsamian eric barsamian
asked 01/06/2020 20:50

Automatic Assign Ticket to Operator Dosent Work ,LiveHelpDesk

Hello ... Tickets are not automatically assigned to the operator when we select a category where is the problem from !!! ?

saman kavian saman kavian
asked 10/20/2021 07:07

How Supervisor can only see their group tickets ?

How Supervisor can only see their group tickets ?

saman kavian saman kavian
asked 10/20/2021 07:10

DNN 9.9.1 compatibility with LiveHTML_3.1.4 and LiveCampaign_4.5.2

Hi Team, Please confirm that both the product LiveHTML_3.1.4 and LiveCampaign_4.5.2 are compatible with DNN 9.9.1. we are planning to upgrade to DNN 9.9.1, hoping wont break anyhting. Thanks in advance

Marie Anne Marie Anne
asked 10/19/2021 17:29

Getting Image from Assets Type

I can't seem to figure out how we are getting images from the assets type. I've tried a couple of different ways. Do I need to use some sort of foreach            @if(Model.Events_CanAdd)     {                                                             }                ...

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 10/15/2021 13:20

Live Storefront product import - difference between new vs update

There is lots of flexibility when performing a product import, but it would be good to know - what are the differences in logic between choosing NEW versus choosing UPDATE when performing an import.

eswanzey eswanzey
asked 10/12/2021 18:37

Past webinar videos

I thought that last week's webinar on Live Visualizer v2 was excellent, and tomorrow's webinar on Live Signature promises to be just as good. What I can't figure out is, where do the webinar videos and related materials get posted?

eswanzey eswanzey
asked 10/04/2021 17:49

Link from one slide to another?

Is it possible to encode a slide layer link to switch to a different slide in the same deck (similar to how the slide navigation functions)?

AB@Wildlife [email protected]
asked 09/30/2021 17:53

Live Forms file upload: folder type prevents sending file as attachment

Hi, I'm using live forms to upload files. Some of them has private information. After submission those files are sent as an email attachement. Is there a way to delete them afeter that? To prevent unwanted access to the files I've tried to change the folder type to "secure" or to "database", but when I do this the ":path" token stops working. I'm not able to sent those files as email attachments. Those the ":path" token only works with standard folder type? Thank you

J Ponte J Ponte
asked 09/22/2021 01:18

Live Visualizer - Filter by date

I am using Visualizer with structured data to display a list of events. I want the past events to not be shown. If event >= today display the event. 

Scott Tremain Scott Tremain
asked 09/22/2021 14:27

Upgrade Question

Hi, I am currently running a site on DNN 7.2.2 with a Dixit Skin and (amongst others) a Mandeeps Live Blog Module (V 2.2.3). I'd like to Upgrade this to the most recent DNN version and change the Skin to Mandeeps Porto. Do I need to Upgrade the Blog Module as well? Best Frank

eagleworx eagleworx
asked 09/20/2021 08:44

upgrading to DNN 9.9.1

Hi, I am currently using the following: Porto version 5.3.7 Live Forms version 5.9.12 Paypal Express extension version 1.0.4 I wish to upgrade my DNN installation from 9.03.02 to 9.9.1 as my hosting provider will stop supporting DNN versions lower than 9.4.4 Will the version of Porto, Live Forms and Paypal expres all work with DNN 9.9.1 I do plan on upgrading to the latest versions of Porto and Live Forms but will probably wait until your Black Friday deals. Thank you, Matt

mattfarmer mattfarmer
asked 09/16/2021 10:47

Live Campaign File attachment problem

Hi  I have a user with only module edit permissions in Live Campaign module so he can send emails to his registered users with Live Campaign. Everything works fine except uploading an attachment to the email. It initially looks like the document is beeing uploaded, but I can see when I test as this user the document is not uploaded to the server and the email is sent out without the attachment.  When I test as a host/superuser it works fine. So I guess it is some permission issue, but I can´t figure out how I should ...

Petri Petri
asked 09/10/2021 10:11

Live Forum - Tokens not being fully replaced

My organization is running Live Forum 3.0.2 and we purchased the license that included the source code. I recently made some changes, but when I build the source and install the dll files, all of the places in the templates where there are tokens have either a [L] or [LS] in front of them. An example would be across the top of the feed of discussions I see [L] Author [L] Discussion [L] Last Activity [L] Replies [L] Views I wasn't sure if it was something in my changes that had caused the issue, so i tried ...

Web Team Web Team
asked 09/08/2021 16:47

Creating new theme

Now just change name of XML file(Not case sensitive) from /DesktopModules/LiveContent/Themes/MyTheme/ to mytheme.xml    Sorry for the stupid question, but what if I cannot find the XML file to rename? I've changed the theme to MyTheme, but can't find an XML file to modify.  

Kim25 Kim25
asked 09/02/2021 19:41

How to Show Star Rating in Live Visualizer and how to filter statuses shown

Hello!  We are using the star rating on our Live Form and we are sending the data for display with the Live Visualizer.  We have the star rating showing up in the Visualizer as a number value but we would like to show it as a star image utilizing the Font Awesome icons included with the Mandeeps software.  So, if a 4-star rating is received, you see 4 out of 5 stars filled in.  See my attachments for what I am talking about.  Currently, we are just showing the number with a star image next to it as ...

David Stamper David Stamper
asked 08/26/2021 22:29

Live Forms: How to set the default value of the "Mobile Under" style setting?

Hi, Does anyone know how to set the default value of the "Mobile Under" style setting? It's set to 768, but we want to set it to 5000 to always keep labels above their fields. Thanks, Ted

Ted Fitzpatrick Ted Fitzpatrick
asked 08/23/2021 15:34

Live Blog Search Widget

I have a site that used the Live Blog and some of the Live Blog WIdgets. DNN 9.9.1 Live Blog: 4.2.7 I have configured the Search and Categories widget to be on the same page as the Live Blog module.  The Categories widget works just fine.  The Search widget does not return any results.  When I click the Search magnifying glass, an empty window opens just above the Live Blog module. Are there any things that I should do inside of DNN to get the blog search to work? What else might I ...

David Stamper David Stamper
asked 08/22/2021 02:44

Live Forms - Stripe Add - Pass Transaction Description

Hi,  I'm testing out the Stripe Add-on with Live Forms. Is there a way to map a description for the trasaction to a field on the form? Right now it seems it's sending a number as a description which isn't that helpful viewing it in the Stripe Dashboard.

Josh Slaughter Josh Slaughter
asked 08/17/2021 20:53

LiveForums Journal integration

Hi, we were told that LiveForums has Journal Integration but we can't see where this is enabled?

d d
asked 08/12/2021 15:33

Live Forms create action that includes a BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) email address when sending email

Hi all. We want to be able to do is to send and email to the person who has completed the form whilst also BCCing in a seperate address on form submission. The use case is that we have a CRM system that will automatically attach a note to a client file based if it receives an email where the to address contains the clinets email address. As far as i can see there is no way to BCC an email address in Live Forms, can anyone point me in the right direction for how to do ...

Bryan Bryan
asked 07/27/2021 20:31

Previous Porto 6 version

Hello,  Is it possible to download a previous version of the Porto theme? We recently purchased the latest version of Porto 6 and are using it on our recently upgrade DNN site. We are now seeing compatibility issues with our other products on our site. These other product seem to be using bootstrap 3 at the moment with and angular version 1.8.

Miguel Estrada Miguel Estrada
asked 07/21/2021 12:39

Live Slider 8.1.1 Date Format bug

Hi, Using the new schedule date feature in Live Slider, we are not able to save when selecting a date from the calendar. The console logs an error (attached screenshot) on all attempts to save while the calendar date format is in the input field. We are running on Australian date formats: DD/MM/YYYY Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yener Yener
asked 07/19/2021 08:32

Live Visualizer, best way to automatically resize images.

For the default templates that are generated, what is the best way to resize the image and not have it squished in the box? I'm doing a prototype to see if this solution works for us, and we are going to have nontechnical folks putting in data for a nonprofit resource database of services. I'd like them to be able to put in logos, I can teach them how to do that, but the image gets crammed in. I need it to be a set width but I don't care about the height. I'm not ...

Katherine Prouty Katherine Prouty
asked 07/08/2021 14:15
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