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ckeditor not visible in actions because of plugin error

When trying to generate the email that is send after a form is filled, the action generates an error and does NOT show the editor that is needed for this to happen. This probably is caused by an error generated because a 'popup' plugin is not present or not able to load properly. ============================ Uncaught Error: [CKEDITOR.resourceManager.load] Resource name "popup" was not found at "".     at CKEDITOR.resourceManager. (VM5655 ckeditor.js:270:33)     at e (VM5655 ckeditor.js:265:189)     at Array.x (VM5655 ckeditor.js:265:332)     at t (VM5655 ckeditor.js:265:416)     at$. (VM5655 ckeditor.js:266:429) ...

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 03/15/2023 10:04

Live Forms - Secure File Attachements

We have a process that uses LiveForms to collect data and allows the user to attach files. We have discovered that the uploaded files are accessible from our public website as long as some has the url. Due to this, we have had malicious files uploaded to our website. The files are currently saved to a folder location on the webserver. 1. Is there a way to allow file attachments, but prevent them from being accessible from our public website? 2. Can we configure where files are saved so that we could save them in a ...

Andy Campbell Andy Campbell
asked 03/04/2023 00:49

Relate Blog Posts to DNN Page

Is there any possible way to relate blog posts to a dnn page? I don't see a widget that would allow us to choose posts to show. Is there an api the Live Blog generates to get posts? Is there by chance a mandeeps module that could be used to do this?

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 02/27/2023 19:05

prevent unselected dropdown from recording default value

I have a form with several dropdown menus. I have a default value of "SELECT" just to give a user prompt. When the form is submitted, the value of "SELECT" is written into the database and also displays on the tokens for the form response. Is there a way to have these menus not record anything if they are still on the default value?

Mark Bertelsman Mark Bertelsman
asked 02/14/2023 15:26

How to change the text "What will you discuss today?" Live Forums 4 Standard Edition

Hi - I just purchased Live Forums 4 Standard. Great module btw! I've created a new dark theme using the style.css and app.css. I'm wondering how I could change: "What will you discuss today?" text "EXAMPLE" text on the search panel (I attached a screenshot of the dark theme just to see what you guys think :) ) Thanks!   James Auld

James Auld James Auld
asked 08/06/2022 21:27

What is the "Page Header Tags" section on live blog for?

I'm using the live blog and the articles have "tags" associated with each one, but there is a section on the post settings called "Page Header Tags", i'm looking at the documentation and can't find what this does to the post.

Ricardo Rangel Ricardo Rangel
asked 01/20/2023 16:27

What are the options for displaying the Countdown timer available in Porto?

I need to format the time to be much smaller when displaying on a mobile device. Something as simple as “dd:hh:mm:ss” as opposed to the individual elements being reorganized and strung down the page. Thank you!

James Hall James Hall
asked 02/11/2023 16:48

If statements in Live Blog templates

Is it possible to use if statements in the Live Blog templates? Example would be if we are using the same theme for two seperate blogs, but we want to show a title differentanly on each.   If ([BlogName] === 'HVAC Technical Blog') { Show Title } else { Show this title }

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 02/02/2023 21:27

Live Tabs: CryptographicException: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.

I'm getting the following error logged with a (previously working) install of Live Tabs (6.1.3) in DNN 8.04 upon load: DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.Exceptions - System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.    at Mandeeps.DNN.Libraries.Common.Factories.LicenseFactory.GetLicenseManager(AppInformation appInformation)    at Mandeeps.DNN.Libraries.Common.Factories.LicenseFactory.IsLicensed(AppInformation AppInformation, String LicensingURL, String& Message, Boolean& Redirect) Where the module should appear I see:   There was an error displaying content. Please contact site administrator.

Chris Chris
asked 01/16/2023 18:51

Unable to activate modules on local DNN instance

I've installed a number of modules, including Live Accordion and Live Tabs, on a local instance of DNN Evoq Basic 8.2.0. They appear on the page, but when I select "Manage" to set them up, I just get a blank page, and no prompt/screen for activating them. Is there something special I need to do on a local instance?

AB@Wildlife [email protected]
asked 01/09/2023 20:52

Live Tokens - Additional Token Types

Are there plans to add additional token types in addition to Database and String Constant? I need to replace DNN Sharp My Tokens since it is no longer available as a standalone module. To be able to replace My Tokens, I need a Razor Script token type. Is this on the roadmap, and if it is what is the approximate time frame for it to be added? Thanks P.S. A tag needs to be added for Live Tokens

Rutledge Scarborough Rutledge Scarborough
asked 10/22/2022 23:42

How to add a Live Campaign Signup module to a pop up window on a page?

We have the signup to newsletter on the bottom footer of our website, but would like to enable having a pop up signup to newsletter window to show on certain landing pages. How do we do that?

Ricardo Rangel Ricardo Rangel
asked 12/04/2022 21:16

Simultaneous editing of different pages within same article

Is it possible for two or more users to simultaneously edit different pages within the same Live Articles article? We're having an issue of content edits being lost, and I wonder if that could be the problem.

AB@Wildlife [email protected]
asked 11/18/2022 22:58

How to change icon "triangle-1-e" in live accordion

I have been working on a custom theme for live accordion, and i see all of the image references in the css file for each of the icons, but i cannot fine the skin/view that it is referenced in to change it. Any help would be much appreciated. 

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 11/09/2022 20:30

Live Campaign: Auto Import - Removal

When Live Campaign Auto-Import is implemented using roles or SQL Query, are users also auto-removed when they are no longer in a Role or they are no longer returned by the query? Thanks

Rutledge Scarborough Rutledge Scarborough
asked 10/25/2022 16:58

Redirect not working

Hello - I just upgraded to the latest version of Live Forms and I have a form for login. However, the return url is being stripped form the url on form submission. I have the redirect option selected.  Thanks

carl carl
asked 10/25/2022 16:17

Import .csv files to Live Campaign Lists

Our client has multiple events, each having their own .csv mailing list of event attendees who are not DNN users.  We want to import them so we end up with 5 mailing lists we can choose from, one for each event.  How can we do this, please?

Comstar, LLC. Comstar, LLC.
asked 06/16/2021 21:04

Bootstrap 5

Is there a plan to update Porto and related modules to Bootstrap 5?

Mike O Mike O
asked 01/25/2022 14:37

How to use a token to populate the Redirect URL field in a login form

Hi guys! Hidden text box field: Name is ReturnTo. Field defaults to [Url:returnurl] (which works fine and grabs the return parameter.)   In Actions popup, chose On Form Submission -> Add Action -> DNN -> Login UserName is a normal Textbox that I named Email (the predefined Email field wasn't working) Password is standard Password field Have both Yes's selected for redirect after registration   Redirect URL field is set to "[ReturnTo]" This is the part that is not working. QUESTION -> ...

James Auld James Auld
asked 08/09/2022 23:26

Live Forms - Login form won't login host account while it does login all others

Hi there! Built a simple (so far) login form. It works for any of my non-superuser accounts. However when I try to login as host, I receive "Login Failed. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive" However I can use my host credentials in the normal DNN login module. I have attached a copy of the form definition.  Thanks for the help!

James Auld James Auld
asked 08/09/2022 07:16

Style Dropdown for Live HTML

It seems when switching DNN Modules to Live HTML Module, I loose styles added to the styles dropdown and I can't seem to find were to add these back. I looked in the profiles from the Custom Editor Options link, but this only lets me update the profiles used

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 08/03/2022 16:08

Live Campaign Manager Fails

Live Campaign Manager is not automatically sending out Live Blog or Live Articles posts flagged for mailing (Send Email Campaign is set to Yes at time of publication) any longer.  I checked the event viewer and it reported that no campaign was found when there are indeed two separate campaigns scheduled for both blogs and articles, respectively. Here's the Event Log for the error: AbsoluteURL :/API/LiveBlog/post/save DefaultDataProvider :DotNetNuke.Data.SqlDataProvider, DotNetNuke ExceptionGUID :f6a6a27d-6440-47fb-8e2c-fa19850c8040 AssemblyVersion: PortalId: -1 UserId: -1 TabId: -1 RawUrl: ...

Will Will
asked 07/15/2022 19:15

Translation in Resource file(Local and Global Resource file)

Hello, Here is my small question about the translation of the word. I'm asking for help on which path I should go through to edit these words or sentences. My guess is that if I go into the resource file and access one of the local resources, I can edit the words I want to change. But I don't know which file it is.   Best Regards, Seungjune Yeo

Houda Houda
asked 06/23/2022 22:04

View background image under fields

Hi - great module BTW! I'm evaluating it for my use case, and need to be able to have a background image filling the form underneath the form fields. Is something like this possible? As an example, I'm wanting to do something like the top section of the netflix landing page (when not signed in). Thank you for the info! James

James Auld James Auld
asked 06/22/2022 05:12

Live Forums in german language ?

Is Live Forums also available in german language ?

Norbert Schulz Norbert Schulz
asked 06/13/2022 07:21
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