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SEO not working for LiveBlog

Currently DNN platform shows the title of the page and title of the module in the web browser's window tab. From testing, it is verified that the Mansdeep LiveBlog SEO feature is not working. The tools is modified based on the mansdeep's setup documentation.  Please assist

Joe Lampe Joe Lampe
asked 07/01/2020 16:30

Live Visualizer file upload name in visualizer

We are using Live Visualizer to create a list of monthly financial docs that are required to be published. The Structure is simple, there is field for them to select the month, a field to type in the year, and then 2 file upload fields to upload the 2 required pdf documents.  In the visualizer, we are using a table view, and have the column for Month, year, Monthly Financials, and Fund Balance, the last 2 of which have a link to the pdfs that are uploaded. In the table view, the link to the pdf is ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 06/29/2020 21:41

If field is blank when submitting liveform, not show content in email template

We have a form were there are a set of 3 questions each for 6 different categories that a user can select their top 2 categories and the form would display the 3 related questions for each of those categories. All that is setup and works fine.  My question is, on the email template that goes to the Admin to receive the information once submitted, is there way to setup the email template so that the other categories of questions that they did not answer (and were technically hidden from the user based off their selections) would ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 06/26/2020 15:17

Live form Submission date as a token

We are using a Live Form on a website where we are generating a email formatted for a system to read automatically.  In the submissions tab there is a column for "Created on", and the date the submission was received is logged there. Is there a token that we can use to capture that information so they have the date within the body of the email.  I realize that the date the email notification is received should suffice but for this it really will not, as they are just capturing all of the information from the ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 06/25/2020 19:11

Live from with a matrix, tokens for individual inputs

We are wanting to use a matrix for a scaling/rating of multiple items ranking 1-6 (using radio button inputs), and we would like to be able to capture some of the info out of the matrix but not just the entire matrix as a chart in the submission. I was also wanting to write some rules if/than type rules based on their selections within the matrix When the [Matrix] comes through in the email notification it is a live table with the data inputs within each cell, so it makes me think that this should be possible. ...

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 06/25/2020 19:23

Can the Live Forms HTTP Post send to a web service using SOAP?

Can we use SOAP to communicate with a web service upon submit?  The scenario is that someone registers, and the registration gets logged in another system for action.

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 11/30/2017 20:34

2nd orderby?

When selecting as default sorting 'Price: Low to High' in the store settings, what is the 2nd order? I have multiple products that are the same price...

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 06/25/2020 15:18

Tahoe -Continued development

I'm contemplating updating my Essentials Enterprise license. Porto has been updated regularly with some nice updates in recent versions. Some (many?) of these have not yet made it to Tahoe. Can we expect to see Tahoe continue to be *aggressively* developed? Thanks!

Mike O Mike O
asked 11/19/2018 20:19

Randomzing Slides in Live Slider

Using current version of Live Slider, is there any way to randomize the slides? We would want them to randomize on page load. Maybe using one of the methods in the api :  

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 06/22/2020 18:24

Live Forms hide fields

I have a form with a dropdown of Entry Types. I want the Address, Phone, and Email fields to hide if the user selects either Died, Suspended, or Demit options.  in the Actions dialog I set the first dropdown to hide multiple and select address, phone and email fields.  I then add three conditions  if Entry type = Died if entry type = suspended if entry type = demit I select "meets any" of the conditions I click update action and get "Please specify valid conditions. Your current selection will result ...

george Benson george Benson
asked 06/17/2020 19:12


I am curious when the gamification features are going to be added to mandeeps modules.  This had been discussed November last year and am hoping to see the features come to light to add to my web sites.

Cody Cody
asked 05/21/2018 23:20

How can I translate '1 of 3'?

Hi there! In my multi-page form I have made the Styling > Navigation element 'x of y' visible. However, how can I translate this? Can't find it anywhere in the Site Settings Language section... I hope it isn't hard coded... By the way, on the last page of a multi-page form, there's the Submit button, and the last back button; it's always a real pain in the neck to have them correctly aligned...

Keston Pollard Keston Pollard
asked 05/16/2020 15:12

Live Campaign: Bounced Emails Exceding Thresholds

We have been noticing many extremely high soft and hard bounce counts. There are several thousands of them. Upon closer examination i see that the majority of them aren't even in the LiveCampaign_Email table. I interpret that to mean they weren't even part of a campaign. Please correct me if I am wrong on that. Looking at them it appears they are emails from maybe auto-responders that may be responding from a different email address than the original email, or from a server bouncing the emails such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] I have attached a spreadsheet with many more examples. ...

Ben Balke Ben Balke
asked 05/13/2020 15:12

Live Forms - multi page not working on some browsers

On this page:  the second page of the form does not show on Edge, IE, and some on Safari. It works fine in Chrome only. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?  *I also have an issue scrolling all the way down in Edge (I have to press PageDown) instead of scrolling.  

Josiah Olhava Josiah Olhava
asked 05/02/2020 18:13

Migrating Live Articles content to a new site

We have a client who has many years on news articles in Live Articles (Version1.4.1 - through we could upgrade it if needed on DNN 7.4.2), we are currently rebuilding the site from the ground up in a new version of DNN (9.4.4, Live Articles 3.3.3) but they want to keep the historic news articles. I can import the articles on the new site but I am looking for a way to export them from the existing site? I could go and extract them directly from the database in SQL, but I am surprised this is not an easier way ...

Omni Software Omni Software
asked 04/23/2020 11:11

Live Slider Showing Error

Good day, My website is suddenly showing an error where the live slider used to be. I can see the slides in edit mode, but once out there is an error. When I check the logs I see that is says Padding is invalid and cannot be removed. Can anyone advise me on how to fix this?

Edson Williams Edson Williams
asked 04/28/2020 01:10

DNN 9.5 and Porto 5.34 Short codes are behaving badly

I am having substantial difficulty with short codes being altered by the DNN editor upon save/reload. It's a brand new DNN 9.5 installation running locally. I have done the recommended changes to the CK Editor config as recommended in the documentation. I've tried also to go back to default editor configuration, nothing seems to help. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? For what it's worth, my editor ProtectedSource looks like this after removing the elements recommended in the documentation: ( / [\s\S]*? /gi ),( / [\s\S]*? /gi ),( / [\s\S]*? /gi ),( / [\s\S]*? /gi ...

Matt Crowshaw Matt Crowshaw
asked 04/03/2020 16:07

Hide or remove FilterBy widget in product details page

In my store, exactly like you default setup process, there is a page including LSF module which shows a category/Manufacturer's products in a col-9 column, and a refinedby widget in col-3 sidebar. when in category/manufacturer page displayng both of these modules is rational because refinedby filters products based on user selections. but when clicking on a product and while in product details page, refined by can't find any filter to show so there is no reason to have a blank space in col-3 sidebar. While in product details page, I want to hide the refinedby widget ...

Mohsen Khateri Mohsen Khateri
asked 03/23/2020 06:54

Live Forms Submissions, auto assigning a submission ID #

Is there a way to assign a submissions/transaction ID # to each submission automatically when they are submitted?  We are wanting to have this be a field that we could use a token within a confirmation auto reply email back to the person submitting the information, so that if there was any followup they could have a reference number that we could track any future correspondents back to the original submission.  There may be another way to do this that I am not considering so open to options or ideas.  Thanks! 

Jerod Brown Jerod Brown
asked 03/18/2020 15:59

How to know the Porto skin version in use?

Hello! I would like to know where I can find the version of Porto skin use on a DNN website. The project is using DNN version 07.03.02 (109). If possible, I would like to know if there is a way to look at the version by the DNN admin interface and also by the files. I already look in the admin > installed extensions and found "Porto 3 version 3.3.1" but it says it's not in use, but I can see it used in the admin > skins. The deepest question is because I'm having problem ...

Karianne Verville-Paris Karianne Verville-Paris
asked 03/04/2020 15:09

Exporting Live Form - Matrix Field

Hi,  When trying to export the Life Form into an excel spreadsheet the matrix field exports over as HTML code.  Is there a way to pull this information without it being exported as HTML code, but instead the information that was inserted? Thanks,    Jasmine Walker

asked 02/24/2020 14:40

Agent & Customer Satisfaction Data.

Hi There,  I would like to have  access to the Agents, created by, and Customer satisfaction data, but I can't find it in any of the Live tables. Can you please guide me where to find it? Regards,  Paulo 

Paulo Paulo
asked 01/28/2020 20:34

Can we use DATE code in LIVE HTML, or OTHER module?

Can we use DATE code in LIVE HTML, or OTHER module?   I have multiple locations that need {current Year}  Trying to use in LIVE HTML. I have been unsuccessful at this. Both scripts display blank  -  no current year java function myFunction() {   var d = new Date();   var n = d.getFullYear();   document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = n; } DISPLAY: BLANK   .htaccess      ...

Kim Kim
asked 02/14/2020 19:44

Is there a way to keep DNN in Edit Mode?

Older versions of DNN allowed you to stay in edit mode, when you switched pages... Is this ability gone with current ver. of DNN? I'm editing multiple pages and have to click on edit icon, every time I go to new page....

Kim Kim
asked 02/14/2020 22:31

Can or will live modules show users information updated in real-time?

It is the now and the future to have apps that show data as it is entered instead of on a refresh.  From what I understand this generally means writing code using SignalR for CRUD operations. I am not sure if this is currently capable or is this on the roadmap for most popular live modules that would benefit?  It is nice to be able to use Razor to browse around however things I don't believe get updated to other users in real-time and I would love to see sites running live modules to be capable of ...

Cody Cody
asked 02/13/2020 18:53
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