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Helpdesk - Email Channel vs Notifications Email

Hi there In the helpdesk module there are two place to enter email server and credentials: Channels > Email Notifications > Email I have configured and added a dedicated email account in the Channel section. But what happens in the Notifications section... I understand that this will send out notifications from the helpdesk.  Doesn't the Channel Email section already do that as it processes the ticket? Should I provide the same account in both sections? Or should I have a second dedicated account for the Notifications? ...

Robert Robert
asked 12/04/2020 06:45

DNN and Help desk migration

How do I migrate DDN and Help Desk to a new server?

eric barsamian eric barsamian
asked 12/02/2020 15:32

Live StoreFront Documentation for Development and Interfaces (API?)

In your product description of the LSF ( it says under "Ease of Use": ...and  Developers  can quickly add new features or integrate with another solution. How can Developers do that, I can't find a documentation for that. Our client wants to read the orders out of the database table. Is there already an API for that, which could be used for things like that? Or what is the recommended way?  Further down on your LSF product description you write about "Extensibility": Live StoreFront is built upon open architecture and can be extended with many available  extensions . It ...

Markus Brenner Markus Brenner
asked 12/02/2020 19:12

Display form summary for user to review prior to submission

I'm trying to set up a review page for a user to see prior to submission, but I don't see the Populate the Form Field action as suggested in the knowledge base. I am working on the 5.9.5 version of Live Forms.     Is this something available in the version I'm on or is there a step I missing?   Thank you!

Autum Autum
asked 11/23/2020 22:52

Live Forms - Bind the HTML Editor control to a database field

How can you bind an HTML Editor control to a database field.  I have an application that requires that the description of an item be in HTML format for proper operation.  However, the users do not want to use an HTML source edit.  The users prefer to use a normal text-type editor, such as that provided with the DNN HTML control.

HansZass HansZass
asked 11/12/2020 17:29

See changes in articles

Is it possible to see changes in Live articles?  2 scenario's If you make a change and submit to the next one in the workflow, it would be great if they can see the difference (like the Live HTML module) If you want to check the content of a previous version that has been published. I know you can see older versions but in order to see the difference you need side by side comparison (or the editor should add the changes in the comments but that is cumbersome)   

Tycho de Tycho de
asked 11/13/2020 11:02

Live Dashboard Layouts

Where do I go to add or modify a layout for live dashboard?

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
asked 11/10/2020 18:43

Captcha: This field is required error

Hi all I have a problem on live forms 5.7.0 when i add the recaptcha module and install the site and secret keys which are v2 when i submit the form for testing i get an error at the top saying: Captcha: This field is required and the form wont send. any help would be fantastic  

MartyNZ MartyNZ
asked 11/10/2020 03:58

Live Forms Trial Version

I am trying to install trial version of Live forms on one of my website but i am not able to continue trial twice. One trial period is already expired. And not allowed to install trial version again. Can you please help.

sneha salunkhe sneha salunkhe
asked 11/07/2020 15:36

Social Group Id in Live Visualizer

I am interested in showing live visualizer data specific to a social group. Is there way to identify the social group id in the url that can be passed to a visualizer query? Thanks

carl carl
asked 10/27/2020 21:25

New Site Instance

We are wanting to recreate our DNN site from the ground up. Are we able to transfer our licenses over to the new site as the old one will be decommissioned?

DigitalCloak DigitalCloak
asked 10/24/2020 03:37

Live Forms Edit View

Is there a way to edit a live form submission?  I would expect for there to be a list where a user can select a submission  then for it to re-load the form with the previously saved data including attachments and allow users to edit it. Is this possible?

Anthony Lightbourne Anthony Lightbourne
asked 06/26/2019 19:05

How can I provide administrative editing of form submission data.

The user story is this: In an intranet, mid-level users enter form data and submit it. Upper Level users are notified and then continue to update that data over time. What module or set of modules would provide this functionality?    thanks Robert McConnel

Robert McConnel Robert McConnel
asked 06/25/2018 16:56

Live Forums Text Editor

Is there a way to invoke the basic editor in Live Forums similar to the way Live Exchange has a basic text editor? I don't want folks to be able to access files on my site via the image browser server function in the full text editor when using Live Forums.

Will Will
asked 10/15/2020 04:13

Live Article - search results template

I'm hoping to alter the search results display template but can't find it. Does it exist?

eswanzey eswanzey
asked 10/06/2020 16:17

Live Articles 3.3.6

Hello,  We hope to have our license issue fixed soon but in the mean time, we could use your help.  We upgraded to DNN 9.6.1 and installed ive artticles 3.3.6.  The articles show up fine, but when we login we get a critical error.  Checking the logs it has this error message  : Procedure or function Mandeeps_Workflow_GetReviewContentByPermission has too many arguments specified.  Can you help with this error.  Thanks

jverdes jverdes
asked 09/28/2020 21:23

Live Visualizer Display Images and Files Help

I am looking for more detailed information such as some sort of documentation that shows exactly how things can work inside the template files. I am most interested in creating a simple gallery for example.  I am just not finding the support I need to get much done here beyond the basics.  Some bugs I believe I am waiting to get fixed possibly. Examples are how and when to use Raw, ImagePath, AbsolutePath, RelativePath and ways to display files such as images that get uploaded when creating an item.

Cody Cody
asked 09/19/2020 20:08

Using Live Visualizer to view Live Forms data - Status and Notes

I have a Live Forms instance to collect info.  I added a "Status" (Review / Pending / Completed) and when I change the status is offers a "notes" text box. I am using a Live Visualizer instance to view the Live Forms Submissions. I see I can edit the master template  How do I add the "Status" and "Notes"  to the master template so those two fields display?   Thank You

JohnKK JohnKK
asked 09/22/2020 15:51

CkEditor - SimpleUploads Plugin

Hi, We would like to install the SimpleUploads Plugin into our CKEditor. We need help on how to configure it.  We followed the instructions provided at . The plugin does not load. We get this error: The editor is missing the "config.filebrowserUploadUrl" entry to know the URL that will handle uploaded files. It should handle the posted file as shown in Example 3:!/guide/dev_file_browser_api-section-example-3  More info: We don't know where we would specify  config.filebrowserUploadUrl or  what script we should use . Thanks

Rutledge Scarborough Rutledge Scarborough
asked 09/18/2020 00:29

Download latest version of Porto available for my subscription

I have purchased porto on 05/30/2019 Enterprise edition. Is it possible to download the latest version of porto available for my subscription? The latest version downloaded is 5.1.7   Thank you

Renato Zago Renato Zago
asked 09/14/2020 10:09

Tree-view type structure

Hi, What module would allow me to accomplish this best: goal: deep tree-view type structure with nested modules?   Project Name: (expand/collapse) + Milestone 1(expand/collapse) - Start Date - End date - Team members (Initials or Icons) - Milestone 2 (collapsed) - Start Date - End date - Team members (Initials or Icons) - Status    + Task Name: start date: End Date:  Team member: Status     - Task Name: start date: End Date:  Team member: Status        -- Description and files attached

Prashant Sheth Prashant Sheth
asked 08/30/2020 04:49

What module can I use?

Hi, I'm looking to add a scrolling Blog category and then show some data about the blogs in the category under it when selected (ideally without a refresh) The rough layout I'm looking for is attached How can I accomplish this?  There can be upto 20-30 categories  and also maybe 20 items per category to show that's why the scroll effect is needed. Trying to attach the image here but its not working Category: < > (scroll for more)                    cat_name1      ...

Prashant Sheth Prashant Sheth
asked 08/30/2020 04:43

Live Forms Submit

Is there a way to prevent Live Forms from scrolling to top of page and then back down to form if a required fields is empty? Could we not just scroll to top of form?

Steadyrain Steadyrain
asked 09/04/2020 18:38

Paypal: recurring payment report

Is there a way to setup Recurring payment in Paypal and also get a report if the payment was successful or failed? This is for member subscription to DNN portal or group Is it possible in Social to create paid groups?   How else could i get this status? Thanks for your response :-) and I look forward to working with your modules and your team.

Prashant Sheth Prashant Sheth
asked 08/30/2020 04:51


In Live Forums, we are not using "reply via email". Is there a way to remove the statement REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE that is in the emails that go out to subscribers?  It gives users the idea that they can reply via email. Thanks

Rutledge Scarborough Rutledge Scarborough
asked 08/26/2020 16:23
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