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Editing the theme footer

How do I go about changing or editing the information for the Porto 5 theme footer? Thanks

Noel Ballon Noel Ballon
asked 01/15/2019 16:37

Can the Live Forms HTTP Post send to a web service using SOAP?

Can we use SOAP to communicate with a web service upon submit?  The scenario is that someone registers, and the registration gets logged in another system for action.

Will Strohl Will Strohl
asked 11/30/2017 20:34

Exchange Editor Custom Styles?

I'm looking for the location of the css or file to change the styles in the editor used in the Exchange module. I'd like to add red as a font color and change the highlighter color in the style dropdown.   Any ideas?

Intelligent Netware Intelligent Netware
asked 01/01/2019 21:28

Can Live Form using URL Parameters in SQL Statements?

Can live form using URL parameters from an DNN site (f.e. in a SQL statement to get data and display from the database (SELECT * from items WHERE id = [urlid]). Kind Regards Daniel

Daniel Collet Daniel Collet
asked 12/22/2018 17:12


We are performing remediation of several legacy networks. In the legacy environment, the DNN 9.1.1 servers are using a NAT to reach out to the license servers. Our InfoSec team would prefer that this traffic be routed through our Blue Coat proxy appliance. We have configured the server to utilize this, but it appears that the DNN software is not following this path and still reaching out directly to license servers. I have found documentation mentioning that in previous versions it was a configurable setting, but has been removed. Is it now buried in a config file ...

Ralph Stoker Ralph Stoker
asked 12/07/2018 15:45

Tahoe -Continued development

I'm contemplating updating my Essentials Enterprise license. Porto has been updated regularly with some nice updates in recent versions. Some (many?) of these have not yet made it to Tahoe. Can we expect to see Tahoe continue to be *aggressively* developed? Thanks!

Mike O Mike O
asked 11/19/2018 20:19

LiveSlider impact on page load speed

Hi Mandeeps, I will do some testing, but can you please describe how LiveSlider works during the page load process? Should a page with 10 slides take longer to load than a page with 3 slides? In other words, are all the slides and their images part of the initial page load, or do they load progressively as they are needed? Secondly, how does it affect this equation if some slides are in the slideshow but are marked as disabled? Thanks for the information! David

David Fenske David Fenske
asked 11/16/2018 19:56

LiveArticles - Image Token

Hi, I'm trying to customize the view of my articles but i have a problem with a token. I want to add just an image. I am using this token in my .html:           That token render this:                                    But I want just the image like this:            Any ideas??  Thanks!     ...

Sebastian Gurgitano Sebastian Gurgitano
asked 11/01/2018 20:27

Will Live Forums and Exchange have journal integration or a way to view recent activity from another page?

Will Live Forums and Exchange have journal integration or a way to view recent activity from another page? Live blog and live articles has at least an ability to show the most recent posts and popular posts. I am hoping that the live community products will have ability to post journal entries and a way to possibly have a widget that allows you to put the most popular, recent, and maybe a users unviewed posts for those that try to keep up with everything going on in all the different community modules. Any new thoughts ...

Cody Cody
asked 10/07/2018 17:49

Style Switcher does not show...

Hey,  I tried all day to update from porto 3 to porto 4, the style swticher on 3 works without problems. once I upgrade to 4, nothing seems to work. I even tried a new install 9.1.1 with portos 4 4.0.7.. and yes I checked the XML file and it has the setting to true. and yes I open a ticket.    Any ideas?   

Liv International Liv International
asked 10/01/2018 02:36

Style Switcher seems buggy

Anyone out there having problems with their Style Switcher on Porto 4? Mine seems very buggy. Ability to save changes is inconsistent.

Matthew Matthew
asked 09/13/2018 16:25

Live Slideshow

Hi, I have a slideshow using live slider, that I only want to run once, however it is shown or hidden based upon some tabs on the page.  As the slideshow will run when the page loads, is there a way to force it to run again based upon an onclick event from a different element on the page? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Mark

Mark Trippier Mark Trippier
asked 09/04/2018 20:08

Which file do you edit to create themes

Which file do you edit to create themes for live exchange, live forums, live knowledgebase. For example I would like to change an icon or what is said along with possibly some layout features.  When you have porto skin installed you can see the porto skin option.  I need this same skin for the Ideas theme template.  I would not mind customizing these some. Can you let me know which file(s) are needed to be edited to make these themes appear.  Thank you.

Cody Cody
asked 05/31/2018 17:52

What would be the cost to add Topics to the Forums Module

What would be the cost to add a dropdown list of Topics to the Live Forums which is set in the Administration Menu and have it display discussions within topic groups? Also, what would be the cost to add a migration from Active Forums to Live Forums? Active Forums has died with the release of DNN9.2 and we are looking for a new Forum Engine to support our online community.

Roberts Hunter Roberts Hunter
asked 04/20/2018 11:40

Link to Form with Drop Down Option Selected

Is there a way to create a link to a page with Live Forms on it, where you put one of the options for the Drop Down as a parameter in the URL. We have tried this for example:$ctr29220$View$Dropdown_29220_1=Personal%20Training%20Course%20Options%20(including%20Level%202%20Gym)  but it doesn't work. Not sure how to get the name of the Drop Down to have the option selected. 

Michael Betts Michael Betts
asked 08/23/2018 14:56

Clear / Delete ALL tickets from Live Helpdesk

Title pretty much says it all. We have a bunch of test tickets in the helpdesk module and are now ready to roll out and start using the module.   Would be great to able to bulk delete everything that is currently in there, maybe via a sql query?   Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Bryan Bryan
asked 07/06/2018 00:04

Anchors within Toggles

I'd like to have a text anchor within drop down copy to automatically show within a Toggle function. Right now, I have a text anchor set up within drop down copy; but when it's linked to, the Toggle doesn't automatically expand to show it. 

Nancy Resset Nancy Resset
asked 07/03/2018 15:06

How can i get reputation point for logged in user from DNN ?

I am having one web application in which i need reputation point for logged in user. so please help me..

asked 06/25/2018 17:26

Toggle closes automatically.

I'm using Porto on a site.  I've put the Toggle short code into a module.  If you click a Toggle to open it, it opens and then closes immediately. This is DNN 8.0.4 and the latest version of Porto.

Joe Craig Joe Craig
asked 06/20/2018 16:16

How can I provide administrative editing of form submission data.

The user story is this: In an intranet, mid-level users enter form data and submit it. Upper Level users are notified and then continue to update that data over time. What module or set of modules would provide this functionality?    thanks Robert McConnel

Robert McConnel Robert McConnel
asked 06/25/2018 16:56

DesktopModules/LiveBlog/API/ui/render?identifier=admin_dashboard_dashboard&v=636650271651260000 404 (Not Found)

Hi,  Installed Live Blog on page, but  i have problem - empty page and error in debuger console: /DesktopModules/LiveBlog/API/ui/render?identifier=admin_dashboard_dashboard&v=636650271651260000 404 (Not Found) When i goto by url  /DesktopModules/LiveBlog/API/ui/render?identifier=admin_dashboard_dashboard&v=636650271651260000 i have folow error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. It is impossible to determine the location of the controller for Search was performed in namespaces: Mandeeps.DNN.Modules.LiveBlog.Controllers. DNN Platform 7.4.2 Help solve the problem. Thanks

Alexander Bespalov Alexander Bespalov
asked 06/19/2018 18:49

Link Directly to Tab

I am using the Tabs Shortcode on Porto 4 and I would like to link directly to specific tabs using a url. I tried the typical format and I can't get it to work. Am I missing something?  

Odis Clemons Odis Clemons
asked 06/05/2018 20:03

What is your recommendation regarding Analytics in DNN8?

I have tried several modules but it seems they rely on Site Log which was apparently removed in DNN 8. With that removal, the associated metadata like the 7 day range limit is not accessible or missing in the UI. Google Analytics works but is overkill by 10x. Is there a functional simple Analytics module that is compatible with DNN8  and Porto? Thanks,  

Robert McConnel Robert McConnel
asked 06/11/2018 22:55

Proto 2.3.1's settings panel and DNN 9.1.1's Persona Bar

Maybe this is an easy question, maybe not.  But now can i use the Porto 2.3.1 setting panel for a page when the DNN 9.1.1 persona bar keeps getting in the way?  Is there an update to either than will allow usage of both?    

Dave Diehl Dave Diehl
asked 05/10/2018 13:18

Why don't Mandeeps modules conform to the default skin colrs that all other modules conform to?

We use the very popular Polo them from WebSitesCreative. It was a tough choice between Polo and the Mandeeps themes, both are very god, but we felt the Polo better suited our brand and desired look, etc. We wish to use almost all of the ManDeeps modules on our site, but in early testing, we discovered that when we set the main site color of our polo skin to a particular red that we like, all the DNN modules honor that color, RevIndex store honors that color, some open source modules honor that color, basically everything on ...

Bernard Villers Jr Bernard Villers Jr
asked 06/01/2018 16:55
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