Live Campaign

A comprehensive email solution for DNN Platform. A complete solution from automation workflows & triggers, SMTP Servers Load Balancing & Failover, and Automatic Bounce Management


Compatible With

  • Full color 7.3 | 8.0 | 9.0+
  • Evok content 7.3.4 | 8.0 | 9.0+
  • Evoq engage 7.3.4 | 8.0 | 9.0+
  • Convert 7.3.4 | 8.0 | 9.0+
  • Evoq content evoq OnDemand
  • Evs logo Azure Compatible


Easy To Use

Just like all other Mandeeps module, Live Campaign’s User Interface is extremely clean and intuitive to use.


Application restart (app pool recycle) and even server reboots will not interrupt the email process which is SQL driven and powered by DNN Scheduler.


Send an DNN email campaigns to your subscribers, DNN Security roles or email addresses from your legacy application using a SQL Query. Schedule the campaign to be delivered in future or automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly using recurring schedule.


Automatically tracks each DNN bulk emails and its link activity. Automated bounce management keeps your lists clean and healthy and contribute to accurate and informative reports.


HTML Template

HTML editor allows you to author your email content using any arbitrary HTML Content. It’s easy to create your own using the editor, paste the HTML Markup of a pre-defined newsletter template, or simply change the placeholder values of the default template specified by an administrator.

Aggregate Content

Aggregate content from multiple sources using SQL Queries to generate a single newsletter. For example, show the upcoming events, latest blog posts, and company news; all aggregated from different sources including separate modules or even legacy SQL database.

File Attachments

It’s easy to include an attachment to your newsletters. You can attach any file from within your DNN Portal.

Draft & Copy Campaign

Save your campaign as a draft so you can perfect it later. It’s just as easy to copy an existing campaign as a basis for your new one.

Lists & Subscribers

Subscriber List

Create & Manage unlimited subscriber lists. Lists can be Public or Private for internal use only. Quickly see number of active, unsubscribed, and bounced emails for each list. A visual graph shows the list growth over past several months.

Add Subscribers

Copy & Paste email addresses or add them one by one.

Upload CSV

Quickly add thousands of email addresses by uploading a CSV File.

Automatically Import

Lists can be configured to automatically import new email address form either a pre-defined SQL Query or DNN Security Roles. This is a great feature to automatically manage the addition of new email address.

Prior to every campaign delivery, the list(s) will automatically update itself by executing the SQL Query or DNN Security Roles and adding any new email addresses.


Mailing List

Each email campaign can be delivered to one or many mailing lists, DNN Security Roles, or emails from SQL Query. Duplicate Emails from various sources are automatically removed so each user only gets a single email message.

Optionally, send email to unsubscribed users (for extremely important emails) and include duplicate emails (for SQL queries where email body is different)

DNN Security Roles

Send email campaign to one or many DNN Security Roles. Use DNN Tokens to personalize the content

Manual Email Addresses

You can always copy & paste email addresses or type them one by one if required.

SQL Query

Email addresses can be aggregated using a SQL Query that can be executed against a custom connection string – empowering you to send emails to users in database(s) other than DNN’s.



Email campaign is queued for immediate delivery and its progress can be monitored in Live Campaign’s dashboard.


Email campaign is scheduled for delivery at a future date and time relative to your preferred time zone.


Email campaign is scheduled for recurring delivery; either daily, weekly (specific days of a week) or monthly (specific days of the month) beginning with a start date and time.

Action / Event

Email campaigns are delivered according to a pre-defined action or event such as when a new blog post is published using our Live Blog module. Live Campaign is integrated with other modules and has an open API.

Automation & Auto Responder

Live Campaign gives you the power of automation to send the most relevant messages to the right people at the right time.

Schedule one or series of emails to be automatically delivered based on triggers.
Automatically send a welcome email to new Search Results subscribers and follow up a week later if they have any questions. Remind your customers to renew their subscription 90, 30, 14, and/or 7 days prior to expiration.

Easily define when your emails go out. Trigger workflows to start sending instantly, minutes, days, weeks, or even months before or after a trigger with time delays between each email in a series.



When someone joins a list

Send an introductory email or a series of emails to welcome or onboard a new subscriber.

A specific date

Send an email or series of emails before or after a specific date like a membership renewal or a reminder of an upcoming event.

An anniversary of a date

Send emails for birthdays or recurring annual holidays with a greeting or special offer.


Live Blog

Automatically sends a new email campaign whenever a new blog post is published. Users that are subscribed to receive the updates will automatically get a new email with new post content and a link back to the site.

Requires Live Blog v2.0.0+ Module! Sold Separately!

Live Articles

Automatically sends a new email campaign whenever a new article is published. Users that are subscribed to receive the updates will automatically get a new email with new article’s content and a link back to the site.

Requires Live Articles v2.0.0+ Module! Sold Separately!

API & Automation

Use the API to integrate your own module / application with Live Campaign. Automatically create campaigns and deliver based on your custom logic and requirements.

It’s easy to add subscribers to a particular list by simply using a URL. Your legacy systems can simply redirect to a Live Campaign automation URL which will collect the information from query parameters and automatically add the user to a particular subscriber list. Your users will be redirected to their final destination.



Graphs number of emails read and links clicked over time in addition to overall Reach, Links Activity, and Unsubscribe Activity.

Link Activity

Shows a list of most popular links for an email campaign.

Server Usage

Graphs the server usage distribution when using Load Balancing or Failover SMTP Servers.

Email Client Usage

Provides email client usage distribution indicating whether the users are using Desktop, Mobile or Web devices to read emails.


Quickly see errors occurred during email delivery for each individual email address. This report allows you to address issue with particular domains, email address, or with your own SMTP Server.

SMTP Server

DNN Settings

By default Live Campaign is configured to use the same SMTP settings that are provided in the Host Settings; hence, no other changes are required.


Provide more than one SMTP server for automatic switching to next available server in case of server failure or other downtime.

Load Balancing

Provide more than one SMTP server for automatic load balancing between them.

3rd Party Service

SendGrid API integration is built-in for faster transfer rates. Amazon SES is supported through standard SMTP interface.

Advanced SMTP Options

  •  Number of emails to send per connection
  •  Time to wait between each connection
  •  Time to wait between each email

Opt In / Opt Out

Opt In

A separate Live Campaign Signup module is included that provides an easy interface for users to sign up to your mailing lists. Features include email verification, subscription notification, First & Last name capture, and themes.

Opt Out

By default, Live Campaign automatically handles unsubscribe links and user interface for end users to manage their subscriptions; however, a separate Live Campaign Subscribe module is included so you can centralize these features on a user profile or other such page.

Blocked / Unsubscribed Emails

Quickly see a list of blocked email address. Ability to manually add, remove, and search by an email address.

Bounce Management

Automatic Parsing

Live Campaign automatically checks your IMAP / POP3 server for bounced messages, automatically deletes them, and updates your mailing lists accordingly.

Advanced Settings

Live Campaign categorizes each bounced message as either Soft or Hard bounce. Settings allow an admin to automatically exclude bounce email addresses from future campaign after a defined Sort/Hard count.

Bounced Emails

Quickly see a list of bounced email address with its bounced count and whether it was a temporarily (soft) or permanent (hard) bounce. Ability to manually add, remove, and search by an email address.

Global Bounce Management

By default, bounce management is defined for each Portal. Alternatively, an admin can define bounce management settings for all portals with ability to override t individual portal level.

DNN Features


Module settings can only be managed by an administrators or those who have Edit Permission of the module. This allows an admin to configure the module and content managers to send newsletters without fiddling with technical settings.

Administrative and developer tasks (such as SQL Queries & Integration) are automatically hidden from non-administrators and those who do not have Edit Permission.


Supports DNN Localization API to localize all static texts to native language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software indefinitely without paying annual or any additional licensing fees.

A perpetual license allows you to use the licensed software even after your subscription has expired. However, the ability to download software and/or request product activation keys ends when the subscription expires.

We strongly recommend to purchase Enterprise Edition which allows you to activate the product on any number of DNN Installs for dev/staging/testing.

You can use the product for dev/staging/testing under LOCALHOST url only with Standard Edition.

Live Campaign is compatible with DNN 7.3.0 & above

Not at all. Trial version is fully functional and it's identical to our production version.

You're welcome to evaluate the product for 14 days after which it must be activated. You will not lose any of your work or settings when activating the trial to production.

See our Documentation Section which is a central repository of for all of our products.