Helpdesk Extension

Integrate with Live Helpdesk and quickly create tickets with data collected from Live Forms

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Compatible With

  • Full color 7.3+ | 8.0+ | 9.0+
  • Evoq content 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0+
  • Evoq engage 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0+
  • Convert 7.3.4 | 8.0+ | 9.0+
  • The cloud evoq OnDemand
  • Evs logo Azure Compatible




Seamless Integration

Simply point to an existing Live Helpdesk module on the site and map your fields to quickly create new tickets from Live Forms.

Custom Fields

Optionally, all custom fields in Live Forms are automatically included in the ticket content.


Conditional Logic Actions & Branching

Create smart forms with conditonal actions and branching. Use an intutive rule builder to show or hide fields, skip to another page or end of a form, or require specific fields based on user input. Only create tickets through Live Helpdesk if certain conditions are met.

Condition Builder

Create complex forms with logical workflow without writing a single line of code.


Frequently Asked Questions

Live Forms is compatible with DNN 7.3.0 & above

See our Documentation Section which is a central repository of for all of our products.