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Live Campaign

Live Campaign is a complete and highly reliable email marketing solution for DNN Platform. Reach & Engage users by sending bulk email campaigns and track activity with stunning reports.

System Requirements



Live Campaign does not require any changes to DNN Core files neither any edits to web.config are required.

This module DOES NOT work in Medium Trust

Technical Notes For Advanced Users:
Following does not apply to default DNN Installations and refers to advanced and custom DNN Installations only.

Live Campaign does not support custom Database Owner property in web.config. Live Campaign will not work if you're using a value other than "dbo" for DatabaseOwner

Live Campaign does not support custom Object Qualifiers. However, the module will work fine even though it will not use the custom object qualifier.

Installation & Activation

Live Campaign Installation is same as any other standard DNN module Install.

Refer to release notes for any specific instructions if you're upgrading from a previous version. 

For DNN 7 or DNN 8

You must be logged in as host/Superuser to install new extensions. Navigate to Host > Extensions and select "Install Extension Wizard" from action menu.

For DNN 9

You must be logged in as host/Superuser to install new extensions. Navigate to Settings > Extensions and select "Install Extension" from action menu.

Watch the video below to quickly install the module on your DNN Site. 

How do I Activate Module?

Activation is a quick and easy process. Refer to or watch the  above video to get started.

Verify CSV File Extension

Live Campaign allows you to upload CSV files to import bulk email addresses. Before we can do this, we must verify that the .csv extension is allowed to be uploaded.

From Host Settings > Other Settings > Allowable File Extensions

Verify that csv exists in the list of allowable extensions. If it does not, please add it and save settings.

Add Live Campaign Module

Begin by adding an instance of Live Campaign module to a page. This could be any page but we strongly recommend to use the existing Admin > Bulk Email page. If you use any other page, make sure that the page and the module is only visible to administrators; otherwise, any user on your site will be able to send bulk emails.

You can configure the permissions of a page from Edit Page > Page Permissions

Refer to Quick Setup to setup your Live Campaign module.

Note: If you copy the exact same installation (files + db) to the production server then you can activate module on your dev server, you will not get any licensing issue. You can also use the module without activating it as it will never expire on your localhost with a portal alias that begins with http://localhost.

Quick Setup

Step 1: Configure Mail Server

By Default, Live Campaign uses the SMTP Server provider in DNN Host Settings and no further configuration is required. If you wish to use the same settings then continue to step 2.

Otherwise, configure Live Campaign for either Load Balancing or Failover SMTP Servers.

Note: If you do not wish to use the DNN Host Settings and do not have multiple SMTP servers then you may configure a single server as Failover.

Step 2: Setup Bounce Management (Optional)

Live Campaign can automatically detect bounced messages and remove these addresses from your lists. Refer to Bounce Management and complete the necessary steps if you would like to enable this feature.

Step 3: Define Default Settings

Update preferences by providing basic information for Default Settings that will be used to setup all new email campaigns.

You are now ready to send your first email campaign.

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