DNN Essentials

An essential module collection for every DNN site

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  •   I've been a long time user of the whole collection and can't say enough about the professionalism and polish of most anything that Mandeep puts out the door. For us, Mandeeps modules are standard issue for any DNN site that we build, especially when those sites are then turned over to the client. The functionality, UI and support are excellent.

    - Eric S
  •   The mandeeps collection has become an incredible asset to my company. We utilize it within every website we create for our clients. Their support and responsiveness is never disappointing. Mandeep, thank you for providing us such a valuable resource.. This module collection is absolutely 100% fantastic!

    - Patrick R
  •   This is an amazing collection of modules. I love the youtube walk through videos that Mandeeps makes - with them I am up and running immediately. All of the modules work together and even nested. I give this one 6 out of 5 stars!

    - David B
  •   Not only is Mandeep's collection a prime necessity in 100% of any web development my company performs, but their support is just as impressive. Rock solid modules that operate without flaw.

    - Patrick R
  •   I feel I am the Mandeeps No 1 Fan. Since I purchased this module I think I have used some part of it on every site I have developed and it raises the bar and generates modules that end users can maintain and update easily, being able to deliver great visual content and also extend DNN. The modules all have a lovely feel and work very very well. I have used every module in the collection.

    - Philip B

Get It All With DNN Essentials Collection

It's an essential module collection for every DNN site. Includes over dozen DNN Extensions to manage all of your content presentation needs.

Modules Included Standard Enterprise Enterprise w/Source Code
Live Accordion $59 $149 $299
Live Articles $149 $399 $599
Live Blog $129 $299 $499
Live Campaign $149 $399 $599
Live Content $129 $299 $499
Live Dashboard $49 $129 $249
Live Forms $99 $299 $499
Live HTML $59 $149 $299
Live Images $19 $49 $99
Live Slider $99 $249 $399
Live Social - - -
Live Tabs $59 $149 $299
Live Tooltip $49 $129 $249
Live Utilities $99 $249 $399
Page Protection $19 $49 $99
Libraries Included
Workflow Library - - -
Social Library - - -
Providers Included
Cloud Storage $59 $149 $299
  $1225 $3145 $5385
  $499 $999 $1499

DNN Essentials

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  • Unlimited DNN Installs 2
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1) DNN Install is defined as collection of DNN Portals/Domains that are running off same DNN Database and Filesystem.
2) Enterprise is defined as your company site(s) and those of your customers that are directly managed by your organization. Includes 1 year of subscription with “perpetual” use rights—the ability to continue using the software after the subscription has expired, even though the ability to download software and/or request product activation keys ends when the subscription expires.
3) 50% discount on major upgrades and renewals.
4) If included modules, libraries, and providers are purchased individually.
Please refer to our End User License Agreement for complete details