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iSikhi - iPhone Application


iSikhi was one of the first application written for iPhone that supported Gurmukhi/Punjabi font or Indic Fonts. Even though iOS framework didn't supported custom fonts nor provided any support for unicode fonts, iSikhi was first to show crystal clear text in Gurmukhi font.

Back then we had to code our own font rendering engine and manage all low level graphics. When all other companies and developers could not even develop a prototype which would render Indic Fonts, Mandeeps.com was the first one to come out with a fully functional application. Perhaps that's one of the reason why this remains our most interesting piece of work other than that it was done as charity and for noble cause.

Since then iSikhi has been updated numerous times to support iOS upgrades and continues to provide the community an invaluable religious resource.

Please visit iSikhi.com to find out more or download the app from App Store.

iSikhi Features
  • Performance Tuned for SQLite Database w/Millions of Records
  • Unicode Custom Fonts
  • Custom Keyboard
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