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Live Blog 4

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Mandeeps Blog


Platform for our employees to collaborate with the community and to share the latest industry news and articles.

Monthly Digest - September 2018

Download Live StoreFront BETA, Live Articles 3, and more...


Preview Live StoreFront, Live Campaign 4, Live Content 7 and more...


Introducing Live Blog 4, SecurePay Extension, and DNN 9.2 Ready

A/B Testing on DNN Platform & Evoq Sites

A/B testing is now part of our Live HTML module so its extremely easy to create variations, track conversions, and measure results.


Porto 4 is now fully accessible and meets ADA Compliance; specifically, Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 Level AA

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Page Speed & Performance in Porto 3


Porto 2 Sets a New Benchmark for Performance

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Luis Cabrera just posted an update to DNN Blog Template for DIXIT Skin.

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DNN has always had myriad of extensions to meet almost any business requirements. So many that it’s always a challenge to decide on one module from many competing products. Consider the following checklist before clicking on “Checkout” for your next DNN Module(s):

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A responsive dnn blog template for our dixit skin shared by Luis Cabrera.

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