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We’ve just released a new version of our bestselling DNN Theme – Porto 2.

It has many new features, but in this post I’ll focus on just one: Speed & Performance. That’s right! Performance is a feature. Page speed is a significant factor in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) rankings and bounce rate. It’s even more important now with responsive designs and mobile rankings. There are many articles on web on why fast page speed is better. So for rest of this post, let’s look at what is considered fast within DNN ecosystem.

Our goal was simple. Make Porto as fast as possible within technical limitations of DNN framework. We settled on Google PageSpeed Insights as our measuring tool. For comparison, we looked at http://www.dnnsoftware.com itself along with top selling DNN Themes. We used the following best DNN Themes as our benchmark to set a new standard of performance.

5 DNN Theme vendors were selected from Top Vendors on 9/18/2015

Top vendor

2 themes were selected for each vendor based on Best Selling Revenue – Last 2 Weeks (as of 9/18/2015)



Eassy dnn


Best skin


Dnn smart





Results are ranked based on Desktop Speed. Click on the Vendor name to view its profile and Theme name to view the analyzed page. Scores can change based on server load and content changes. Individual scores and results are linked with snapshots at time of analysis (9/18/2015) Use the Test Now links to see the current analysis.

Rank Vendor Theme Desktop
Mobile User
Test Now
1 Mandeeps.com Porto 2 87 Yes 67 100 Speed / Mobile
2 DNNSoftware.com Custom Theme 78 Yes 57 98 Speed / Mobile
3 dnngo.net Theme 049 77 Yes 52 100 Speed / Mobile
4 dnngo.net Theme 050 61 Yes 41 99 Speed / Mobile
5 bestdnnskins.com Best Theme 57 Yes 46 99 Speed / Mobile
6 EasyDNNsolutions.com Ozone Theme 54 Yes 43 99 Speed / Mobile
7 DNNSmart.net WZ0001 52 Yes 44 98 Speed / Mobile
8 bestdnnskins.com Multifunction V2 48 Yes 39 100 Speed / Mobile
9 EasyDNNsolutions.com Galore Theme 54 Yes 42 100 Speed / Mobile
10 DNNVista Creative Theme 41 Yes 37 99 Speed / Mobile
11 DNNSmart.net WJ0046 42 Yes 11 99 Speed / Mobile
12 DNNVista Legacy Theme 33 Yes 26 99 Speed / Mobile

It was no surprise that the DNN Theme in use on DNNSoftware.com was the best performing theme; hence it became our benchmark.

We’re happy to announce that Porto 2 sets a new benchmark for performance within DNN ecosystem.

Disclaimer: Porto 2 was tested with Client Resource Management feature enabled. No other changes or modifications were made to DNN Core or other files.

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