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Import products

Import products and its prices, variants, and other details from Manage > Catalog > Products

CSV file does not need to be in a specific format
CSV file can have any number of columns in any order; just make sure there is a header for each column name. 

To import products:

  1. From Manage, go to Catalog > Products
  2. From the Products page, click Import
  3. Click Choose File and upload your CSV File
  4. Map each column in CSV file that you would like to import to the appropriate product column or load an existing map file. Click Preview Data
  5. Verify the data and click on Import

Save Map File for automatic mapping in subsequent imports 
If you will be importing products on a recurring basis from a similar formatted CSV file then be sure to click Save Map File. You can use this saved map file to automatically map the columns on subsequent imports.  

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Updated on Mon, 08 Oct 2018 by Mandeep Singh