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Live Forms v8.0.3 Released

Improved: Upgrade plupload library | Fixed: CC/BCC unable to use with field tokens

Live Forms v8

New Encrypt all user submissions in database, Option to enable or disable actions, Option to CC/BCC in email action, Word counter in textarea field, HTML editor is now available in bind field action, Loading icon

Live Forms v7.0.7 Released

Improved: Prevent submitting form while uploading files and fixed fields not into JArray.Parse error and checkbox and radiobutton text not rendering with server side action

Live Forms v7.0.5 Released

New: Automatically removes orphan files that were uploaded via File Upload but never submitted, Fixed Unable to upload file with Secure folder (Azure) when Organize By Submission Folder is selected, Datetime field not working correctly

Live Forms v7.0.3 Released

New: Show/Hide Page Break field, Fixed: Unable to add Redirect action and update any action when using conditions

Live Forms v7.0.2 Released

Fixed: Critical security update (possible unauthorized data exposure)

Live Forms v7.0.1 Released

Improved: Show/Hide field spacing issue in multi columns

Announcing Live Forms 7

New: Form submission action to change workflow status based on conditions, option to upload & organize files by submission id in file upload field, overwrite files in file upload field, set default country in address field, exclude country in address field, pastebase64 plugin in html editor field to copy & paste images, copy existing action, hide metadata (ip address, submission id, submission guid) from submissions and visual confirmation before turning off submissions

Live Forms v6.3.7 Released

Improved: Error message when adding incorrect card number in stripe extension

Live Forms v6.3.6 Released

Fixed: Unable to filter submissions, Unable to change Execute option in any of the actions and Javascript action token does not replace in html attributes

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