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Porto 7

Announcing Porto 7

New: Bootstrap 5.x, Font Awesome 6.x. Important: Bootstrap 5 has changed the default container size from 1140px to 1320px

Porto 6.0.5

Fixed: Login Popup not working in Style Switcher, Modal popup not visible, Live Articles Porto Theme, Carousel CSS issues | Improved: Added 5/6 column option in Mega Menu

Tahoe v2.1.2 Released

Fixed: Overlay, Inline, Pushdown and Slide menu issues, Unable to update Social Icons using Style Switcher, Disable Sticky header throwing error in console, Logo overlap with header, Breadcrumb issue, Cookie & Cache issue, Isotope issue, Header fluctuation with sticky header disabled

Porto 6

New: Before & After shortcodes | New: Countdown shortcodes | New: Shapes & Dividers shortcodes | New: 10+ Page Loading Effects | New: Home Template | New: Bootstrap 4.6.0

Porto 5.7.5

Fixed: Hamburger menu color on selection | Fixed: Added missing container images | Fixed: 404 links of images referenced in stylesheets | Fixed: Hardcoded login/register text | Fixed: Read more link in timeline widget in Live Blog theme | Fixed: Compatibility with dark mode with Live Forums & Exchange themes | Fixed: Header fluctuation with sticky header disable

Tahoe v2.0.1

Fixed: Hamburger Menu, Vertical Menu

Porto v5.3.7

Improved: Updated Bootstrap to v4.5.0 | Fixed: Mega Menu width issue, Mega Menu not binding Left/Right content with 1 col, Mega Menu color changes to default on active, Accessibility issues, Hamburger menu not working

Tahoe 2

New: Bootstrap 4 & Font Awesome 5 Framework, Typography & Custom Fonts, 8 Containers, Introduce Header Panes, Live Articles 3 Theme, Live Blog 4 Theme, Typewriter shortcode | Fixed: Login container does not inherit the theme colors, Multiple footer Items in templates


Fixed: Hamburger menu icon shows with default menu on page load | Improved: Updated Bootstrap to v4.4.1


Fixed: Breadcrumb color

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