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Live Campaign v4.4.9

New: Unique ID allows multiple email addresses when auto importing subscribers via SQL Query | Fixed: Duplicate emails w/recurring campaigns

Live Campaign

Fixed: Values of automation changes to default after edit, Unable to unsubscribe, Restrict to update Max Thread value in web.config while update settings every time

Live Campaign

Fixed: Enable SSL not bind in server tab,Add email addresses to a subscriber list through Integration UR,Add new tokens [CampaignID],[CampaignName],[Subject] and [CampaignSentOn]

Live Campaign

Fixed: Date Time issue while edit in schedule campaign, Solve issue in editing recurring campaign, Test send campaign option issue

Live Campaign

Fixed: Debug build for schedule campaign, Resolve collapse issue, Preview campaign in mobile devices, Html source decode in editor for Campaign, Automation, Settings


Improved: Performance issue (Not tracking webversion urls) | Fixed: Auto populate DNN users


New: Add settings for file upload control, User able to manage duplicate emails | Fixed: Table prefix issue, Global Bounce Management issue


Fixed: Image browser issue, Subscriber grid binding issue


New: Modern Web Patterns, Unified UI, and DNN Future Ready, SendGrid API Integration for faster send rates, Copy and Replace option of Content Template, Dashboard with consolidated data, labels, and views; including multiple site portal campaigns, Reporting on individual emails within a campaign including time Read On, unsubscribed, and Links Clicked.

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