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1 Incident

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Live Forms - Constant Contact Extension

Edition : Enterprise w/Source
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Live Utilities 2

Edition : Enterprise
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Live Forms - PDF Generator Extension

Edition : Enterprise
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Live Utilities

Fixed: Update roles of users

Live Tooltip

Fixed: Browse and upload issue

Live Tabs

Fixed: Update tab issue in Internet Explorer, Connection field binding issue

Live Social

Fixed: Error log when profile change

Live Knowledgebase

New: Import and Export functionality

Live Content

Fixed: Publish element issues when add multiple element, Browse URL issue, While adding multiple elements category and download binding issue

Live Campaign

Fixed: Debug build for schedule campaign, Resolve collapse issue, Preview campaign in mobile devices, Html source decode in editor for Campaign, Automation, Settings

Live Articles

Fixed: Archives widget issue

Live Accordion

Fixed: Enable Sql quary and RSS feed for Administrators

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