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Announcing Live Forums 5

New: OAuth support for Email Channel with Microsoft Office 365 provider

Announcing Live Visualizer 3

New: Introducing Low Code - Write custom code for business logic, support for content library and structure sharing across multiple portals, export content library data based on conditional filters, automatically creates multiple versions of an uploaded image for performance, no cache option added to visualizers and improved overall performance when rendering content, added structure name in content library, visualizers sorted by name, use role based and owner permissions together and added active visualizer title & controls in manage UI

Thanksgiving Sale

24 Hour Only Sale 2023 | 50% OFF

Live Articles V3.4.4 Released

Improved: Filter articles by categories and tags simultaneously

Live Compliance v1.1.3 Released

Fixed: Unable to load cookies list

Live Blog v4.3.3 Released

Improved: Performance issue and fixed category and tags links not working with hyphen

Live Forms v7.0.7 Released

Improved: Prevent submitting form while uploading files and fixed fields not into JArray.Parse error and checkbox and radiobutton text not rendering with server side action

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