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  • New: Force user to checkout as guest
  • New: Apply a different template for Category, Navigation, and Products Query Widget
  • New: Ability to change template for certain widgets


  • Improved: By default, Euro sign now appears before the pricing. It can be moved after the price by changing the locale in currency
  • Improved: Multiple specification options are now shown separated by a comma on a single line


  • Fixed: Unable to browse server in HTML Editor
  • Fixed: Unable to upload product images w/custom permissions
  • Fixed: Displaying incorrect currency symbol for additional shipping
  • Fixed: Displaying incorrect shipping amount at checkout w/locales that use comma as decimal separator
  • Fixed: Error while adding Widget in HeaderPane
  • Fixed: Uninstalled extensions still show up list of extensions
  • Fixed: Remove space from price when it greater then 999
  • Fixed: Correct the checkout URL
  • Fixed: Add product in cart without login, gets empty after login
  • Fixed: Space replaced with %20 in text of variation if use textbox

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